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"Our research indicates that the entire Great Lakes region (and beyond) was subjected to particle bombardment and a catastrophic nuclear irradiation that produced secondary thermal neutrons from cosmic ray interactions.


The neutrons produced unusually large quantities of 239 Pu and substantially altered the natural uranium abundance ratios (235 U/238 U) in artifacts and in other exposed materials including cherts, sediments, and the entire landscape.


These neutrons necessarily transmuted residual nitrogen (14 N) in the dated charcoals to radiocarbon, thus explaining anomalous dates."

Richard B. Firestone

Since Atlantis was in the America, and its people were from India, as Gene D. Matlock has certainly proven in his excellent book The Last Atlantis Book You'll Ever Have to Read, specifically in his chapter "Why Not Look for A-Tlan-Tis in America?" which we have included on this site, then, the Vimanas, war machines, bombs, and terrible wars spoken of in the old Sanskrit manuscripts probably existed not only in the Motherland of India but from there all the way to America, possibly all over the world.


The destruction of Atlantis (A-Tlan-Tis) may not have been brought about by an earthquake, flood, or any other natural disaster, but may have actually been triggered by a nuclear explosion. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, etc. may then have followed.

A manuscript, composed in Sanskrit by King Bhoja deals with techniques of warfare, and in particular with certain types of war machines. The work is called Samarangana Sutradhara, or "Battlefield Commander (sometimes abbreviated "the Samar"). The whole of chapter 31 is devoted to the construction and operation of several kinds of aircraft having various methods of propulsion.

King Bhoja, who used the Sanskrit term yantra more often than the more familiar vimana, claims his knowledge was based on Hindu manuscripts which were ancient even in his time, 11th century AD.


Here are some excerpts from this ancient text:

"They were propelled by air and inside is placed a mercury engine with an iron heating apparatus beneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury sets the driving whirlwind in motion. When it has been heated by the controlled fire from the iron containers a thunder power is developed through the mercury. If the iron engine with the properly wielded joints be filled with mercury and fire conducted into the upper part, it develops the power with the roar of the lion."

"..inside it (the Vimana) one must place the mercury-engine with its iron heating apparatus beneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky in a most marvelous manner.

"Similarly by using the prescribed processes one can build a Vimana as large as the temple of the God-in-motion. Four strong mercury containers must be built into the interior structure.

"When these have been heated by controlled fire from iron containers, the Vimana develops thunder-power through the mercury. And at once it becomes a pearl in the sky.

"Moreover, if this iron engine with properly welded joints be filled with mercury, and the fire be conducted to the upper part it develops power with the roar of a lion."


Did a War Take Place at the End of the Dryas Period?

The ice cores show that at the end of the last ice age temperatures increased steadily for the next thousand years. Traces of copper, tin and lead show marked increases!

The Older Dryas period ends abruptly with a dramatic drop in temperatures. Extinction of Mammoths as well as the megafauna of North and South America took place about this time. Uranium concentrations in coral jump dramatically from approx. 1.5 parts per million to over 4 parts per million at about this period.

Radio carbon dates at this period are chaotic! Studies of layered deposits laid down by lakes provide confirmation of irregularities in the chronological record Fused desert sands have been found, notably in the Egyptian desert.

All the evidence seems to support the existence of an ancient nuclear war having taken place in the past.

There is no doubt that Samarangana Sutradhara, the Mahabharata, and many other ancient Indian texts exist. There are references to these texts in Indian government and scientific publications. The texts cover a very wide range of topics, from town planning, health and hygiene including a detailed description of vaccination, to wide ranging discussion of mechanics and scientific observation, method and theories. They describe electricity and mechanics that are in full agreement with science of today. They describe Vimanas, aircraft of many designs, that are all scientifically feasible.

Note that the translator above was a person who did not understand the concepts of the ancient documents he was translating. There were no words in his own language of 11the century AD to describe the wonderful things in those ancient texts -- he did the best he could.

Also keep in the mind these texts were written some time after a terrible nuclear war took place in which two great civilizations destroyed themselves. The survivors (or more likely, descendants of the survivors) of these civilizations were attempting to record their knowledge for future generations. And having been recorded quite some time after the disaster, the writers themselves were probably not scientists and probably did not understand the material they were recording.


Errors may have occurred as well as these texts were copied and re-copied over the ages.