November 11, 2006

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I am starting this topic to document the use of doublespeak by our contemporary Pathocrats.


As Lobaczewski tells us, any given Pathocracy will develop one. Hopefully we can get a good collection of what their words really mean, stripped of ideology. I guess you could call it a "Psycho-Babel Fish".

Let's try to edit and expand on each others' work, so as to come up with as objective an analysis as possible. Perhaps it can even be used on the SOTT page after a particularly disgusting use of doublespeak by our so-called 'leaders'.

I'll start it off:


  1. "bringing peace [insert foreign country here]"

    This refers not to bringing any kind of meaningful peace to a country that needs it. It simply means killing all enemies. Without anyone to fight back, there is peace. For a psychopath, peace means any and all opposition has been exterminated.


  2. "bringing freedom to [insert foreign country here]"

    This refers not to any real freedoms, but merely the psychopathic freedom to rape, pillage, and plunder a given group of people. For a psychopath, freedom means doing whatever they hell he wants to.


  3. "protecting our freedoms"

    A variation of 2), this simply means protecting the right to rape, pillage, plunder, etc.


  4. "defending oneself" / "acting in self-defense"

    This refers not to any real type of defense, as a result of an unprovoked attack. Self-defense means that a psychopath has the right to maim, torture, terrorize, or kill anyone who complains that he is already maiming, torturing, terrorizing, or killing. For a psychopath, defending oneself means attacking blaming the victim for the psychopath's own crimes, and holding them fully accountable for actions that are the responsibility of the psychopath.


  5. "War on Terror"

    The war on terror is a war of terror. It is a war on the victims of terror at the hands of psychopaths. When the victims of psychopathic terror respond, they are attacked in the name of terror.


  6. re: morality, e.g. "Jewish morality" or "Israel's military is the most moral in the world"

    When used in the context of a psychopathic military, 'morality' refers to the psychopathic morality of complete lack of conscience. For example, feeling empathy for your enemy is "soft", "weak- or simple-minded". Cold-blooded killing machines are moral soldiers, in the minds of pathocrats.


  7. "Militant Islamo-fascism wants to take over the world and install the law of Islam on the peoples of the world"

    This means that psychopaths, in fact, wish to take over the world of normal people, installing the universal law of the psychopath. This 'law' can manifest itself in any ideology, whether it by capitalist, socialist, fascist, communist, Judaic, Talmudic, Christian, Muslim, etc.


  8. "support our troops"

    The does not refer to any real moral and empathic support for those sent to die as cannon fodder. For a psychopath, "support" means sacrifice; normal people, whether part of or foreign to the country of the pathocracy, must be killed. Wars are a perfect means to not only kill a pathocracy's own citizens, but those of the 'enemy of the day'.


  9. "outrageous conspiracy theories"

    This refers to "probable conspiracy facts". As normal people generally see the absurdity of such conspiracies as "heads of state being shape-shifting reptiles" or "Elvis killed JFK" or "Jews are responsible for everything bad in the world", by associating the word 'outrageous' with completely plausible conspiracies, normal people are hesitant to question.


  10. "Anti-semitic"

    A label which refers to any behavior critical of the bloodthirsty Talmudic Zionist war-machine in Israel that murders Palestinians every day by the dozens.


  11. "Self-hating Jew"

    A Jew that displays "anti-semitic" behavior but cannot have this label (libel?) applied for obvious reasons.


  12. "Globalization"

    It's not about the distribution of the marvelous wealth the capitalistic system has to offer to the poorer countries, but another way or another excuse for the big corporations and the wealthier nations to steal and plunder the natural resources of those same poorer countries leaving the native populations with nothing.


  13. Free Trade

    Multinational companies spread this word as though it is about helping each of the countries they wish to plunder. Another buzzword with no real meaning. This is like globalization's little brother


  14. Illegals

    People who live in one part of the world, who are from another part of the world, lacking the required paperwork.

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