by James Casbolt

former MI6 agent

18 February 2007

from JamesCasbolt Website




The British and US government are stirring an atmosphere of animosity and hatred between white and Asian people in the UK, US and around the world.


Whites verses Asians invents the excuse for the invasion of the Middle East. They are also looking for a minority to blame for the terrorism in the UK and US that the governments themselves are responsible for.

This is known as ‘false flag’ terrorism.


'Al Qaeda' is an MI-6, CIA organization utilizing Middle Eastern assets. These are big claims but this is backed up with evidence from my MI-6 contacts.


My friend below was briefed in detail regarding what really happened on 7/7 and how the British Government were responsible.

James Casbolt - “ So you are saying the bombs were planted into the bus several days before the 7/7 London bombings”

X10 - “ Yes, the British government switched the safety checking team. When they went into the bus depot a few days before hand a trade union spokesman who was asked about this said he couldn’t understand who the security was. He didn’t recognize anybody. These were people who come into check the buses. They normally check the buses for things like suspension, braking systems and the security cameras. Instead of staying what is usually an hour or so these people were there for the entire day. When workers approached them and started making small talk they were basically ignored . So they had the feeling that these people were not regular security.

James Casbolt - “So they were probably MI 5?”

X10 - “They were MI 5. They were there primarily to make sure the video camera went off at a certain time. Which is of course what happened. Isn’t it is amazing that on that day, this was similar to what happened with the cameras prior to the death of Princess Diana. All the security cameras that counted on 7/7, not the ones that didn’t count, the ones that really counted weren't working. The security camera on that bus wasn't working on that particular day.

James Casbolt - “So where did they plant the bombs on the bus?”

X10 - “Inside the seats and under the floor. I know that the eye witness accounts of what happened were all at variance with one another. The BBC relied exclusively on a testimony given by a Scottish guy. The Scottish guy contradicted himself so many times and yet no one in the media asked him about these contradictory statements. He said in one report that he got off the front of the bus and in another report he said he left through the rear door. One report said he was the first out and another report he said was the last off the bus. So there appears to be a lot of confusion in terms of the report”

James Casbolt - “So the four Asian lads were they MI 5 assets?”

X10 - “They were stooges”

James Casbolt - “Do you think they consciously knew they were working for MI5?”

X10 - “No they weren’t working consciously for MI 5. They would just be a shadow team lured into London to be part of a covert program of simulated attacks. They were paid to be in a certain place at a certain time to take part in a simulated attack. A company was running a simulated terror attack at the time. Those boys were part of that. They were told “Your backpacks represent explosive devices but of course they aren't explosives”

James Casbolt - “So they were told ‘this is just a dummy run”

X10 - “It was a dummy run. They were part of the dummy run. They stopped their car just outside of Luton and they were briefed by somebody. When they left Luton of course, they didn’t leave Luton at the time described because there was a cock up with train times. So whether they managed to get to London or not is an unknown because the video camera evidence has been shown to be faulty. There is a problem with the timing on some of the video footage.

James Casbolt - “So they bought return tickets?”

X10 - “Yea, they bought return tickets. Of course you wouldn't but return tickets if you knew you were on a one way journey to hell. Some of the other reports that were briefly mentioned in the quality, alternative media and not the tabloid media. Then they were completely ignored by the controlled tabloid media, was one eye witness who was talking about the fact that as she was coming off the train were the bomb exploded.


The police officer said “Mind the hole!” and he pointed to a huge blast which showed the metal structure of the under carriage facing upwards as if the bomb had blown upwards. This was the security services taking the extra insurance that in case any of the bombs that their agents had left on the train and those were ex MI 5, ex SAS people, that they would have had a back up, a contingency to make sure those explosions did take place. A number of reports reported more bombs than there were alleged terrorists.

James Casbolt - “Why is it ex MI 5 doing it? Why is it not active MI5 agents?

X10 - “In a way there is no such thing as ex MI 5. Once your MI 5 you’re always MI 5 (I would have to disagree with that statement as I managed to get away from my involvement with MI 6 - James Casbolt). A lot of MI 5 people get jobs with other organization that are similar in structure when they leave the security services.


These organizations are usually part of the private sector. There have been a number of these organizations over the years. A very, very famous intelligence unit that used to work under Peter Mandelson involved in the oil business, and they announced a disclosure about three years ago. Norton Taylor who works for the intelligence part of the Guardian. He pointed out then that such organizations often announce their demise and its nothing of the sort. Its just disinformation or they just change into another company with exactly the same brief.


