1. Time for Us to "Walk the Talk"

  2. The Andromedans from the Star System Zenetae

  3. Consciousness as the Scale of Illumination

  4. The Brain, the Speed of Light and Evolution

  5. The Threat to Elitists of Our Unlimited Spiritual Potential

  6. Time to Get It Together and Collectively "Kick Ass"

  7. Regarding the Frequency Shift and Third Density Implosion

  8. In the Final Analysis, All We Have is Each Other

  9. The Andromedans Define Our Future

  10. Corporate and Government of the Current Situation

  11. Solar System and Slide Program Commentary

  12. An Initial Protocol for Personal Extraterrestrial Contact

  13. Andromedan vs Earth Educational Systems

  14. Probable Events That Might Occur in the Next Few Years

  15. The Andromedan Perspective on the Concept of Time

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