by Angie Reidel
March 17, 2008

from ThinkOrBeEaten Website




Thousands of years ago people lived in close knit clans and the population of the world was only a tiny fraction of what it is now. People could go an entire life time without ever encountering a stranger.


Unfortunately, sometimes strangers purposely encountered them.

One particular day at one particular village a very long time ago, such an encounter took place. It was just after dawn on a foggy morning that the village clan was going about its normal morning routine. Firewood was gathered, fires were lit, and food preparation was underway. Mothers breast fed their babies, children played and elders sat waiting to be fed.

The comforting sounds of fire crackling and children laughing were interrupted by the muffled rumbling of hoof beats and the sharp clatter of scraping metal coming from somewhere beyond the fog. The sounds grew louder and more distinct by the second, and so, sensing danger, the people of the clan quickly gathered together in the center of the camp.

Moments later, emerging from the haze came a terrifying vision: men on horseback draped in animal skins and headpieces with long pointed horns, their faces painted, some wearing masks with menacing non-human expressions. The villagers had never seen anything like this before.


Not knowing if these beings were humans, spirits or even monsters their hearts thumped hard in their chests as they stood paralyzed, watching the creatures growing nearer.

As was intended, the strangers had caught the village inhabitants completely by surprise. They rode into the camp then viciously slew every man in the village with razor-sharp flesh-cutting blades. Throats were slashed and skulls were crushed; innocent blood flowed in hot rivers and soaked the ground. Violence like this had never been seen there before.

The women and children were shocked and traumatized, and they tried to run, but they could not escape. They were all rounded up and brought back to the center of the camp, then separated into two groups, women on this side, and children on that side. Some of the horrifying creatures searched through every dwelling and looked up every tree to make certain they'd found every last member of the clan.

When all of the women and children had been found and separated the strangers dismounted their horses and killed every child one by one. Babies, toddlers, everyone under the age of 12 was slain with swift deliberation.


They then turned their attention to the women. Any who were old, sick, or pregnant were also killed. The rest would be taken to be their slaves and wives. They took whatever pillage they found desirable from the camp, then pulled the women onto their horses in front of them and began the journey home.

Behind them lay a sickening scene of incomprehensible carnage. Bloody, dismembered dead bodies of children, women and men were the last thing the surviving women saw before being dragged onto the horses and taken away. The innocent dead were the silent remnants of a story that no one would ever hear.

The brutal strangers whipped their horses with leather straps and rode them hard, desiring to get home before nightfall. They made good time and when they arrived they beat the women, raped some of them, humiliated them, and began to break them. Over the following days they forced them to cook and clean for them, sew their garments and make their living spaces comfortable. The women gathered wood, tended the fires, brought water for their households and slowly accepted the imposed routines of their new unasked for lives.


They also wept for their murdered children and husbands, and mothers and fathers and other family members, but they did so only when they would not be caught and punished for their tears. Within a year the women began giving birth to the children of their rapist captors.

Things being as they may, some of the women came to accept the men who took them as wives, but others were not so lucky. For the unlucky ones no love was in the man they lived with. No kindness existed in his heart, and no interest existed in him for her. He wanted progeny and he wanted a slave, and he got both through brutality and violence; not because brutality and violence were necessary, but because brutality and violence gave him total control.

These men devoid of love or kindness were single minded and driven by a simple fact: they could exponentially increase their power and wealth through the use of organized mass murder carried out on defenseless people who were taken by surprise.

They perfected the art of this psychopathic behavior over the course of many years and countless attacks on villages and settlements none of which were ever prepared to defend themselves against the slaughter and brutality these men wrought.


This became their stock in trade and within two generations an entire ideology developed wherein the practitioners of organized mass murder deified and worshipped themselves and each other, with the greatest respect going to the most brutal, most psychopathic and most murderous among them.


These were the first CEO's, commonly referred to as kings.


They deified themselves before the people to become the church, and the combination of king and church became the state.

The rest is history.


It is also the present for little has changed in the ways of men who to this day continue to profit through the mass slaughtering of innocents and the plundering of their lands. Today it has become more sophisticated only in that they have been able to convince others to go and do the slaughtering for them and bring the plunder back to the CEOs.


The weapons have evolved with the development of technology, but in the end they do the same as their earliest counterparts, they kill innocent people as quickly as they can be wielded. They kill more people with increasingly less effort every passing decade.

The expense of creating these modern weapons to stock the armed forces that use them is far beyond need or justification because the CEOs long ago knew how to profit from that too. They own the vast enterprises that build the war camps, and which manufacture and sell the weapons that are used to perpetrate the genocide and theft of resources all over the world.


They don't fund a penny of it and they never have to get their own hands dirty. Their own lives are never in danger. It is all done for them, at no cost to them and at no risk to them whatsoever. It is we they convince to do their slaughter for them, pay for it all, and take every risk and loss unto ourselves.

