by Brandon Smith
May 17, 2016

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I recently received requests from two different readers, one asking for articles covering the "mindset" of globalists (why they do what they do), and another request for articles covering globalist "occultism."


I find that these two topics are very difficult to pursue with a large number of people for a few reasons:

  1. Many people do not accept the reality that a group of financial elitists colluding (conspiring) to obtain total global power even exists.


    Therefore, in order to delve into the topic of the globalist mindset with these "skeptics," I would first have to re-cover page after page of evidence showing that they not only exist and collude, but that they openly boast about their plans on a regular basis.


    This is time consuming, to say the least.


  2. For some of the people that do eventually accept the reality of a globalist cabal, the argument eventually arises that "yes, there is collusion, but it is merely driven by greed and profit motive," and not as nefarious as we conspiracy tin-foil mad-hatters imagine.


  3. For others, there is a full acceptance of the reality of an organized globalist cult, but they argue that these people are simply a product of a corrupt and ill-structured socio-political system.


    That is to say, they think that the globalists are a symptom of the troubles that plague humanity, rather than a cause.


    This argument is often made by people promoting their own collectivist agenda in one form or another (socialists, communists, scientific dictatorships controlled by people supposedly much smarter than the rest of us, one world-one mind spiritually unhinged theosophic weirdos, etc.). 


    They claim a new system, their system, is the solution rather than getting rid of the globalists, which they say would only leave a "power vacuum" for more tyrants to take their place.


  4. Finally, there are the evangelical revelations seekers obsessed with Armageddon.


    They fully accept that the globalists exist, that they conspire internationally to gain power and influence towards the goal of a "new world order" and that they are essentially evil minded in their intentions.


    However, they argue that it is either futile to fight against such people because they are supported by power from somewhere beyond, or they even argue that to fight against the globalists is wrong because it is in defiance of the plan put forward in the Bible.

So, as you can see, it is a veritable circus of horrors whenever I write on the subject of who the globalists really are and what they really want.


Beyond that, it is very difficult to examine this subject matter, even with ample evidence, without coming off like a wackaloon.


It is hard enough convincing people of the obvious economic crisis facing America and the rest of the world and convincing them to put in minimal effort to prepare, let alone convincing them of the psychopathic and cult-like nature of the elite behind that crisis.


In other words, if you approach someone new to this information cold and hit them right away with tales of,

luciferians, Washington D.C. child pedo-rings and gay romp power-club parties in the California Redwoods with a giant stone owl called "Molech," probably aren't going to get your foot in the door.


That said, I'll address the inevitable arguments above very quickly before I begin an analysis of the Globalist mind.


  1. Psychopaths tend to naturally gravitate towards positions of power, and despite some foolish assumptions out there that these people are too volatile to play nice with others, they do in fact work together as long as there is a guarantee of mutual benefit.


    Elites have conspired throughout history, this is documented fact. I find it amazing that some folks cannot grasp the idea that they might also be conspiring today.


    If you need documented evidence of such collusion, you are welcome to read The Fall of America Signals the Rise of the New World Order and Order out of chaos - The doctrine that runs the world.


    One might argue that the problem of organized psychopathy cannot be dealt with unless one confronts individual psychopathy. I'm sorry to say that at least 10 percent of the population (according to psychologist Carl Gustav Jung) at any given time has elements of inborn latent psychopathy and at least 1 percent is actively psychopathic.


    You will never remove psychopathy from humanity. It is an inborn quality.


    What you can do, though, is disrupt or destroy organizations of people that foster and elevate psychopaths. Organized psychopathy is the real and pressing problem.



  2. If you need convincing that the globalists are not just "greedy capitalists" out to make a buck at the expense of the world, check out Global Elitism - The Character Traits of Truly Evil People and read some of their quotes.


    Their goal is to gain as much power over the masses as possible. They see themselves as modern Pharaohs, not as businessmen. Wealth is a side-note.



  3. There have been only fleeting instances of societies without the all-pervasive influence of organized elitism in history.


