by Peter R. Farley

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"The greatest predators are those who disguise themselves as the prey."


In the appendix to volume 6, one can find a reasonably comprehensive list of some of the famous Freemasons, or at least those who were publicly known to be Freemasons.


Among the list are some of the finest actors and movie makers from Hollywood, pretty much most of the Supreme Court Justices, many of the signers of the Constitution, famous inventors, explorers, businessmen and just about as many politicians as one can think of.


The creator of the site questions how can so many people belong to something that people like us say is so evil? Peter addressed this issue in an article entitled By Way of Explanation #1 - The Illuminati Elite and the “Good” Organizations.


Here is an excerpt:

"One of the most common criticisms I face in doing my work is the fact that all of us seem to know someone who is a wonderful person, but also happens to work for or belong to an organization that is held up as a part of the New World Order and therefore an archenemy of Freedom.


All of us, for instance, know very good and well-meaning people in FEMA, our local, state, or Federal government, the military, the Freemasons, the Mormons, and the police force. So why is it that good people work for organizations that supposedly support, or are in fact the very backbone of the New World Order? "


David Icke expresses it best when he speaks of the Illuminati who are the capstone of the pyramid - those who are supposed to light the way for the rest of us, but instead trample us under foot. The rest of the pyramid below the capstone is comprised of the various organizations that go to make up society in the rest of the world.


It is only the very highest of any organization who know the real agendas and policies which then filter down to the ’worker’ bees in the hive to carry out the orders.


No one ’worker bee’ knows all the little pieces of the bigger picture.

Neither do many of the middle level management bees.


And probably even fewer of the higher-up bees, for their vision gets distorted the higher they go and the longer they have been with any organization. The thinking processes dull and become unusable. It is only the very highest who know what is really going on.


"To many people this seems like the height of conspiracy paranoia because it intimates that ALL of life is a conspiracy. In writing the five volume history of the N.W.O. as I have done, it was, however, much easier to see how this situation has come about over the past 10,000 years or more. It is also easier to see how relentlessly these organizations have pursued their ultimate goals that we already see manifesting all around us.


"The Gothic Cathedrals of Europe are a good example of the tenacity with which this agenda has been carried out. Many of these structures took more than one life time to complete, sometimes even multiple lifetimes. Why then should a man or even a group of men spend all their lives working upon something which would seem to offer them no personal benefit in that particular lifetime?


Herein lies the power of the brotherhoods to control their followers to a greater end...Herein lies the catch. The immediate Higher Worlds or higher dimensions above this one are also controlled in many areas by these very same groups much as is done here [one cannot discuss aliens or interplanetary interaction without also speaking of interdimensionality].


There is no one heaven, but rather the various levels of heaven spoken of by so many prophets and seers throughout history - the various dimensions of existence in the God-worlds of the Creator.


Since the actual process of re-incarnation can be manipulated or controlled by these same groups using the Secrets of the Ancient Mysteries, and since Time itself can be altered using the information laying buried in the symbolism and meaning behind the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the old saying that "once a Freemason always a Freemason" takes on new meaning.


It suggests that people can be controlled from one lifetime to another by the powers held over them by such Brotherhoods and secret organizations and by their connection to that dark source of energy which they serve.


"As for the rest of us, only seeing the illusion of the artificially constructed MATRIX and its linear timeline in which we exist and into which our consciousnesses are locked, we cannot comprehend that something so sinister can not only have been going on for so many thousands of years, but also that it involves everyone and everything around us in its drive toward completion.


The best person to read here is Edgar Cayce.


In his work he talks about the rising of the New Atlantis and that so many of us are back here reliving that very same situation as darkness threatens to engulf the entirety of the planet. He writes that all of those who have returned to this time are being given the chance to, once again, make different choices about what it is we are doing and what it is we are aligned with.


"So many people I do spiritual healing work with were in that time of Atlantis, and often they were ’forced’ or coerced into using their gifts for the negative powers and the Dark Sorcerer Warlords who controlled Atlantis and brought it to its doom.


This time around, they have the choice once again to be strong and not to falter in their commitment to both their own healing and to that of the Planet."