Today's most powerful CEOs aren't much different from their earliest embodiment. They are no less dangerous.


Their attire has changed from animal skins and fearsome masks, to tailored suits and silk ties. No longer on horseback they now ride in limousines to boardrooms and back rooms to claim their victories, engaging in brutal tactics that continue to decimate millions of lives in their endless drive for more wealth and more power.


Today they are able to walk among us unrecognized for they have mastered the fine arts of subterfuge and psychological manipulation to the point of gaining and maintaining total control over the minds of people everywhere.

Are they to be commended for their achievements?


They would contend that their superior ability to kill, deceive and enslave mankind deserves high recognition and that because of their brutality and dishonesty they are the superiors of all men. But today, just like thousands of years ago they would be wrong to make such a claim, and they know that. That is why they dare not speak such things where others could hear them and recognize them for who and what they are.


What they are is the greatest evolution of human evil this world has ever known.


They embody and inspire every vile potential of mankind.

It takes no talent whatsoever, no thought, higher or otherwise, no particular intellect and no effort to be driven by greed and lusts and to live without compassion for others. Blunt force murder is the failure of mankind, not its apex.


The CEOs, the state, are deceiving themselves as much as they are deceiving this world. They are Earth's slow children, retarded in moral development, the most truly disabled among us, for these men have no souls and so they can never be whole.


They would be pitiable but the nature of their disease makes them singularly difficult to feel any pity for.



The propaganda of war mongers has bled deeply into the fabric of our culture and has for hundreds of years been successfully used to bring citizens to their feet and willing to go off to fight their desired wars. The looting and plundering is the primary goal, the theft of the wealth of others.


But this is never told to the people they lie into blind cooperation. Other stories are told, often complex and compelling stories that instill fear in the public.


Fear is the primary motivating tool behind war, the most effective tool in the propaganda arsenal.

Depictions of foreign strangers as monstrous enemies with inhuman traits and offensive belief systems are the meat of the feast of successful war propaganda, and no substantial evidence to support the claims of imminent doom is asked for or provided. The claims usually defy logic and facts but are crafted with such great expertise, the tellers are able to mix opposing ideas into good sounding excuses for war.


The Holy War is an example of this mixing of opposites, and patriotism is a concept used to manipulate the emotions of the masses. Propaganda is profoundly effective and that is why it is the first step to waging any war.


Without it, there would be no chance that people anywhere would be moved to kill anyone.

If you doubt that modern wars are fought for the purpose of gaining wealth and power for the few at the expense of the many, then answer these questions.

  • Why is war the most profitable business there is?

  • Why isn't profiting from war held in utter disregard?

  • Why isn't it illegal?

  • If the reasons for war are so very pure and noble then why do the same ranks of individuals always become so incredibly wealthy war after war after war?

  • If there was not a penny to be made in war, would we still go off to fight them?

It is after all you and I who pays for war with our money and our lives.


Our hard earned dollars are directly transferred from our pockets to the pockets of wealthy men with our government serving as the enforcing agent. We have no choice but to pay. It is the high level officials who call for war, and who more and more are the very same men who head up the major corporate entities, including the corporate media, that profit so abundantly from war.


Take the money away, take the profits away, take the media's relentless war propagandizing away, make war profiteering illegal and reduce profits from war to mere pennies and just see how much war would be waged.

The greed and brutality of a small class of people make up the foundation the rest of society is built on. They are always at the top, and we are always at the bottom. They are always in the position to make and enforce all of the rules, and we are not allowed to break them. They take our money at gunpoint and we are not allowed to refuse to fund their endless capital ventures.


We do all of the work, pay for everything, they get rich, and we get a paycheck that is only a bare fraction of our fair share of the wealth we create. They keep it. And they keep taking more, getting stronger, and we keep losing our just share of power, wealth and prosperity.

Unless and until we can see this, it will continue. It will keep getting worse and we will keep suffering as they keep gaining what they so endlessly desire.


All of the money, all of the power, all of the control over all of us, that is, those of us they decide to let live.



Without these violent greedy war mongers deciding our fates, we could have a completely different world.


If it were up to us to determine our own fate, to design our own world and future,

  • Would we do it as they have?

  • Would we poison our own air and water and destroy our own environments?

Would we have so much need for money when the fact is that our birthright on this earth includes our entitlement to take whatever we need for our lives from earth's abundant natural resources? We don't have to destroy it to use it. We know perfectly well that destroying our world is suicide.

There is no justifiable reason and no need for a small group of men to lay claim to and hoard the massive natural wealth that belongs to everybody, including future generations. There is no right for those who are obsessed with greed and control to deprive us and coming generations of our birthright, our share of a pristine healthy natural environment that we all need to sustain our lives; or to preempt our ability to prosper and justly participate in the shaping of our society and our own private lives.

