extracted from 'Signature Of The Invisible Brotherhood'




Masons were surely involved in the central development of the United States. Most Masons today can take pride in the fact that their special brotherhood had much to do with the establishment of the United States of America, when it came to developing an organized military force around the thirteen separate colonies. It is well know that Washington made many visits to the various state lodges preceding the Revolutionary War, looking for support from his fellow lodge members. George Washington called on his Mason comrades in establishing the first adhesive resistance to the British government. If it had not been for Freemasonry in the early 1700s, then perhaps the Revolution would not have taken place.

Not because Masons lead the movement, but because the Mason lodge structure of that time allowed for the implementation of free thought for the development of an organized military.

  • But, did Washington use the Masons of the eighteenth century to help establish this country for the good of the public, or for the good of someone else?

  • Are the Square and Compass and other symbols exclusive to Freemasonry?

  • Were these symbols established only to praise the efforts of Freemasonry in the establishment of the United States, or to praise something else?

Freemasonry in 1791, as it is today, appears to be more of a social organization than a political order. It is reasonable to think that many of its members were not aware of the organization’s political influences in the 1700s. If this was not so, then surely our current history books would have placed Freemasonry as a political force in America in the late eighteenth century. Publicity was not their way to a means, but rather secrecy and organization around certain beliefs.

The key thing to remember about Freemasonry is that it was an International Organization in the 1700s, not just an American Organization. In the eighteenth century, the main governing bodies of Freemasonry were in Scotland, France, and England. The man taking credit for planning Washington, D.C. was a Frenchman. It is ironic to think that the rebellious colonies that separated themselves from England, were developed around the beliefs of Freemason supporters with mother lodges from England and Scotland. So if Washington, D.C. was laid out to perform some sort of Freemasonry function or to commemorate this organization, then it commemorates an International Organization.

Perhaps the forces that underline Freemasonry may lead us to other important factors in the establishment of the Washington Street Lines. There are other organizations associated with Freemasonry that were started outside the United States. Both Washington and Jefferson have been linked to many of these organizations.




At 1733 16th Street N.W., at S. Street sits the Temple of the Scottish Rite Supreme Council. The temple museum houses the largest collection of relics of Freemasonry in the world. The upper grades of initiation of the Scottish Rite Order of Freemasonry are considered to be the lower degrees of the Prieure de Sion initiation.



Like all coats of arms, the Arms of Freemasons illustrates in symbols the principles behind their Order. The double eagle is the symbol of the Scottish Rite. The official portrait of George Washington displayed at the White House shows the double eagle on the leg of the table next to Washington. The same double eagle can be found on the flag in a second portrait of Washington. This tends to confirm George Washington’s affiliation with Freemasonry, especially the Scottish Rite.



Notice the drawing of the Ark of the Covenant at the top of the crest. Is there some hidden purpose of Freemasonry related to the Ark of the Covenant?



Both of the following portraits of George Washington show the double headed eagle of Freemasonry. The first portrait is on display in the White House. Washington’s arm is at the angle of the rising moon.


His sword is at the angle of the winter solstice. The palm of his hand shows the map. The table leg has the double-headed eagle, with the leg designed after a Caduceus.

Who else uses these symbols besides the Masons? Already, we have mentioned that many of the street symbols can be associated with the rituals used in the magic of the Golden Dawn. It just so happens that the Freemasons and the Golden Dawn are branches of the same secret societies.


Some of these societies had both Washington and Jefferson among their membership. Nearly all of these societies have the same thing in common — the same types of mysterious symbols in the Washington Line Complex.






The Royal Masonic Cyclopedia includes twelve theories to the origins of the Mason order.

“(1)  From the pateiachs

(2)   From the mysteries of the pagans

(3)   From the construction of Solomon's Temple

(4)   From the Crusades

(5)   From the Knights Templars

(6)   From the Roman Collegia of Artifiers

(7)   From the operative masons of the Middle Ages

(8)   From the Rosicrucians of the sixteenth century

(9)   From Oliver Cromwell

(10) From Price Charles Stuart for political purposes

(11) From Sir. Christopher Wren, at the building of St. Paul’s

(12) From Dr. Desaguliers and his friends in 1717.”

In the book Secret Societies, the roots of Freemasonry is traced to two possible sources. These being:

1. Professional building guilds and craftsman.
2. Secret groups studying the philosophy of life.

The first provides the form of the organization and the second provides the theory. Even today, Freemasons are the working class holding to key principles that produce a fruitful life. In tracing the roots of Freemasonry, we can find its past in many of the following organizations. Though Freemasonry is not a continuation of the these other select Orders, it appears Freemasonry has adopted many of the same rituals and symbols associated with them.


Masonry appears to be more of a copycat than an originator. Thus, if the Washington Line Complex was produced to symbolize Freemasonry, then it also represents the values of many other secret societies.