William Bramley, in his book, The Gods Of Eden gives us a little more in depth explanation of the modern-day origins of the Freemasons, those New Knights of the Round Table as they think of themselves, and we shall incorporate it here for those of you who have not read the earlier volumes to this work:

"A number of histories incorrectly state that the Mother Grand Lodge of 1717 was the beginning of Freemasonry itself. As we have seen, Freemasonry’s roots were firmly established long before then, even in England.


For example, one Masonic legend relates that Prince Edwin of England had invited guilds of Freemasons into his country as early as 926 A.D. to assist the construction of several cathedrals and stone buildings. Masonic manuscripts dating from 1390 and 1410 have been reported.


Handwritten minutes from a Masonic meeting from the year 1599 are reproduced in Albert Mackey’s History of Freemasonry. Freemasonry was so well-established in England by the 16th century that a well-documented schism in 1567 is on record.


The schism divided English Freemasons into two major factions: the "York" and "London" Masons.

"The new Grand Lodge system established at the Goose and Gridiron Alehouse in 1717 consisted at first of only one level (degree) of initiation. Within five years of the Lodge’s founding, two additional degrees were added so that the system consisted of three steps: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. These steps are commonly called the "Blue Degrees" because the color blue is symbolically important in them.


The three blue degrees have remained the first three steps of nearly all Masonic systems ever since."

The key words in the following explanation of what one New Age ’healer’ does for those who come to her are "invoked" and "occult forces."


People dearly love a ritual and fancy words full of meaningless statements that sound good but are actually there to cover up what is truly taking place - an inner and outer connection to the dark-side manifest in this corner of the Universe.


It is a good example of the same kinds of rituals found in the lesser degrees of Freemasonry for exactly the same purposes –to confuse and confound the initiate and make them feel they have progressed out of the ordinary and into something strange and new and wonderful, when in fact they have just bartered away their soul for a hoped for power that will come to them.


It sounds very much like the conjurations expressed for exactly the same purpose in the 6th and 7th book of Moses quoted earlier.


And of course there is always the promise of health, wealth and happiness for doing these sacred rituals:

"...activating for ourselves the energy power of the mythological wealth and legendary treasures of the planet and the vast wealth of the Knights Templar... We will create for ourselves the Ring of the Niebelung, the golden ring symbolizing the power of Spirit with the wealth of the planet.


With both Spirit and material resources accessible to us, we can continue our spiritual work and go forth into the world as spiritual knights under the banner of Health, Wealth and Love!"

Everyone dearly loves a free ride.


This excerpt also addresses the uses of these portals we have written about, both for travel and for gaining wealth and ’happiness’ much as the visitors to Sauniere’s secret dolmen might once have done, not fully understanding what they were getting themselves into - 

"My home will be called House of prayers; Terribilis est locus iste" - This place is terrible.

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I have a saying that addresses this issue  - "if it ain’t cheap and it ain’t simple, then it ain’t spiritual."


So many people we see are playing in what we like to call ’the gargoyles’ playground ’ and so they should not be surprised to find they have picked up a gargoyle.


Ritual of The Cathedral Portal

by Claire Watson

Chartres Cathedral and the Knights Templar - Concourse Of The Forces


"Ritual of the Cathedral Portal is the quintessential ritual! This is the fifth ritual, in the element of Aether. The four rituals preceding this one invoked the four elements and constituents of Matter: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. In Ritual of the Stonehenge Portal we performed Fire Ritual to Invoke the Shield Guides.


In Ritual of the Rock Eagle Portals we performed Fire Water Ritual to Call Forth the Wings of Love. In Ritual of the Pyramid Portals we performed Earth Ritual to Empower the Spirit-Soul. In Ritual of the Sarcophagus Portal we performed Air Ritual for Spirit-Soul to Walk the Sky.


Thus, we invoked the four elements and also the energies of the ancient worlds: the Celts of Great Britain, the Mound Builder Indians of North America, the Egyptians, the Aztecs and the Mayas of Central America.


"These are powerful energies we called upon, for these are the energies that built legendary civilizations on this planet, and in so doing preserved and advanced the Ancient Knowledge. We also have asked many great spiritual beings, Energy-Intelligences, Planetary Spirits and Occult Forces of the universe to assist us in our alchemical Great Work of spiritual evolution and planetary ascension.