There are a lot of these little private organizations that soak up people who have left these intelligence services and they have them working on a private basis but more often than not they are contracted and they get work contracted out to them from the government”

James Casbolt - “So the four Asian lads, they were probably having their strings pulled by MI 5 officers”

X10 - Oh yea, absolutely without a doubt. They were runners, a dummy team. I’ve spoken to a few people about the way in which dummy teams are run. They interest lads like that, what MI5 do is they say something like “We want you to be part of a film, part of a dummy run working with the government and also working with BBC producers on developing scenarios in which terrorist attacks in the UK could take place.


You get to London and then you do this, meet us at a certain place and we give you a thousand quid”. That’s easy money and its easy money for what? Travelling to London, sitting on a train with a backpack for about half an hour or so and you collect your loot”

James Casbolt - “Do you think Mohammad Sidique Khan would have been a conscious MI 5 agent?”

X10 - “He may have been paid by MI 5 to go through that on the TV. The same way as, there is another guy who is a known MI 5 agent. He used to be the sidekick of Abdul H the Muslim preacher. He was no 2. He was a ‘Mr fixer’ and had links to all sorts of exotic quasi terrorist organizations, which are of course almost all run by British intelligence. I wish I could remember his name”

James Casbolt - “You said one of the ex SAS men who was responsible for the bombings was called McGregor and he was disguised as a homeless person.”

X10 - “That's what they do to blend in, well not blend in but to make them look conspicuous. If you’ve got a homeless person clutching an old Tesco’s bag or something you don’t tend to look at him and say the guy looks like security threat”

James Casbolt - “Can you explain what he did”

X10 - “He was on the train and left a package with explosives in. The man who told me this, I developed a close relationship in the past and trusted him”

James Casbolt - “And this man was an MI 6 officer?”

X10 - “Ex MI 6. He longer worked for them. Even in the days when I knew him he had already left the service. As far as the bus operations were concerned that was not his main topic. He was talking mostly about the people in the tube bombings. When all of the eye witness statements came up later on talking about the possibility that the bombs may have been placed under the buses, what the government did was put in a fail safe to make sure that even if some thing went wrong on the day with those people who were involved in the bombings themselves, they would at least have a secondary system to ensure the bombs exploded at exactly the time they wanted”

James Casbolt - “So would they have been set on timers?”

X10 - “They were set on timers”

James Casbolt - “So they wouldn’t have needed to remotely detonated?”

X10 - “No. This whole remote system is quite strange because on the day itself Ian Blair took down all of the mobile phone communications. Everything was switched off. You couldn’t make a mobile phone call. He knew in any event that there were no remote detonators and he was just covering his arse in case any curious journalists asked him a pertinent question later on. There were no remote detonations on the day at all. They were all personally delivered to the destinations”

James Casbolt - “What happened on the tube then?”

X10 - “The agents were there at the exactly the right time they were supposed to be. If it was the actual case that those guys actually did get the train from Luton. I don’t believe they got the train from Luton because apparently that train never turned up. But if they had got to London before hand which s probably the case, they would have had plenty of time to receive the briefing in London. They would have got on train. They would have then been followed by these ex MI 5, SAS officers so that they were actually in the same cart as the so-called juvenile bombers. It would have taken place as scheduled”

James Casbolt - “So the guys on the train who were ex MI 5, ex SAS, they left the explosives on the train and then got off. What were their names again?”

X10 - “The ex MI 5 man was codenamed ’J-boy’ and McGregor was the ex SAS guy”

James Casbolt - “And then you say they escaped in a Vauxhall cabriolet?”

X10 - “Yes and they were driven away from the scene”

James Casbolt - “So your MI 6 contact confirmed it was a Vauxhall cabriolet?”

X10 - “Yes”

James Casbolt - “So J-boy and McGregor left explosives in bags under the seats but there were secondary explosives under the train carriage in case they didn’t go off”

X10 - “Yes”

James Casbolt - “Do you know were the safe house was were McGregor and J-boy went afterwards”

X10 - “The safe house was in South London. This is a very unfortunate event that is going to churning around in people’s minds for a long time to come. We need a proper public enquiry”

To the government factions who were involved in this act of mass killing I say this.


How dare you blow up and murder my British people! All those who are accountable will be held fully accountable when the time comes! That time is coming soon. In my vision I see Asian and white brothers and sisters coming together in love and harmony in this country.


We will confront the government peacefully for their terrorist crimes.


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