The combination of arrogant indifference to others, limitless greed and the use of overpowering violence is the most serious underlying disease of mankind.

Sadly, even today there is no known cure for this cancerous disease of the mind and soul.


Other than forcing strict constraints and strong regulations on those infected and watching them like hawks every moment of the day, there is little we can do to prevent their addictive penchant for death and destruction. That is, unless we finally as a whole wake up to the simple reality that we've all been deprived of our rightful lives, our rightful chance to experience our own potential, and to define that potential for ourselves.


We are captive and bound by laws that force us to comply with the desires of the greedy and the violent. The propaganda they spew keeps our minds entrapped. Freeing ourselves from their relentless tactics and strategies that seek to frame our thoughts for us is essential. Our thoughts must be our own or we will remain entrapped forever.

A world of peace, prosperity and plenty could exist without the dark, powerful influences and manipulations of greedy, violent men, and that thing we mindlessly refer to as war would never have come into existence without them. They would have us thank them for that as if it were some great gift to the world. It is not a gift, it is the greatest curse that ever was.

The recognition they truly deserve, should it ever come, will not be gratitude. It will take the form of full exposure to the public of their deceit, betrayal, manipulation and unfettered disdain for mankind. It would be their complete undoing.

But that time will never come on its own, nor will it come by force. It can only come about because we the people have changed ourselves, changed the way we see the world, literally changed our old ways and habits that lead us into mindless conformity and unwavering support for people and systems that exist only to undermine us and cheat us, even to kill us.


It will come when we individually disconnect ourselves from the raging rivers of propaganda and the many and various glittering cult stars and personalities who talk up thundering storms about freedom while in fact they are working to deprive us of that freedom, and are doing so right before our unseeing eyes. It is we who have to wise up to bring the insanity to an end.


We cannot change them and we cannot hope to change the systems that control our lives unless we change ourselves first.

We must regain the ability to see ourselves as worthy and deserving of full equity with the wealthy self-promoting cannibalistic classes that see us as lesser beings. To the extent we accept their judgments of us is the extent that we will continue to live life on our knees and on their selfish terms.


We are their equals and they are not above any one of us. They are no wiser, no better, and no more deserving than the least of us. There should not even be a 'least of us'. That we cannot understand that speaks to the depth of our own brainwashing and the acceptance of the value systems that deprive us of what is our rightful fair share of everything life has to offer.

When we hold the clear knowledge that power, greed and the desire to control others is the eternal ongoing battle that always has and continues to define our world, profoundly affecting everything and everyone in it, then we can hope to bring about the changes we need. When we all comprehend that this power struggle will never end, that the desire to bring about systems that give the few all of the wealth and power at the expense of everyone else will never go away, only then can we hope to bring a genuine end to the repeating foundational theme of self-destruction on which everything else is built.


The wars, injustice and suffering that keeps our country stuck in self-defeating systems of mass belief, mass consumption and mass indifference to the truth are the product of our refusal to see ourselves and the systems that control us for what they really are.

Since that first attack on horseback to slaughter and control others the world has never been free and it is not free now.


We believe we are free, but we are not and never were.


Our ignorance of everything real and factual keeps us believing something that simply is not true. We are more tightly controlled than ever and that control is becoming ever more brutal. Our choices are dwindling and the system itself is becoming impenetrable, making itself our eternal master. The system seeks only to protect and perpetuate itself, it is not interested in freedom or justice and if you simply break any of their rules, even the most unjust of them you'll quickly find that out.


Freedom will not come until the corporate/state monopoly of control and the artifice of righteous violence in the name of good is understood and finally rejected. That is what is meant by "Knowledge is Power".


Our knowledge of the truth is what will reduce the corrupt controllers to irrelevance, powerlessness and shame.

It is a choice. We can choose to know the truth and once we know the truth we must live it and speak it.


We must rock the boat in order to break free of the powerful grip of false beliefs that control the majority of our minds. We must be willing to offend and disrupt in order to speak the truth, if that's what it takes.


The truth must never be subordinate to disapproving opinions, which in themselves are a potent tool of social control. We must value real peace more than the instant gratification, the false peace that comes from choosing to conform specifically to avoid the necessary confrontations required to bring the truth back into public discourse.


We must fearlessly, unapologetically question everything, question authority and demand justice for the least of us until there is no such thing as a least of us.

Our official overriding and controlling philosophy of depraved indifference, vengeful self-superiority and criminality is sheer evil, and the seed of that evil is something inside all of us. That must be recognized and we must consciously choose to reject it. When we teach our children to recognize and to remember what true evil really is and where it really comes from, then and only then, can we hope to make this a country that is honestly committed to making our highest principles a reality.


A world of justice, peace and freedom will come about as soon as we start living in it.


We can do that anytime.


We can even do it now...


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