In these rituals we boldly called for many individuals, many collective consciousnesses and the God-power of the universe to shed Light and Love on us while we work on behalf of universal consciousness. These great and powerful Beings of Light responded to our collective call and are joining with us to bring us and our planet to a whole new level of consciousness.


"...We learn by this allegorical mythology that concourse of the forces is a powerful formula for creation in the universe. In this Aether ritual we are bringing together the four elements and also the powerful Beings of Light (?) and their energies to direct the four elements into the concourse of the forces for the benefit of our planet, our group consciousness and our individual selves. Because we are motiveless, desiring to work for the greater good within the Light of Divine Love, these great powers are responding.


With this Aether ritual we will activate the great celestial Cross of Light in the vault of the Northern Hemisphere. This cross will light for eternity this time on this planet when Spirit and Matter came together for the love and benefit of all.

Plato said the power which comes next to the highest God is marked with a Cross of Light upon the universe, and we will draw upon the power of our Cross of Light for guidance and energy as we continue our Work on the physical plane.

"...Throughout the ages, the alchemical union of the sun and moon is the most enduring symbol in alchemy. When Forces of Light (the Sun) and Forces of Dark Light (the Moon) come together on March 9, the energies of union will be facilitated by Chartres Cathedral near Paris.


Within the cathedral, concourse of the forces is always active in the Earth of the crypt where the portal is cited; in the Water of the Well of the Strong beside the portal; in the Fire of the cathedral, burned down five times; and in the Air of the flying buttresses of the Gothic arches, built on the principles of sacred geometry.


"By the Aether ritual, its natural power amplified by the solar eclipse, we will fulfill several Love goals, including: bringing into geometrical alignment the energy on this planet by bringing through the portal of Chartres the angels of geometry and the geometry monks; linking with the healing spiritual vibrations of the Divine Mother, Our Lady of Chartres; and activating for ourselves the energy power of the mythological wealth and legendary treasures of the planet and the vast wealth of the Knights Templar, who built Chartres and many healing hospices all over France. We will create for ourselves the Ring of the Niebelung, the golden ring symbolizing the power of Spirit with the wealth of the planet.


With both Spirit and material resources accessible to us, we can continue our spiritual work and go forth into the world as spiritual knights under the banner of Health, Wealth and Love!" It doesn’t matter what you call on or invoke, your intent is inside your heart and these are the energies which attract the results to what you are doing.


Watson is obviously cognizant of what she is doing, and as most darkside beings or fools do, tells people they are leading them into the Light when all they are really doing is leading them into the darkness.

In her Celestial Orders Of The Prophets Of The Golden Masons, Watson again promises to give the initiates, for in truth that’s what they are, a newfound wealth in return for the spiritual work the initiates hope to do.


She even invokes the power of the Masons as her purpose for doing it:

"In the Aether ritual you will see references to a gold ring and a silver cape. This is part of an initiation I recently experienced in which I was empowered by Spirit to marry the wealth of the planet to the spiritual aspirations of all involved in this ritual. This light-body initiation and Divine Marriage was performed on the stone steps of Chartres Cathedral and officiated by the Celestial Orders of the Prophets of the Golden Masons.


This is the name of the Order of the angels of sacred geometry and the geometry monks who are coming through the portal at Chartres. This is an angelic order devoted to the Divine Mother and whose initiates are the Knights Templar (warrior monks), the Benedictine monks (Alchemy monks) and the Palamun monks (Gnostic monks).


"In the initiation, a man wearing a white ritual gown and a red cloth belt came forward accompanied by a Shield Guide. The man carried before him a small white pillow upon which rested a beautiful wedding ring of gold light. When the ring bearer presented me with the gold ring, it floated up from the pillow and turned slowly in a circle, growing bigger and bigger, then small again. A thin, wide sheet of glittering silver etched with symbols materialized and wrapped itself around my shoulders, form-fitting itself to me to become a silver cape.


I felt intense excitement and breathlessness (even as I write this), and gasping a little (solar plexus chakra activity) I was awakened by my guides to take a deep breath. In that ceremony I was initiated as a spiritual knight into the Celestial Orders of the Prophets of the Golden Masons. We are divinely wed to the Divine Mother. "

One can see how this very kind of ritual would appeal to all who ever had childhood images of Knights and damsels in distress, or of being the fair maiden courted by the chivalrous knight, or the superhero righting the wrongs of the world.