We mentioned this society before as one thing that Washington and L’Enfant had in common. Remember, it was L’Enfant’s ability to develop symbolic meaning for the Society of Cincinnati’s insignia that captured George Washington’s attention. It is possible that Washington was working especially for the good of this society in the layout of Washington, D.C. What is known about the Society of Cincinnati?

The Society of Cincinnati was an association of American and French officers from the army after it disbanded in 1780. Membership in the organization was passed onto the eldest male descendants. Thus, membership was by heredity. The society was not well-taken by many states who saw a new American Royal ready to be formed. Many states prevented civil offices from being held by anyone who was a member of this organization. Remember, the designers of Washington, D.C. were members of this organization. George Washington, president for life of this society, began receiving complains about the way membership was established. So he withdrew all claims of its members to any hereditary distinctions.

It appears that Washington silenced the public by this act, but the fact that both Washington and L’Enfant were members of this organization questions the private social function of the Order, since Washington chose a fellow comrade for public works.

Washington did not disband the society by removing the rights of membership to the original member’s heirs. This private society is still in existence today, with many of its honored members being the blood relatives of the American and French patriots who fought in the American Revolutionary War. Many of its members in a true sense appear to be the America Royal, the self-appointed few who have passed on their personage to their heirs in the United States.



At 2118 Massachusetts Avenue N.W. is one of Washington’s last great mansions, the Lars Anderson house. It is the location of the museum for the Society of the Cincinnati. The museum contains a collection of artifacts and a reference library on the Revolutionary War.




On May 1, 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a professor of law at Ingolstadt University at Dresden, Germany, founded the Barvarian Illuminati. The main objective of this organization was to remove all heads of state. Some scholars believed that Weishaupt’s group was a part of a larger organization.

The Illuminist supposedly do not exist today, but it has been linked to the John Birch Society. When it did exist, it consisted of three classes: Novice, Freemason or Scottish, and Mystery. The Freemason class links the Illuminati to Masonry. It was even believed that the Illuminati had spread across America through its association with Masonry at the end of the eighteenth century. Its central function of removing all heads of state, links it to the Prieure de Sion and Knights of Templars groups found in France.


Both organizations had as part of their creeds, the overthrow of heads of state. The word “illuminati” refers to one who is enlighten by receiving knowledge from a higher source. The term is used by the Gnostics, Rosicrucians, and Mystery Schools of the Middle East.




This Order was started much later than Freemasonry. None of the founding fathers appear to have been directly associated with this magical group, though they were associated with the Rosicrucians of which the Golden Dawn is a branch. The Golden Dawn is still in existence today, as a Hermetic Order that has adopted many principles from all types of magic to develop a universal system of magic.


The book The Golden Dawn, by Israel Regardie is an excellent source of information on rituals associated with traditional magic, which can be applied to the streets symbols of Washington, D.C.



The Rosicrucians are a mystic learned society believing in the principles of Christianity. They appear to have adopted principles from the Kabbalist movement in the development of their philosophies. The mysteries and secrets of the Knights Templars were believed to be handed to the Rosicrucians. The Order may well be an off shoot of the Templars. The Rosicrucians adopted not only Kabbalist and Templar theology, but ancient Egyptian principles to develop their own philosophy established around traditional Christianity.


The word “Rose-Croix” or “Rose-Cross” is associated with the rose beetle, better known as the Egyptian scarab. The Egyptian scarab is symbolic of rebirth. Rose also means “dew” and cross can be translated to mean “light.” This translation would mean “dew light” or “morning light.”

Members of the organization try not to be known as members. Everything is kept a secret in relation to their aims, doctrines, and system. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have been linked as members of this organization.




This organization is known as the brotherhood who protected the pilgrims on the roads to Jerusalem from looters during the Crusades. They adopted the stables of the Temple of Solomon as their base of operation and the Order was sanctioned by the Council of Troyes and by the Pope. According to legend, the Templars found the Treasure of Solomon while in Jerusalem or in Rome, and this treasure allowed the Order to become rich and powerful.


In the end, the Templars were accused of denying Jesus as the Christ and of using black magic, by the Catholic Church and the French King. It was disbanded with many of its members put to death. They are linked to Johnannism, which believes that John the Baptist was the true Christ.


The Templars worshiped a mysterious head called Baphomet. The word Baphomet is derived from the Greek words signifying baptism of wisdom or knowledge. The fact that Baphomet is symbolized by the head of a goat or ram indicates the possibility that this knowledge might have something to do with the constellation Aries.

The Templars were an international organization and possibly the only international organization that offered opposition to the Catholic Church. Their members were known as capitalist. International banking, as it exist today, can be traced back to the Knights Templars. These two things made the Templars an enemy of both the Catholic Church and the Monarchy, which worried that the Templars could threaten their positions.