    From these minor instances, though, we can see bursts of human potential, productivity and invention, as well as greater respect for inherent conscience and justice.


    Anyone who claims that the globalists are nothing more than a "symptom" is probably trying to sell you on an ideology rather than a real solution. The fact of the matter is, we have never lived in a world without the influence of globalist conspiracy.


    They are like a cancer that has turned psychopathy into a religion.


    Removing the globalists should be a top priority. No system is going to succeed, regardless of how brilliantly conceived, unless the elitists are out of the picture.


    I would even venture to say that the people who argue that the globalists are nothing more than a symptom are in fact helping the globalists by distracting activists away from the real task at hand.


    Playing at philosophy and theoretical society building will not change the existing power structure in any way, nor will it remove the muzzle of a rifle from the back of your head as you stare down at the ditch that is to become your final resting place.



  4. The majority of the Bible is composed of stories of good standing against evil, and I simply cannot take anyone seriously who argues that the Bible demands we sit idle in the face of despotism.


    I don't believe in the modernized "Left Behind" interpretations of "apocalypse" and even if I did, different groups have been saying that the end times are right around the corner for ages.


    Frankly, no one knows or will know if such an event of metaphysical proportions is taking place anyway.

Now, I do believe in full-spectrum crisis and societal collapse, because these events have happened over and over again and can even be reasonably predicted according to past indicators.


I also believe that current events are rife with such indicators and that a collapse is taking place in stages today. I also know that there are groups of elites engineering this collapse and I know exactly why because they have openly admitted their goals (read The Economic End Game Explained).


Apocalypse is not my concern. Right and wrong, justice and tyranny are my concerns.


I'll leave the rest to more omniscient and omnipresent beings.





The problem we face is organized evil


Now that the above questions are out of the way we can jump into the core of the problem. And no, the core of the problem is not the "system" we live in per se, or our methodology of living and progressing as a species.


Again, there are too many eggheads in the liberty movement that like to pretend they have grand and ingenious new ways of looking at the world, and if only we would just "listen to their brilliant vision" everything would change for the better.


When you boil down their philosophies you often find they have no new ideas whatsoever, or that their ideas cannot be implemented because they have not dealt with the elephant in the room - the globalists.


Philosophy without tangible action and verifiable results is ultimately useless in the face of true evil. Intellectual warriors rarely win wars, but they do often die horribly as a result of their naivety and defenselessness.


To answer the question in the title of this article, yes, the globalists are in fact evil and the only misunderstandings are on the part of wide-eyed skeptics that have bought into the idea that "evil" is a moral conception created by religion rather than an inherent quality of human beings. This is false.


As Carl Jung discovered in his studies on the collective unconscious, people are born with inherent and conflicting conceptions and traits, or "dualities."


Good vs. Evil is an important duality we all come in to the world dealing with, it is not a mere product of environment or religious influence. That which is "good" is often dictated by what we call "conscience," which again is an inherent idea or "voice," and is only partly influenced by environment.


The fact of inherent character traits and universal moral codes is present in anthropological studies as well as psychological studies beyond Jung's very extensive work.


To define evil, we would have to look at those ideas and actions that are opposite inherent conscience. The globalists have basically constructed a festering belief system around everything that is contrary to our moral compass.


I will attempt to dissect some elements of that belief system from a secular point of view.


Wish me luck…







Occultism in itself is not necessarily "evil," it only means "secret knowledge."


But the history of occultism is plagued by rather evil deeds and attitudes. John F. Kennedy once warned of secret societies and secret proceedings, and with good reason.


For thousands of years, occult groups often withheld valuable knowledge from the masses as a means to influence behavior and control the direction of society. This did not have to be "magical" knowledge, whatever that means. Usually, it was scientific or psychological knowledge.


Say for example that a group of elitists withheld detailed knowledge of an impending economic collapse because this knowledge gave them a feeling of superiority and an advantage that they could exploit to gain power over others. Often, occult knowledge, secret knowledge, is driven by the selfish desire of one group to maintain a sense of dominance over another.