So, once again, the symbology and the archetypes lying hidden within all our psyches are used to trap us into ’bartering’ away our freedom, giving our precious energies to who knows what for whatever they want to do with it.


If you do not know what you are doing in any ritual - if you need someone else to lead you into something that you do not in some way understand - if there is even the smallest shred of fear in you when beginning any such ’spiritual quest’, be very careful or do not do it at all. If you’re afraid, do not call upon the Energy, for it will empower whatever is strongest within you!


Practice, envision, and do whatever it is you are drawn to do with all the Love in your heart! See yourself being the Energy. The more you utilize it the more you become it and it becomes you. The more you utilize it, the more it draws you toward your full potential. BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE, HELP THE EARTH BE ALL SHE CAN BE!

Rituals and secret societies, brotherhoods and Illuminists, fraternal orders and ancient mysteries all harbor something that if they were not connected to darkness, they would be only too happy to share.


It is as John F. Kennedy once said:

"We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."

This is very much true of any organization, and one should always be wary of meetings held ’behind closed doors.’ Those who would keep such secrets are also always the ones behind not allowing others to do the same.


Project Echelon has now switched to industrial and commercial targets – as well as private individuals.


Helped by increasingly sophisticated computers, the government is now storing millions of records on individuals, intercepting faxes, phone calls, emails and even snail mail to make sure that everyone is staying ’loyal and patriotic’.

Worldwide spying network is revealed

MEPs confirm eavesdropping by Echelon network

by Stuart Millar, Richard Norton-Taylor and Ian Black

Saturday May 26, 2001

The Guardian


"For years it has been the subject of bitter controversy, its existence repeatedly claimed but never officially acknowledged. At last, the leaked draft of a report to be published next week by the European parliament removes any lingering doubt: Echelon, a shadowy, US-led worldwide electronic spying network, is a reality.


Echelon is part of an Anglo-Saxon club set up by secret treaty in 1947, whereby the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, divided the world between them to share the product of global eavesdropping. Agencies from the five countries exchange intercepts using supercomputers to identify key words.


"The intercepts are picked up by ground stations, including the US base at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, and GCHQ’s listening post at Morwenstow in Cornwall.

"In the cold war, eavesdropping - signals intelligence, or Sigint as it is known in the trade - was aimed at military and diplomatic communications. Helped by increasingly sophisticated computers, it has now switched to industrial, commercial targets - and private individuals. Echelon computers can store millions of records on individuals, intercepting faxes, phone calls, and emails.

"The MEP’s report - which faced opposition from the British and American governments and their respective security services - was prompted by claims that the US was using Echelon to spy on European companies on behalf of American firms. France, deeply suspicious of Britain’s uniquely close intelligence links with the US, seized on reports that Echelon cost Airbus Industrie an £8bn contract with Saudi Arabia in 1994, after the US intercepted communications between Riyadh and the Toulouse headquarters of Airbus - in which British firms hold a 20% stake. The MEPs admitted they had been unable to find conclusive proof of industrial espionage.

"The claim has been dismissed by all the Echelon governments and in a new book by an intelligence expert, James Bamford. More disturbing, as Mr. Bamford and the MEPs pointed out, was the threat Echelon posed to privacy. "The real issue is whether Echelon is doing away with individual privacy - a basic human right," he said.

"The MEPs looked at statements from former members of the intelligence services, who provided compelling evidence of Echelon’s existence, and the potential scope of its activities. One former member of the Canadian intelligence service, the CSE, claimed that every day millions of emails, faxes and phone conversations were intercepted. The name and phone number of one woman, he said, was added to the CSE’s list of potential terrorists after she used an ambiguous word in an innocent call to a friend.

"Disembodied snippets of conversations are snatched from the ether, perhaps out of context, and may be misinterpreted by an analyst who then secretly transmits them to spy agencies and law enforcement offices around the world," Mr. Bamford said.

The "misleading information", he said, "is then placed in NSA’s near-bottomless computer storage system, a system capable of storing 5 trillion pages of text, a stack of paper 150 miles high".