At 3101 R Street N.W. in Washington, D.C. is Dunbarton Oaks. This is the mansion used for a World War II conference that led to the establishment of the current World Bank.




As discussed earlier, this group might have been the mother group for the Knights Templars, the Rosicrucians, and the Freemasons. The chief function of the Prieure de Sion, according to the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, is to protect a religious secret of some sort (a possible material or spiritual treasure.) This organization is believed to have started in Troye, France.


Troye was a center of Cathar and Kabbalist learning in the twelfth century. So the Prieure de Sion is a possible off-shoot of these two older groups.

There is a link of the Barvarian Illuminati to the Prieure de Sion. A secret document that surfaced in the 1920s called “The ‘Protocols’ of the Elders of Zion” indicated the existence of a secret society bent on a world revolution from within governments. A good example of the ”Protocols” in practice is the overnight change of hands of the Communist Block in 1989.

The “Protocols” have been linked to Freemasonry, Jewish Zionisist, Communism, and International Banking. The book Holy Blood, Holy Grail convincingly links the “Protocols” to the Prieure de Sion.




The Primitive Church was an early form of Christianity that followed the doctrine of St. John, the supposed writer of the fourth New Testament Gospel. The Johannites are considered to be an adjacent movement at the time of the Primitive Church. Both worshiped based on the theologies closely associated with metaphysics and the Christian Gnostics.

The Christian Gnostics believed in a dualist theology based on light and dark. Possibly it is the same light and dark mentioned in the Gospel of John. The Cathars of Southern France appear to have adopted their beliefs from these early Christian Gnostic sects. For the Cathars and the Gnostics, the material world was ruled by the devil and the spirit world ruled by God.


The Cathars concluded that since Jesus was of the material world, he must be a devil. God was much too aspiring to reduce himself to be a part of the material existence. This was indirect contradiction with the Catholic Church, which claims to be God’s representative on Earth. The Nag Hammadi Scrolls display much of what is known about the early Christian Gnostics beliefs.

The Cathars were known to possess a great treasure, linked to the treasure stolen from Jerusalem and taken to Rome by Titus in AD 70. Some believe this treasure was passed from the Cathars of Southern France to the Templars.




The Jewish faith can be divided into two distinct groups - the Orthodox and the Mystic. The Mystic is a secret Order based on an allegorical interpretation of the Tora through numbers and metaphysics. The Orthodox view is a public historical written interpretation. The Mystic view is kept secret, with its doctrine handed down word of mouth to initiates in the religion. There are several Mystic Jewish Orders, with the Kabbalist being one of these.


The Kabbalist followed the oral teachings from the Sepher Yetzirah, or Book of Creation, and the Sepher-Ha-Zohar, or Book of Light (Book of Radiance.) These two oral books were written down as the Zohar in the thirteenth century by a Spanish Jew, Moses de Leon. It is believed the teachings in the popular Zohar were spread to the Cathars of Southern France and later adopted by the other secret societies discussed earlier.



Another mystic Jewish Order, just recently being understood because of information found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, is the Esseans or Essaei. This was a sect of Jews that existed at the time of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the four Gospels. Little appears to be known about them until after the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is believed by many religious scholars that the historical Jesus and John the Baptist were possible Essean masters or high priests.

According to the Jewish historian Josephus, the Esseans greeted the morning sun with reverence and carried out rituals for its rising. It appears the Esseans would feel right at home if they were living in Washington, D.C.

The Esseans can be traced to a Jewish community at the monastery at Qumran. The location of this community was at or near modern day Alexandria, Egypt. (South of Washington, D.C. is the city of Alexandria, Virginia.) This Order appears linked to even older Egyptian religions involved in the sun worship of the Isis-Osiris Cult.

The principal of sun worship may really hold some scientific merit. Scientist have recently discovered that humans have an internal clock that works in sync with the sun. Cancer patients taking drugs at certain times of the day, when their internal clock is in sync with the daylight hours, have a significant increase in recovery. A whole new science dealing with the effects of the light of the sun on the human internal clock has just started for modern day medicine.

Thus our time line that associates one secret society to the next, appears as follows:

1. A secret group of colonist from the thirteen states used Freemasons to organize a military to overthrow the King of England.
2. Freemasonry is an International Order associated with other secret societies - the Rosicrucians, the Templars, and the Kabbalist.
3. The Rosicrucians, Templars, and Kabbalist can be associated with ancient forms of early Christianity and the Pieure de Sion.
4. These early forms of Christianity are associated with Jewish Mysticism and Egyptian religions.
5. These early forms of Jewish Mysticism and Egyptian religions are associated with ancient sun worshipping.
6. Sun worshipping is associated with many ancient temples, line drawings, and megalithic sites.
7. What goes around comes around — many ancient archaeological sites around the world and the streets of Washington, D.C. are aligned to the movement of the sun, the moon, and the stars.