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A brief history of the Patriot Act, showing the many deceptions brought in by the Bush Administration, including:

requesting total secrecy form public input and swapping at the last moment, the original Bill that Congress agreed to sign, with one manipulated by the Administration.

The Administration's version of the Bill contained unconstitutional provisions that had been rejected earlier by Congress.

Regardless, Congress rushed to pass an, otherwise, unread Bill which sought to greatly expand all federal law enforcement powers - far beyond their intended means.


Hence, America would later discover that the Patriot Act had little, if anything, to do with fighting the actual "war on terror" and much more to do with bypassing the civil protections, granted under the US Constitution.





Patriot Act



The War on Civil Liberties - 1







The War on Civil Liberties - 2








Ethnic Cleansing Begins







US Citizen Jailed Without Evidence





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