Unlike information on US citizens, which officially cannot be kept longer than a year, information on foreigners can he held "eternally", he said." One has to realize that the plans of the New World Order have been long term ones, very long term indeed. Thus, any one person’s lifetime has perhaps only added one small intricate piece to the grander puzzle while their other accomplishments seem in fact quite valid in terms of looking at it on a day-to-day basis.


This is what should be kept in mind when reading the list of famous Freemasons in the appendix.


The question should also be asked, Would these people have gained their fame or their stature WITHOUT being a Freemason? Many of us know hard-working business people who do NOT do that well, in particular because they refused to join this secret organization. It is the connections one gains, the ability to finance exploration such as Columbus once did, it is the contracts given to ’brothers’, etc., etc. all of which means that these people get special favors all along the way.


I’m sure if asked, many of these people would say that is exactly the reason they joined –for the connections, for personal gain never delving deep enough to find out what they eventually have to pay in return.


Umberto Ecco alludes to the very longevity of this Great Plan in his novel about the Templars, Focault’s Pendulum:

"...modern days; the problems of psychology, physiology, and the many ’missing links’ which have so perplexed scientists of late, are all in the hands of secret fraternities. This mystery must be unveiled some day... The answers are there. They may be found on the time worn granite pages of cave-temples, on sphinxes, propylons, and obelisks.


They have stood there for untold ages, and neither the rude assault of time, nor the still ruder assault of Christian hands, have succeeded in obliterating their records… And so stand these monuments like mute forgotten sentinels on the threshold of that unseen world, whose gates are thrown open but to a few elect… they will disclose their riddles to none but the legates of those by whom they were entrusted with the MYSTERY.


The cold, stony lips of the once vocal Memnon, and of these hardy sphinxes, keep their secrets well. Who will unseal them? Who of our modern, materialistic dwarfs and unbelieving Sadducees will dare to lift the VEIL of Isis?"

The truth about King Arthur, for instance, has been covered up for centuries, even to those who have the ’ears to hear and the eyes to see’.


The true depth of the knowledge Peter revealed in volume 5 of this work about the real person behind King Arthur has been reserved for only the very few who needed to help propagate the myth of an English King Arthur. Because the history buffs tell us so, does that mean it’s true?


History belongs to those who write it or to those who fund the writing of it. Once upon a time it was only the clergy who could write. These days it is only those with the appropriate connections who can afford to research and write the history.


Even other historians question how some of these conclusions can be made, creating only further confusion in the minds of the less learned, a particularly favorite trick of those who create propaganda for exactly this specific purpose:

"Many different theories are available as to the ’identity’ of Arthur and some brief methodological notes will be found here regarding the making of such identifications.


While these theories are interesting, they fail to address fully one important question - was there a historical post-Roman Arthur? Many books, articles and web-pages simply make the a priori assumption that there has to be a historical figure behind the Arthurian legends. Such an assumption is totally unjustified.


As anyone at all familiar with medieval literature in general will know, the historicization of non-historical/mythical personages - often through association with some important event of the past - is not in any way an unusual occurrence (some examples of this that will probably particularly interest readers of this article are Hengest and Horsa, who were Kentish totemic horse-gods historicized by the 8th-century with an important role in the Anglo-Saxon conquest of eastern Britain (see Turville-Petre, 1953-7; Ward, 1969; Brooks, 1989; Yorke, 1993).


"Merlin (Welsh Myrddin), who was an eponymous founder-figure derived from the place-name Caer-fyrddin and historicized with the deeds of one Lailoken (see Jarman, 1991); and the Norse demigod Sigurd/Siegfried who was historicized by being associated with a famous historical battle between the Huns and the Burgundians dated 437AD, in the Nibelungenlied (Thomas, 1995, p.390).


"Given this, no a priori judgments can be made as to whether a figure is, in origin, historical, mythical or fictional - each individual case must (and can only) be decided by a close examination of all the relevant material.


When we have figures such as Arthur being portrayed as historical we are therefore, on a very basic level, looking at either a historical figure or a legendary figure who became historicized, with neither explanation enjoying priority on a priori grounds - it must be recognized that one can only say that there has to have been a historical Arthur once all the material has been evaluated and this has been shown to be the case; there is no possible justification for simply assuming this.


