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Nuclear wars in space and deepest antiquity!

There is a feeling amongst some scientists that a highly deadly form of star wars may be taking place between alien civilizations far out in space. Fodder for these theories comes from unexplained explosions witnessed by numerous astronomers.



Deep space explosions

Five or six years ago an article in the Herald Tribune it said there had been at least 80 unexplained explosions in deep space during the last decade alone! This had baffled many of the leading scientists and astronomers who were at a complete loss to explain the phenomenon!


According to the article the largest of these explosions had occurred,

"180,000 light years away in the large Magellanic Cloud outside our galaxy"!

The article also related that,

"Ray Klebesadel, a leading scientist at Los Alamos, said this event was definitely not a supernova!"

According to him the explosion was more like a nuclear bomb blast! This was a view also echoed by a nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedmann who declared:

"Tremendous activity of this sort could well be life out there involved in a war"!

Another quote is from James Oberg of Houston who is on record as saying:

" It is a legitimate theory that star wars may be taking place!"




More recently the continuing phenomenon was dealt with in a piece in the Times of London which outlined the controversy it had sparked! Academics were sharply divided between those who insisted there was no mystery to address and others who were firm converts to the idea of a stellar Armageddon being fought out in the depths of the universe!


Some felt the explosions to be no more than igniting meteors in the Earth's upper atmosphere!


Then just as adamant was the view that the evidence pointed unmistakably to a point of origin many trillions of miles distant!



Solar system

Significantly prominent occultists and astrologers have always believed that a devastating form of star wars once occurred much closer to home - within the boundaries of our very own solar system! The basis of these views concern the fact that Mars and to some extent the Moon and Venus show signs of once having been filled with running rivers and considerably more of an atmosphere than is presently the case!


Conditions that would certainly make the existence of intelligent life possible!


But inter-planetary wars in the solar system? Could it really have happened?



Enormous collision

What we can say for certain is that far from rising up on the planetary scale of evolution Mars and the Moon are actually decaying! They once held a reasonable atmosphere with running rivers but now look sparse, empty and barren! In fact a closer look at the Martian surface shows that at some stage in it's history it was subjected to an enormous collision which literally tore out a canyon over 2500 miles long!


Additionally as photos from the Viking landers showed quite plainly the surface of the planet is absolutely strewn with small chunks of rock resembling the debris from some tremendous explosion!  But where could such an explosion have come from?


The solar system now looks so sedately dormant that it's hard to imagine such violence!



Planet X

For some time it has been theorized that a planet between Mars and Jupiter just literally exploded into fragments to create what we now know as the asteroid belt!  Planet X as it became known has attracted much fascination!


It's existence was even theorized by a mathematician Johann Bode.



Bodes Law

According to the theory - known as Bodes Law - actually the work of Johann Titius - there exists a definite and repeatable ratio of the distances of the planets to the sun. Six planets were then known but astonishingly the distance of the others as yet undiscovered were correctly deduced by this law which is now relegated to no more than a baffling coincidence!

What is of great interest to us is that according to this law there should be another planet between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, exactly where the asteroid belt now lies!


Occultists believe this was once the location of a sizeable planet that was literally blown apart by an incredible weapon of destruction, or impact with another planetary body! The former would require a weapon considerably more potent than anything we know today, because although nuclear weapons are quite capable of destroying all surface life, the actual structural existence of the world itself would never be threatened!

Mythology which is habitually an eye to events of long ago frequently makes mention of celestial wars, and even the Bible makes at least one reference to a war in the skies!



The Titans and Olympians

In a nutshell occultists believe that the planets Venus, Mars and the Moon were once inhabited by advanced societies who fought out a planetary war on a scale outlined in mythology as the clash between the Titans and Olympians! The result was a Solar System in chaos - the destruction of a planet - and the orbital change of Venus to a position considerably closer to the sun!


In the break-up vast debris such as seen on Mars would have been thrown out in all directions.


The Martian and Lunar atmospheres, together with their rivers and whatever life on them would quite literally have been flung into space rendering the planets forever uninhabitable!



Terrestrial Evidence

On Earth the evidence of nuclear wars deep in antiquity is even more convincing! Here we not only have the physical scars but the graphically written accounts of some of the most ancient texts on Earth.


The Mahabharata, an ancient Indian saga at least five thousand years old speaks of flying machines called Vimanas that were used to launch a powerful weapon of destruction,

"a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe!"

