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September 25, 2007

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Part 1
Today I'd like to talk about money.


I'm afraid I have come upon dire times and am in need of funds if I am to continue this video series. If any of you princely subscribers out there feel enough generosity your heart, I would be forever grateful if you could spare me a dollar or fifty. I accept cash, checks, money orders and paypal.


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You won't find anyone asking for a handout here.


I ain't George Bush, Senior and Bill Clinton giving their puppy dog routine, and I ain't any of these dubious "feed the children" predators who play the guilt card on the gullible and overly selfless. These charities are nothing more than another scam the government and other entities use to further deplete the bank accounts of the already financially-stressed.


Due the math - when 90% of the American population controls just 15% of the wealth, what economical sense does it make that the common citizen should foot the bill for the charities? Next time a charity turns on the violin music with you, I suggest you tell them to go bum the remaining 10%, whose pocket change could feed more mouths than the combined donations of a million average Joes.


Tell them you are already donating to the needy - yourself.


Now, if only that were tax deductible...

Speaking of money and taxes, I thought I should cover the darker and more arcane aspects of that all-powerful philosophical illusion we call currency. Not so much its economical function in the world, but the meaning behind it and its symbols.

Perhaps some of you are familiar with the phrase, "Coin of the realm." It's a seemingly mundane enough expression until you take note that the word "realm" is derived from the word "reality". In turn, "reality" is derived from the word "real", meaning royalty.


In its original sense, this literally meant that the ruler is the source of reality for his kingdom, and that he has the power to dictate and alter that reality.


Considering money has bore the image of monarchs and political leaders since the advent of coins as monetary tokens, the image can be interpreted as a reminder that the ruler validates the reality and controls the value of that fiat currency. This plays into ancient alchemical concepts of magic - making something from nothing; i.e., creating a system of trade out of something that is otherwise a worthless object or data.


That brings us to the fact that most of America's founding fathers were Masons or close associates of Masons, a secret society with a rich alchemical tradition. Though their motives are debatable, it is likely they translated these ideas and philosophies into the system of money we use to this day.


Although it is denied/unacknowledged by most, it is an indisputable fact that federal American architecture and icons are rife with Masonic - and thus alchemic - symbols. This is never more true than in monetary script. First of all the, the dollar sign itself is very similar to the alchemical symbol for Mercury [see video example], as well as the Staff of Mercury/Hermes, the Caduceus.


The Caduceus - originally representative of the Serpent coiled around the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden - is a common symbol in the medical world, its symbolic roots in alchemical transformation and healing.


A symbol of the American goddess Columbia holding a Caduceus also appears, interestingly enough, on the side of the Federal Reserve building.

Goddess Columbia presiding over Federal Reserve


Perhaps the 20th Century's most famous Mason, American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is not only responsible for the Masonic-laden design of the modern dollar bill, but annexed the gold standard as well, essentially turning the US economy into a tenuous, almost "magical", idea.

Part 2
Now, if you have $1 bill handy (not sure if that is possible with current gas prices) you may want to refer to it while I point out some of its many Masonic/Alchemic symbols.


On the reverse side of the dollar bill, you will find the Great Seal of the United states, an eagle clutching an olive branch in its right claws, a bunch of arrows in its left. If you count them, there are 13 of each, as well as 13 stars in the symbol above the eagle's head. Though many claim the recurrence of 13 represents the original 13 American colonies, it is interesting to note that 13 is a number highly significant to both Masons and alchemists.


Denominations of 13 appear several other times on the dollar bill (13 times on the back of the dollar bill, in fact), including in the image of the reverse side of the Great Seal - there are 13 layers of the pyramid beneath the eye capstone.


Even more compelling, if you take the triangle shape of the pyramid, turn it upside down and superimpose it on the pyramid (you can do this with a pen or pencil), it forms a six-sided star, the recognizable Star of David symbol (Jewish cabbalism is tied closely with alchemy).


Now, look at the letters adjacent to each point (excluding the pyramid cap part) of the star. They spell the word "mason". Coincidence? I don't think so. Now, on the front of the bill, in the upper right corner - this will take a magnifying glass - you may notice what appears to be an owl perched on the concave part of the upper left corner of the crest.


Owls traditionally represent vigilance and hidden knowledge. Last but not least, the phrase "In God We Trust" is in fact a Masonic motto.

Even with all the cryptic symbols and occultic secrets, this still seems innocuous enough, right? Perhaps. But it must be noted that some historical accounts link the Masonic forerunners, the Knights Templar, to worshiping a severed head representative of Baphomet (possibly a horned demon or Satan himself).


This may merely be anti-Templar propaganda of the time, but it is interesting that the number 13 is also associated with Baphomet. Another symbol for Baphomet, the skull and bones, is a mutual symbol for Yale's infamous "Order of Death" secret society.


However, this could be a coincidence, as the skull and bones is a common, archetypal symbol.


One thing that is highly curious, is the striking similarity between the pose of a popular illustration of Baphomet and a statue of George Washington [see video example].

One other satanic/alchemical connection to all of this, is a subplot found in [Johann] Wolfgang von Goethe's classic "Faust". In the story, the Devil gains the favor of the king by revealing to him the alchemical secret of the "Philosopher's Stone".


The secret?


How to control the masses by making them believe in the illusion of printed paper money. Paid in full...


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