by Andrew Jackson
27 June 2007

from RonPaulOnLine Website



"The actions of [pathocracy] affect an entire society, starting with the leaders and infiltrating every town, business, and institution.


The pathological social structure gradually covers the entire country creating a "new class" within that nation. This privileged class [of pathocrats] feels permanently threatened by the "others"... i.e. by the majority of normal people.


Neither do the pathocrats entertain any illusions about their personal fate should there be a return to the system of normal man."
Andrew M. Lobaczewski



n. division of theology dealing with evil; theological doctrine of wickedness or evil; from the Greek:

poneros --> evil.

Andrew M. Lobaczewski on "Political Ponerology - A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes":

"…my work has shown me that the vast majority of people want to do good, to experience good things, think good thoughts, and make decisions with good results.


And they try with all their might to do so! With the majority of people having this internal desire, why the Hell isn't it happening?

"Power conspiracies don't just exist as formal structures but as "infections" of pathological individuals who amass power for themselves by forming patholocial social networks."

Society sees the appearance of individuals who have collected exceptional intuitive perception and practical knowledge in the area of how pathocrats think and such a system of rule operates.

Some of them become so proficient in the deviant psychopath language and its idiomatics that they are able to use it, much like a foreign language they have learned well.


Since they are to decipher the rulership's intentions, such people thereupon offer advice to people who are having trouble with the authorities.


These usually disinterested advocates of the society of normal people play a irreplaceable role in the life of society.


The pathocrats [the psychopaths and sociopaths], however, can never learn to think in normal human categories.

"The leaders who control the 'system' they inherited will morph it to suit their pathology.


That means the system they dominate is designed to enable those who are of the same mind set to prosper and occupy key positions in the hierarchy from the top down.


As for local and minor politicians, to my first hand understanding they almost invariably run for offices small or large motivated by something they stand to gain.


This whole system is corrupt for these reasons."


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