The following article is intended to provide a summary account and bibliography of the latest academic research into Arthur with a particular focus on the question of historicity. Aside from the various articles and books cited, much of what is below has been discussed in detail on the discussion list of the International Arthurian Society, Arthurnet, in a moderated debate that I had the great pleasure of chairing.


The results of this discussion, including all posted comments, can be found in the Arthurnet archives."

The Handbook of the New Paradigm attempts to express the various ways in which we look at truth and how this then feeds into the ’accepted’ universal myth:

"It is necessary to go back further in the process of the laws of the Universe allowing for manifested awareness to be present. Potentiality has birthed itself to explore the possibilities that are inherent within it. In order to do this; there must be the ability to observe its processes of doing this.


The ability to observe is what is called awareness. Thus to create situations, circumstances and observable phenomena and explore the results, there must also be present within the totality the ability to observe and draw conclusions with regard to this process.


The result is that various foci of this ability to observe, experience and draw logical conclusions has resulted in endless varieties of foci with various abilities to do this. Each and all do this in their own way and the sum total of their experience influences the potentiality of expression within a given greater focus.


In this way, by expanding the consciousness in an attempt to gain a view of the greater picture, it can be concluded that the positive/negative experiences feed their data into the greater awareness of this collective focus."

Growing up in ’Christian’ Australia, I did not know there was anything besides Christianity to believe in for many, many years, even though he knew there was something wrong with the picture it presented.


Others took out their lack of choice by creating new branches of the same old Christianity, just trying to give it a new face.


This is very much what the New Age has also done with all the old teachings –simply bundling them up into new packaging, adding some more flowery words and giving it to people who are just as willing to give away their self-responsibility to this guru or teacher as any other. In the case of the Kaaba (the ’Spirit’ and the Heart’ in ancient Egyptian), what the Islamic religion is indeed worshipping is a relic of the Aryan race and religion which came before them.


The stone in the Kaaba is a piece of rock from the destroyed planet of Maldek brought with them as a reminder of what can happen if they allow their emotions to run amuck.


Unfortunately, over time, the true meaning and purpose of the rock has been lost and now there is only the ritual left behind. And, from the events currently taking place in the Middle East, the lesson represented has been all too quickly forgotten.


As we have seen as one of the themes in this series of books, people worship their ancestral roots on this planet as a way of also worshipping and remembering their celestial roots - though as in the case of the Kaaba, the significance and remembrance have all but been lost except to a few. We were born and bred as slaves just like the ’Newcomer’ race in the James Caan movie, Alien Nation.


Fed with drugs from birth until our disposal (or ending up as food for the Anunnaki), we have become addicts to drugs all over again - adults to prescription drugs, our youth to the illegal drugs of marijuana and cocaine and so on. If we are not addicted to one of these then it is to the entertainment industry which has its own subliminal ’highs’.


How quickly we have become what it took thousands and thousands of years to instigate on other now prison planets such as this one in the home Orion system:

"Each experience according to the nature of the drug, would have connotations of a different nature so that these people would have a greater desire to work for higher productivity and therefore be rewarded so they could experience this form of mental excitement and transcendency that gave them the sense of being free from the restrictions of their restricted form of life."

As RAJ, the Grand Creator Son of the original Trinity tells us:

"Lucifer is directionally returning. His energy has never left this planet nor this universe. His focused body is not here, at this point, nor his grand army" - but they are coming.

As we found out in the last chapter, one facet of Lucifer’s ’body’ or energy has always remained behind to ensure his presence on the planet and the fulfillment of his agenda. It is this energy that the Freemasons and other such hydra-headed elements of the New World Order serve.

Albert Pike, 33° leader of world Freemasonry at the end of the 19th century had this to say about the Freemasonic religion - for religion it is indeed:

"That which we must say to a crowd is - We worship a God, but it is the God that one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees - The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine.


If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and his priests, calumniate him? Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also god.


For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods: darkness being necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive. Thus, the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil."


(Instructions to the 23 Supreme Councils of the World, July 14, 1889. Recorded by A.C. De La Rive in La Femme et l’Enfant dans la FrancMaconnerie Universelle on page 588)

And from Morals and Dogma (page 321):

"Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the son of the morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with it’s splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!"

As time goes on, people will realize who the REAL enemy is.


