• n. division of theology dealing with evil;

  • theological doctrine of wickedness or evil;

  • from the Greek: ponerosevil.

The Pathological Discourse of Bush...

from TheNewAmericanEmpire Website
Submitted by Henry See on January 9, 2006 - 15:43pm.

The pathological discourse of Bush and the others is certainly disturbing. I agree that the questions of ethics that you will discuss in your forthcoming book "The Code for Global Ethics" is central.

An element that I have found to be of great importance in understanding these questions is that of psychopathy. The psychopath has no ethics, no morality, and is incapable of it. He can lie with great facility.

What if psychopaths, although few in number in the general population, were able to work together to advance their interests, to impose their valueless view of the world upon others?

It is this question that Andrew M. Lobaczewski, a Polish psychologist who practiced under Communist rule, treats in great detail in his book "Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes".

The book is the result of decades of secret research carried out in many countries of Eastern Europe. He noticed, in his clinical work, a high correlation between acts of violence and other acts we would label as "evil", and pathologies of various types that were able to be identified in a clinical setting in the perpetrators. An overwhelming majority of these acts were carried out by pathological types. He then began working on the social aspects, particularly in the political process.

Lobaczewski presents in great detail how people suffering with different forms of pathologies work together to subvert social movements in order to impose what he calls a pathocracy.


The dynamics of the pathocracy are the same, regardless of the ideology that served as the original banner of the movement, which is why we see the same dynamics at play under communist rule, fascist rule, and, now, democratic rule.

Is every individual in the family lineage of Bush helpless victims of Political Ponerology? 1

from GlobalOneworldDictators Website


The Family of Bush continue business enterprises that appear to be non-discriminating when it comes to weapons and drugs - could this be due to paranoidal characteropathia?


During the 1800s F.T. Bush, Esq. of Hong Kong and his partner Mr. Prescott were responsible for terrorizing the Asian empire, primarily by and through their illegal drug smuggling of opium. Furthermore, the ill begotten power structure Skull and Bones was the model that Russell, cousin to the Bush Family, co-founded as a respectable club from the profits gained by and through his partnership with Prescott and F.T. Bush.

Recorded history shows that Skull and Bones has been a primary filiation for grooming and choosing American presidents. Obviously for purposes of respectability this prestigious private membership was founded at the higher education learning institution of Yale, which was also founded and funded by the illegal drug smuggling fortunes of F.T. Bush, Prescott and Russell.


Tragically this secret society has been in the business of terrorizing the United States with the skullduggery of Pathocracy, since its spawning. This form of “governing” is what rules in the United States of America. Certain men formed relationships and partnerships by and through the most wealthy and powerful families and our “systems” governing the business of the USA were created by and through these “elites” and their “international partners.”


Tell tale signs of Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes 2.


Subjects are identified in their early years and then they are molded to serve:

We know today that the psychological mechanism of paranoid phenomena is twofold: one is caused by damage to the brain tissue, the other is functional or behavioral. […]


In persons free of brain-tissue lesions, such phenomena most frequently occur as a result of being reared by people with paranoidal characteropathia, along with the psychological terror of their childhood. Such psychological material is then assimilated creating the rigid stereotypes of abnormal experiencing. This makes it difficult for thought and world-view to develop normally, and the terror-blocked contents become transformed into permanent functional congestive centers. […] 3

George W. Bush appears to have been terrorized and tortured on purpose - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually - exactly the same as almost every child born into the family structure of the military industrial complex of the US: A 2006 study of child homicide conducted in the USA concluded that the homicide rate of children raised in military families is much higher than the average and or typical American home.

This suffering inflicted upon those who are “chosen” to be indoctrinated into the system of Pathocracy begins at birth and it continues with a thorough program of terrorizing every moment of the day for the whole life of the victim(s).

Take for just one example:

  • How many pharmaceutical drugs do the handlers of George Jr. pop into him for whatever mood he is to reflect and emotion he is to suppress?

  • And, how long has this been going on, with a mother such as “the enforcer?”

George W. Bush appears to suffer from paranoidal characteropathia which was inherited from previous affected family members:

Such “Stalinistic characters” traumatize and actively spellbind others, and their influence finds it exceptionally easy to bypass the controls of common sense. A large proportion of people tend to credit such individuals with special powers, thereby succumbing to their egotistic beliefs. If a parent manifests such a defect, no matter how minimal, all the children in the family evidence anomalies in personality development.4

His terrorism indoctrination looks like it’s some great destiny to fulfill, by being the global decider of the New World Order.


This in and of itself appears to have caused him serious brain synapse illusions. George W. Bush is obsessed with terrorism and his compulsion with this is unbridled belligerence. He has boasted to the entire world his full spectrum annihilation by way of a global war on terror - a “long war.” This is indeed the Pathocracy of America and its being forced upon humanity by a president in the United States who was voted in by and through the democracy of a Supreme Court, 4 of 7, in the year of 2000.


The psychologically terrorized childhood memories of George Jr. were spoon fed to him as it had been done for more than one hundred years before by every Bush Family to their offspring. This opens the door to other pathological characters who most frequently carry some inherited psychological deviations. They then push the characteropathic individuals into the shadows and proceed with their ponerogenic work. That is why various types of characteropathies participate in the initial periods of the genesis of evil, both on the macro-social scale and on the individual scale of human families.5


The United States of America faces the greatest human rights issue on the planet and it is that our entire system is built upon the foundation of Pathocracy and the families who have structured these insane governing bodies are being exposed and appear to be willing to destroy as many people and the earth as it can, to continue its: Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes.

An improved social system of the future should thus protect individuals and societies by preventing persons with the above deviations, or the characteristics to be discussed below, from any social functions wherein the fate of other people would depend upon their behavior. This of course applies primarily to top governmental positions.


Such questions should be decided by an appropriate institution composed of people with a reputation for wisdom and with medical and psychological training. The features of brain-tissue lesions and their character disorder results are much easier to detect than some inherited anomalies. Thus, stifling ponerogenic process by removing these factors from the process of the synthesis of evil is effective during the early phases of such genesis, and much easier in practice.6


Pathetically the “media is our worst enemy.


Characteropathies have infected our “news” and this could be as a result of the modern drugs which are peddled routinely and without any protection against what permanent damage it does to our brains. Numerous medications which are administered for “diseases” have been found to cause serious side effects by attacking the nervous system.


The end result is discreet handicaps and these can be seen in the personality changes that tend to cause great social harm through the permanent damage caused to the brain:

Character anomalies developing as a result of brain-tissue damage behave like insidious ponerogenic factors. As a result of the above-described features, [ponerogenic influences] easily anchor in human minds, traumatizing our psyches, impoverishing and deforming our thoughts and feelings, and limiting individuals’ and societies’ ability to use common sense and recognize a psychological or moral situation.7

In the journals of time paranoidal characteropathia is to be America’s “Fourth Estate” legacy. Again, economics - capitalism disguised as “democracy” - controls the reality.8


The fact is, it is almost a mechanical system that operates based on the psychological nature of human beings, most of whom like to live in denial or need to live in denial to please their parents, their peers, their religious leaders, and their political leaders. All they want to do is have some relaxation to enjoy the “American Dream.”


After all, “if ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise”.


This is most especially true when we consider the survival instinct of the ego. If the official culture - created by psychopaths - says that there is no “man behind the curtain”, working through the inculcated belief systems, there is little possibility that most people will be able to see the source of the ponerological phenomena in our world.9





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