by Ed Komarek
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I have noticed a convergence of awareness between UFO/ET investigators and general conspiracy investigators in relation to how autocratic power in today’s society exerts itself from the control of an elite few down the chain of command to the many.


Globally and in America we have two very contradictory political forces that work in direct opposition to each other one being autocratic and the other democratic.

In general I believe that autocrats still dominate world governments as they have throughout human history. In some places they rule overtly but in so called democratic societies clever autocrats covertly use democracy and national security as fronts or guises to secretly manipulate and rule.

Autocrats are able to do this because the general population even today is easily intimidated and lead through a combination of fear and bribes.


People in democratic societies consciously live an illusion that they are free while they still unconsciously think and act as loyal subjects of the crown seeking patronage and power from local and national government.

On occasion when the general population within a country becomes aroused, democracy can assert itself for short periods of time until the population loses interest or is otherwise distracted.


In a classic case of the tail wagging the dog most of the time those autocratic corporate special economic and political interests that ideally should serve democratic society turn the tables and manipulate society into serving them.

Historically autocratic power was generally accepted as a divine right by ruling family dynasties and their subjects so feudal power could be exercised overtly as in places like North Korea even today. Increasingly as democratic and republican ideas have spread about the world the elite autocrats have been forced to move underground becoming ever more sophisticated, secret and deceptive as to how they project power and control populations.

Sophisticated mechanisms for the projection of secret autocratic power and control have evolved over time.


In today’s society control revolves around covert control of finance and the media as well as covert control over the military through national security guises and deceptions based on extreme secrecy, fear, bribes, clearance, special access and need to know.

It is my opinion that the real axis of evil in the world to a large degree revolves around three very powerful autocratic controlled entrenched special interests; energy, arms and finance.


I believe that these three industries and the elite families that control these interests have a very high degree of responsibility for the general destruction of society and the global environment.


These very same industries that are doing the damage to society and the environment promote themselves as the ones best suited to provide solutions to the very problems they are creating in a constant propaganda bombardment in the corporate mainstream media.

These global entrenched interests and families that control these industries comprise a covert sophisticated form of modern day royalty. Not only do these elite rule society in general through secrecy and stealth but they also appear to be the major culprits behind the 60 year old UFO/ET cover up that lies at the very heart of their secret covert power over world populations.

The elite families and the corporations that they own have the motive, the intent and the means to suppress extraterrestrial reality out of self interest just as they do in other societal domains. In a more general way they also have the motive, the intent and the means to actively, secretly suppress democracy while publicly showing support.


The one thing that we can count on is that these very sophisticated autocratic gangsters are doing the exact opposite of what they say they are doing.

While some conspiracy investigators focus on how money is used to control society and the media through private central banking networks perhaps not enough attention is being paid as to how the elite control the world military and the mainstream press through the auspices of national security.


In my opinion the greatest threat to national security around the globe is secret elite control over the national security establishment worldwide and not just in America.

The military just seems to now be waking up to the fact that they are being used and manipulated by civilian leadership closely tied to this economic and political axis of evil being discussed.


If we just look at the present civilian leadership in America we have the energy interests the Bushes, and the Rockefellers along with their closest friends and advisers like Cheney and Gates involved in the highest levels of civilian leadership.


We have one Rockefeller in Congress that is on the Senate Intelligence Committee directly, gates who used to be head of the CIA and who is close to the elder Bush who was also head of the CIA is now Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney who is tied to both oil and arms through his connections to Halliburton is Vice President, and the younger Bush himself is president.


I am not familiar with those in Congress and at the White House who are closely connected to banking and finance but I am sure there are plenty. We can see that oil, arms and finance are very well represented in the civilian leadership of America and elsewhere around the globe.

Then there is this revolving door between the military and the civilian leadership where elite families and servants are well infiltrated into all aspects of the military and civilian chain of command.


The military through various task forces and working groups related to extraterrestrial reality and other areas involving national security seem to slowly be beginning to realize as we in the public are realizing, that the national security apparatus has been hijacked by the elite special interest.


I think this process of awaking has been hastened by the American elite’s arrogant, foolish, wasteful wars in the Middle East and has further focused military and public attention on the global elite’s covert power and destructive behavior worldwide.

It is really the arms merchants, energy industry and banking that really control secrecy, clearance, special access and need to know for everybody else down the military chain of command to the rank and file. What we really have is not a national security system but an elite control system that in itself is the greatest national security threat to civil society in the world today.


We even have a horrible situation where terrorism and environmental destruction are both being assisted and manipulated to serve elite interests.

When Thomas Jefferson said,

“I know of no better repository of the truth than with the people.”

He knew what he was talking about. In order to take our country back and our world back from this axis of evil we have to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


Once we get that, we then have the situational awareness necessary to combat these powerful entrenched interests that are the instruments of mass societal and environmental destruction.

We have to dismantle the bodyguard of lies both UFO/ET related and otherwise because this is what protects the global elite and the industries that they own. Both the public and the military need to stop blindly acting like loyal subjects of the King and Queen and act as a free people should.

As the lies compound one on another they become more difficult to manage and the truth more difficult to suppress.


I believe it’s just a matter of time until coalescing groups seeking the truth in the civilian sector combined with groups in the military create so much heat, spontaneous smoldering truth, that a spark or several sparks will ignite the mountain of lies and become unstoppable.

I predict that the truth suppression networks of the entrenched global special interests will be overwhelmed and a general conflagration, a catastrophic process of renewal of society and a corresponding end to he UFO/ET cover up will be upon us.


It won’t be pretty and it did not have to happen this way, but it is renewal nevertheless and better than the alternative of continued slippage into an Orwellian dark future...



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