The human race is asleep and it needs to awaken. All of these Masons praise Lucifer whether they know it or not, and whether they will admit to it or not. It is the age-old fable of selling one’s soul for Power under the guise of doing good.


The average person, if they are concerned at all, doesn’t really care because they have bought into the Great Lie,

"the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince Man that he didn’t really exist."

It is also the BIGGEST reason why we see Freemasonic/Luciferian designs incorporated into the Government center in Washington D.C. Freemasonry is a Luciferian religion. It is the root of their control system and they in turn are the foundation of Lucifer’s power base along with the Mormon religion.


But why do these people do this kind of thing -  selling their very soul for momentary pleasures here on Earth?

"Few men will anything very strongly, and out of these few, only a tiny minority are capable of combining strength of will with unwavering continuity. Most human beings are spasmodic and intermittent creatures, who like above everything the pleasures of mental indolence.


"It is for this reason that a strenuous and unwearying will sometimes becomes so tremendous a power, almost a hypnotic force."

"Lucifer is the highest mythological incarnation of this intense personal will, and the great men who have embodied it upon the stage of history participate, to some extent, in his satanic strength and magnificence. It is because of his strength and magnificence, so very different from our own weakness and mental squalor, that we continue to hark back nostalgically to the biographies of such men as Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, and that, as each new imitator of Lucifer arises, we prostrate ourselves before him, begging him to save us."

-Aldous Huxley


"I see basically everything we’re doing as the Darkside because it hasn’t seen the light of day in centuries."

-Edmund Krolikowski

Strength Through Joy Productions


"Hi Peter and Lindsay, Hope you’re well...I had a light bulb moment when several people were discussing 911. In tying all this to your volumes 1-5, especially on the incarnations of Lucifer, I got to wondering how ’he/it’ would present or disguise himself/itself this particular time.


We were told volumes in one simple picture of Bush, where everyone assumes he is a dumb-ass, because he’s holding a story book with a picture of a goat in a school room upside down. I now think that was a very, very deliberate message. The goat is one of the symbols for Lucifer/Pan/Satan.

That entity was just announcing publicly that our worlds were going to be turned upside down. There was no mistake whatsoever in the way Bush held that book, or why that was the photo presented. It was a screamingly loud message that we’ve all missed. I, for one would never underestimate Bush. I think he’s an elaborate disguise.

Take care, Lynn"

Bush is just a puppet, as any of us can see from how he behaves when left to his own resources and not being coached. We must remember, however, that Hitler was just such a puppet only with a little more drive of his own, before being taken over by his handlers as the ’vessel’ for the energies of Lucifer.

Famed Theosophical author, C. W. Leadbeater, in his book Freemasonry And Its Ancient Mystic Rites examines the Unity of the Mysteries and explains the power behind the symbols and signs that have been handed down over thousands of years allowing the mysteries to remain ’a brotherhood’, even within the hydra-headed form they have taken.

"THE group of beliefs and practices to which we give the name of the Mysteries has existed in many countries and in different forms, most of which have influenced Freemasonry to a greater or a lesser extent. Widely spread as they were, their unity of origin is to be seen in the fact that they had a certain framework which was always the same, although they showed divergences in minor matters.


In those days, just as at the present time, a Bro. from a foreign Jurisdiction who wished to visit had to prove himself at the door of the Lodge; for whatever differences there may have been in the outer forms of the ritual, the signs were always the same, for these are the keys to sacramental powers lying behind all the systems of the Mysteries alike."

He also explains in a chapter on the Greek Mysteries the point we have made before, that intrinsically there is nothing inherently dark in the mysteries themselves, but only in how their power is used and to what end:

"WE come now to the Mysteries of Greece, of which the best-known and most important in classical times were the Eleusinian. There seems to be a widely spread delusion, the origin of which we can trace to the writings of the Christian Fathers, that the Mysteries of antiquity [when the Church was fighting the secret orders for power over Mankind] were kept secret because they contained much that was improper, and that would not bear the light of day.


That is not so in the least, and I am in a position to bear direct testimony, having been myself an initiate of the Mysteries, that there was nothing whatever in them of an objectionable character."