Here is a reference concerning the destruction unleashed by two warring sets of adversaries:

"The Earth shook, scorched by the terrible heat of this weapon. Elephants burst into flames and ran to and fro in a frenzy, seeking a protection from terror. Over a vast area other animals crumpled to the ground and died. The waters boiled, and the creatures residing therein also died. From all points of the compass the arrows of the flame rained continuously!"

Later we find:

"An incandescent column of smoke and fire, as brilliant as ten thousand suns rose in all its splendor. It was the unknown weapon, the iron thunderbolt, .....a gigantic messenger of death!"

The effect of this weapon was that,

"The corpses were so burnt that they were no longer recognizable. Hair and nails fell out. Pottery broke without cause. Birds, disturbed, circled in the air and were turned white. Foodstuffs were poisoned!"



Message for our age

To any other generation verses of this nature would surely have seemed no more than poetic hyperbole. They had after all nothing to compare them with.


Unfortunately we know only too well the awesome capability of nuclear weapons and their immense destructibility, and it would take someone of particularly low imagination to fail to see the similarity between these accounts and what we now know of a nuclear holocaust!



Worldwide perception

Nor is the Mahabharata the only ancient text to describe such things. Similar accounts of great destruction are also found in the Tibetan Stanzas of Dzyan, the beliefs of the Hopi Indians, and even in the Bible!


The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is widely thought of in these terms, particularly since their location is now occupied by the mysterious Dead Sea hollow - one of the most inhospitable places on earth!


Charred ruins

Written evidence is one thing, but when it comes to physical evidence of these conflicts this too is very intriguing. Here we enter into the realms of another baffling enigma - the vitrified remains of fortresses, ziggurats, and towers that have been subjected to an unaccountably sharp blast of heat.


In his book Secrets of the Lost Races writer Rene Noorbergen talks of charred ruins to be found between the River Ganges in India and the mountains of Rajamahal.

"The walls have been glazed, corroded, and split by tremendous heat. Within several of the buildings that remain standing even the surfaces of the stone furniture have been vitrified: melted then crystallized. No natural burning flame or volcanic eruption could have produced heat intense enough to cause this phenomenon. Only the heat released through atomic energy could have done this damage"!

Also in this same region a human body was discovered with a radioactivity "which was fifty times above the normal level".



Worldwide phenomenon

This baffling enigma of vitrified ruins is to be found all across the world. No more so than North America where the strange remains of vitrified rocks and dwelling places defy logical explanation. In South America the Brazilian ruins of Sete Ciddaes are enormously revealing.


Author Noorbergen writes of "ruins melted by apocalyptic energies..."! Elsewhere, in Mesopotamia sizeable ziggurats - a form of early pyramid - have been found melted to their base in a vitrified mass!

In the Arabian desert blackened stones litter the sands over a wide area, showing signs of having been subjected to intense radiation. In Israel the location of the Dead Sea and it's mysterious connection with Sodom and Gomorrah bears evidence of an amazing focus of heat that is thought to have gouged out the entire area in a massive explosion. Vitrified rock created under intense pressure is a frequent discovery, and in 1952 archaeologists discovered a vitrified area of sand that stretched out over hundreds of square feet!


Apparently deposits like this are similar to those left behind at the White Sands atomic testing site in America!

In fact wherever we look in the world the baffling enigma of vitrified ruins challenges our intellect! From Peru, to Scotland and Scandinavia; to the plateau's of China and India, this indelible evidence attests to some undeniably violent act! Not everyone will be convinced of a nuclear answer but as we have seen the evidence is extremely compelling.


Intriguingly a number of established scientists also find themselves seduced by the evidence.




Official endorsement

In 1909 when academics were first beginning to grasp the awesome power of the atom, physicist Frederick Soddy wrote in his Interpretation of Radium:

"I believe that there have been civilizations in the past that were familiar with atomic energy, and that by misusing it they were totally destroyed."

Remarkably Robert Oppenheimer the chief of the Manhattan Project that developed the first atomic device - that we know of - watched the test explosion rise up in a vast mushroom cloud and felt moved to quote from ancient Sanskrit:

"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"!

Perhaps Oppenheimer, more than anyone, realized that right then and there, at that very moment, man had become reacquainted with a piece of his history that had once cost him so dearly!


The weapon of a "million suns" was again within his possession!