by Catherine J. Frompovich

June 21, 2013
from ActivistPost Website


General Wesley Clark, on the talk circuit in 2007, explained how the U.S. military planned to destroy the governments of seven countries in five years and enumerates them in this YouTube video.





Listen to what General Clark says how the ‘movers and shakers’ planned to start wars and change governments that, incidentally, would necessitate killing American service men and women in order to carry out the plans of Wolfowitz, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.


Apparently, those long-planned-wars the U.S. has been fighting are the result of long-planned strategies and we, the taxpayers, have had to pay for them with our taxes and loved ones’ lives.

  • How does that fit in with patriotism?

  • Who are the terrorists?

  • Where are they hiding?

  • Or, are they manufactured out of thin air from some Washington bigwig’s imagination to start wars?

Piggy back onto General Clark’s remarks, David Icke’s comments about Syria in this YouTube video:





Icke explains further, the policy coup talked about by General Clark because Syria is one of those countries that was earmarked to be taken down in five years.

See how it all fits together?