Leadbeater also uncovers the hydra-headed nature of Freemasonry (and of the New World Order) in the acceptance factor those who were Rosicrucians also enjoyed in the early lodges of the Masons:


The Transition from Operative to Speculative-Scottish Minutes

"...John Boswell of Auchinlech was admitted in the year 1600. The signature of Boswell, facsimile of which is given in Murray-Lyon’s admirable History, is followed by his mark, a cross within a circle - a symbol often used by the Brn. of the Rosy Cross, and bearing a profound meaning in connection with their Mysteries.


One of the earliest references to the Rosy Cross in Great Britain occurs in Scotland and in connection with Masonry; for in Henry Adamson’s The Muses’ Threnodie (dated Perth, 1638) we find the words: For what we do presage is riot in grosse, For we are bretheren of the Rosie Cross, We have the Mason Word and second sight. Things for to come we can fortell aright.


"The Rosicrucian Manifestos, which are the first literary memorials of the order (c. 1614), were not translated and published in English until 1652, when Thomas Vaughan, the celebrated alchemist and mystic, who wrote under the name of Eugenius Philalethes and has now become an Adept of the White Lodge, undertook the task; so as early as 1638 Masonry was associated both with the Rosicrucian Brotherhood and with the occult power known as second sight."

Being, for the most part, a Patriarchal Order and with Lucifer’s sworn statement of revenge against the Mother to guide them, Freemasonry and most of the New World Order brotherhoods are exactly that – ’brother-hoods’, where no woman is allowed.


Women are tolerated in the lesser organizations but have no real place in modern Freemasonry even though this was not always the historical case.


Women were, over a long period of time, pushed out of any title to the ancient mysteries, and their role in life diminished to being subservient to the grander role of men.


This, of course, began with the suppression by Simon Magus and James the Just of Mary Magdalen in her role as the Priestly Messiah:


The Co-Masonic Order

The Restoration of an Ancient Landmark


"THE Co-Masonic Order is distinguished from the rest of the Masonic world by the admission of women to Masonry on equal terms with men. In this it is introducing no innovation into the body of Masonry, but rather restoring one of the landmarks which was forgotten during the confusion of the Mysteries with the operative Masonry of the Middle Ages.


In both Egypt and Greece, as we have seen, women were admitted to the Mysteries, and were able to penetrate into the inmost sanctuaries as well as men. The officials of the masculine Craft are for the most part against their admission to-day.


They have been most strongly impressed, and quite rightly so, with the paramount importance of keeping the rituals and customs unchanged; but they quite wrongly regard the admission of women as a serious departure from ancient usage."

The Power of Woman within the creative process is something to be used and/or manipulated for the specific ends of the Patriarchal order.


Much of what we have written about in these six volumes relates to the suppression of the female for if the female ever comes into her own, then the Light of Day would penetrate every dark spot on this planet and no Luciferian religion would be allowed to reign.


The energy of the new paradigm is feminine, and as Peter tells his audiences, the female MUST lead the way into the ascension process or nobody is going since the men won’t get off their butts.


The woman must, however, take the male along into the new world with her for the female by herself is still only one part of the equation and just as unbalanced when alone.


Even Leadbetter admits that the secrecy of this organization has made it near impossible to know all of the things taking place within it, but even growing seemingly underground on separate continents, not many things changed within its core structure:

"The history of Freemasonry, and more especially of its higher degrees and what are called the side degrees, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries is so extraordinarily confused and questionable that I think it is advisable to arrange its principal events in chronological order, in tabular form, and in parallel columns, tracing its development in England, on the continent of Europe, and in North America respectively.


The organization whose story we are trying to follow is after all a secret organization; it moves steadily on its way in the privacy of all its Lodge rooms, and it is only rarely and as it were by accident that any reference to it or to its proceedings appears in the light of day."

There are some who do not in fact need to derive their power from an organization nor belong to any secret societies other then those that are put into place to lead.


These are the corporate and banking elites who rule everything that goes on below. They derive their power more directly from the source - their own personal pacts with the Devil as it were.


These are the small group of families who rule by Power, the small group of families who know how to manipulate the reincarnational cycle so they can reap the rewards of their own ’evil’ deeds.


As Coleman suggests,

'they do not need to be sitting on the throne or in the White House exactly because they are the powers who rule behind the throne...'