by benjamin
January 2011

from RapidShare Website


The end game for the Western elite is becoming clear now that food riots have once again begun erupting around the world.


The elite has worked long and hard to ensure they controlled a monopoly on the world’s grain trade. They have also forced most countries that submitted to IMF “austerity programs” to give up food production in exchange for production of inedible commodities that can be traded for “dollars.”


This has been part of their long term plan to conquer humanity by controlling their minds, their stomachs and their lives (through threat of violence).

However, as the recent overthrow of the family mafia government in Tunisia shows, when ordinary people face starvation, they no longer behave like sheep. The fact of the matter is that global hunger (there are over 1.1 billion people on the brink of starvation) is a logistics problem that could be solved within 2 months.


This logistics operation will start soon after the mass arrests of the criminal element of the Western elite begins.


People have been waiting for a long time but multiple, high-level sources say this time the arrests really are imminent. It is merely a matter of a few technical, legal operations that are now close to completion.

  • Already, as a preliminary, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has been ordered to resign

  • Also Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has had his immunity from prosecution removed

  • There have also been arrests of Chinese who were compromised by bribes from the Bush clan

This is just a mere and slight foretaste of what is to come.

One sign of the high level panic is a recently taped conversation between Fiat heir Giovanni Agnelli, head of financial services at Davos Giancarlo Bruno and self declared Satanist Prince Leo Zagami.


At the recorded meeting, Agnelli told Bruno and Zagami that they had to sign their own “death warrants.” After that, according to senior intelligence agency sources, Agnelli ordered Zagami to leave the room. At that point he told Bruno that Zagami was such a blabbermouth that he “threatened the monarchy” and that he had to “go.”




Above, we incorrectly reported that Giovanni Agnelli was tape recorded having a conversation with Giancarlo Bruno and Leo Zagami.  As many readers pointed out Giovanni Agnelli died several years ago.


We asked our CIA source which Agnelli he was referring to and he said,

“All I heard is that it was one of the Agnelli brothers.”

We apologize for the mistake. It occurred because we used Google to find the first name of the most famous member of the Angelli family and assumed it was him.

In any case, a senior source in the Knights of Malta has independently confirmed the conversation was recorded and says the investigation and observation of the Italians and the Davos gang has now gone “above Giancarlo Bruno.”



The “monarchy” refers to the heir of Victor Emmanuel III who appears to have wanted to create a global Roman empire.


In other words, a group of inbred Italian families, who have married between cousins since the time of Caesar, have been plotting global conquest for 2000 years. Just as they thought they were on the verge of accomplishing their goals with the massacre of 4 billion innocents, they now find themselves in deep danger for their very lives.

The fact of the matter is that a critical mass within,

  • the Pentagon

  • the CIA,

  • the NSA

  • MI6

  • the Yakuza

  • the Japanese Security Police

  • the Triads

  • Chinese government intelligence services

  • Interpol

...and police forces around the world, have been investigating this elite group for a long time and are now poised to start a major series of arrests prior to the announcement of the new financial system.

The various royal families that have lead major clans around the world, for their part, are aware of the crisis and have been cooperating with the new system in order to make sure the world does not descend into chaos and anarchy.


Although secrecy surrounding the emergency meeting of royal families from around the world that took place around new years in Vienna, Austria, a few details have leaked.

Our sources tell us that strategic marriages between the British, Dutch and other European families are being considered with members of Arabian, Chinese and other royal families.


Since some of these families have secretly controlled large sections of monotheistic religions, the long term implications of such inter-marriage would be truly historical, possibly leading to an integration between christianity, islam and confucianism.

The anti-royalist coalition, for its part, is insisting on the establishment of meritocratic organizations to manage the planet earth.


One such organization would be a world economic planning organization. This organization would systematically gather public opinion from around the world about humanities dreams of the future. It would then gather the world’s experts to find the most practical way of making these dreams come true.


Anybody would be able to apply to join this organization and complete freedom of information would be implemented to ensure it does not become corrupt. This organization would in no way impinge on either individual or national sovereignty.

The anti-royalist coalition will accept the need of family elders represented by the royal families to act as guardians against anarchy but will never accept absolute monarchist rule by primogeniture.

The White Dragon Society, for its part, will soon raise itself from semi-dormant to semi-active mode.