Is it evil to withhold knowledge that could save lives for the sake of self-elevation?


I would say absolutely...







So yeah, it's almost impossible to broach this subject without sounding crazy to people who aren't already familiar with it.


But as requested, I'll take a stab at it.


Do globalists really believe in a devil with a pitchfork and hoofs and horns? I really don't know. What I do know is that many of them believe in the ideas behind the mythology of the figure (even Saul Alinsky dedicated his book 'Rules for Radicals' to Lucifer).


The Lucifer mythology is one of rebellion, a rebellion against the the Christian God.


But how would this translate to elitist behavior? They define inherent conscience and moral compass (checks and balances put in place by God?) as a "restriction" or imprisonment of the individual, and they seem to only esteem individuals as those seeking their own "Godhood."


The way liberty proponents value individualism is very different from the way elitists value individualism.


Lucifer as a archetypal figure represents a rebellion against everything, including nature. Of course, nature is not a toy to be played with selfishly because catastrophe inevitably results.


Moral compass is a guide that keeps humanity from destroying itself, and without it civilizations fall. Luciferianism, at the very least, fosters destructive tendencies.


With such people at the helm of entire nations, innocent people will suffer in the scorched path of elites seeking to rebel against inherent moral and natural boundaries, and this is without a doubt evil.





Do what thou wilt


Attributed to Aleister Crowley, a self-professed satanist, you will see this ideology pop up in globalist circles and pop-culture icons alike.


Crowley apologists often argue that the quote it is taken from refers to the "law of love."



  • the love of what?

  • The love of others, or the love of one's self?

  • Do what thou wilt as long as it does not hurt others, or do what thou wilt regardless of the consequences?

The latter interpretation is clearly the one globalists have taken to heart.


Since elitists consistently treat the lowly masses as vermin that need to be eradicated for the good of the planet, I see little indication that they have the ability to conceive of love, let alone adopt a philosophy of love.


Do what thou wilt, however the idea was originally intended, has become a rationale for the globalist propensity of crushing others in the name of "greatness".





Moral relativism


Evil people are not as immune to the judgments of others as you might think.


In fact, many of them become a bit obsessive about people accepting or even praising the things they do. I can only theorize that if in their minds everyone else subscribes to an evil behavior then it is no longer evil, but normal.


Moral relativism is the act of rationalizing a destructive or evil process by claiming a positive end result or intention washes away responsibility. The ends justify the means.


Globalists could not care less about the consequences of their actions to others, but they do feel the need to justify those actions in a way that people will embrace.


From my observations, the majority of globalist propaganda revolves entirely around the concept of moral relativism, and the lie that good is only about perception while evil is a "gray area," or an illusion.


As Kevin Spacey says in the movie The Usual Suspects,

"The Greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist…"




The solution


As stated earlier,

  • It really does not matter what brand of social system we implement.


  • It really does not matter what kind of economic model we employ.


  • It really does not matter if we somehow find a way to promote enlightened thinking on a massive scale.


  • None of it matters if we do not also confront the organized evil of the globalist cabal.

It is interesting how many people strive so hard to avoid acknowledging the fight that is coming by clinging to the notion that the globalists are "misunderstood" or "not important" in the grand scheme of things.


While I work to promote alternative trade models through localism and alternative-security models through community preparedness teams, I also accept that these efforts are a half measure, mere preparation for an unavoidable conflict between people who hold the contents of their conscience dear, those who view the non-aggression principle as an integral part of a free and healthy civilization and the globalists, who hold nothing dear accept themselves, their cult and their ambitions.


Evil is a part of every human being, just as good is a part of every human being. It is a battle we all struggle with until the day we die. But organized evil is something else entirely.


It is not something we have to tolerate, and it is something we can change.


Until it is expunged from our society, no other solutions can be fully enacted. Therefore, the solution begins with the end of organized evil, and it is a solution I plan to enact in my own way.


The solution begins with the eradication of the globalists...