by J.D. Heyes
February 16, 2012
from NaturalNews Website




Mike Adams sat down recently with John Perkins, a self-styled "economic hitman" and best-selling author who says his mission in life,

"is to do everything I possibly can to create a sustainable, just, and peaceful world for my grandson, Grant" - a task he insists will require, "the creation of such a world for every child born on every inch of this planet."

Along with NaturalNews Hour host Jonathan Landsman, Adams talked about the content of Perkins' newest bestseller, "Hoodwinked", which involves the state of the global economy, the changing atmosphere of world politics, and what John believes is in store for the United States and the world in 2012.

During the hour-long interview, Perkins - who has spent much of his life as a the CEO of a number of major companies, as well as a teacher and writer - described an economic hitman as someone who has helped,

"create the world's first truly global empire," in that "it's an empire that has been created for the first time in history [...] not through the military but through economic shenanigans."

Perkins says the way economic hit men operate, primarily, is by identifying a country whose resources the corporation they lead covet (such as oil),

"then arrange a huge loan to that country" via the World Bank or some other global financial organization, but "the money never actually goes to the country."


It's a Family Affair - and Catch-22

Rather, he says, it goes to,

"big multinational corporations to build infrastructure projects" - things like power plants and industrial parks - "that benefit a few of the wealthy families in the country but don't help the majority of the people."

The multinationals, however, are the biggest beneficiaries. And the deals are made in such a way that the nation doing the borrowing can't really afford to repay the loans.


At that point, Perkins says, the multinationals cut a deal, which, of course, further enhances their own wealth.

"The [multinationals] say, 'Hey, you know, since you can't repay your debt, why don't you sell us your oil (or whatever commodity is in play) without any [social or environmental restrictions or demands] or vote with us on some critical United Nations vote, or allow us to build a military base on your soil, or send troops in support of ours in Afghanistan or Iraq or someplace...'"

Perkins said,

"in the few cases where we fail" and are not able to convince countries to go along to get along, "the jackals go in and these are the people that overthrow governments or assassinate their leaders..."

Perkins went on to say that, "in the few cases where the jackals fail," as in Iraq with Saddam Hussein, then the military is eventually sent in.


Such is the manner of empire.



Maintaining the Status Quo

Later in the interview, the Health Ranger talks about,

"real revolution which serves the people," in which he discusses with Perkins the current political environment, where, "even talk of challenging the status quo is considered by some people [as] conspiring with terrorists."

In summing up his discussion, Adams speculates that the powers that be are attempting to stifle any talk of real change.

"Absolutely," Perkins said, "and I'm so glad that it's happening, because you know what? That tells us that we're winning."

"You don't get a backlash unless you're being successful," Perkins added.