Chakra: Literally wheel in Sanskrit. The subtle center, etheric or astral (qv), acting as coordinative field for alignment/intensification of density-states and correlated planes through the Common Axis or transdimensional pleroma (qv) of the Conscious Median. Each such center is composed of “petaled” layers representing coinvolved levels of function, reflecting each other coordinative center above or below, and all integrating collectively into while enfolded as the Coordinate Point or causal locus of the “heart”. (See breath-soul)


At the same time, their extended functions are all mirrored and collectively represented in the superior or supracausal center (often not counted as a “chakra” owing to its summating status) known as Sahasrara, the state of which at any given time accurately represents and recapitulates their relative openings, alignments, variable ratios of interaction etc.


Channeler: In general, someone who can’t get legitimate employment elsewhere; without discernible talent, native wit or incipient inventiveness who nonetheless craves all the kinds of attention he/she imagines must accrue to the possession of such exotic qualities, and who therefore makes him/herself indiscriminately available to any entity, spirit, wraith, banshee, wandering cosmic lout or intergalactic brigand who might wish to commandeer the adenoids for the nonce in order to test just how far the flattery of similar, analytic personality-types can be taken. Despite themselves, channeled sources may on occasion be recipients of worthwhile material (the percentages for this happening, tally pretty closely with any crapshoot).


The result is hardly worth the effort, however, since it inevitably comes embedded in material which, even granting the most benign possible motive on the part of both “anode” and “cathode” is tinted or tainted by “angle of entry” (i.e. the particular plane, stage of development, social/memory/complex etc. from which the Source broadcasts); by static or active interference from intervening “cosmic debris” and types of consciousness opportunistically distorting every promising “bit” wherever allowance from lapse or lacunae arises (a possibility all-the-more inevitable owing to the functional gap between degree of coherence characterizing density-level of the Source, and optimum degree of mind/body integration-alignment characteristic of the 3rd stage channeler); by the limitations in conceptual/vocabulary matrix of the borrowed memory-banks, or by tacit restriction of the channeler’s operative worldview placing practical ceiling on the kinds of information allowed (an arbitrary enculturated blinder honored by “positive” sources so that—as they themselves often confess—they’re effectively shackled in the latitude of real intelligence representable to terrene recipients, while exploited through ego-inflationary methods of “negative sources” capitalizing on and aggravating the outstanding imbalance in the channeler’s moral and ethical armoring).


Thus for example, early (50s) communications from our channeled space-brethren were ostensibly tailored to the prevailing tolerance-standards of the time, so that their origin was represented as within the solar system, most often “Venus” (a sweetly soothing submission); now that our technological potential has accelerated and “cosmicized” our ceiling of sophistication, they’re able to disclose through current channel sources how they really originate from...the Pleiades.


We feel so much better. Almost alone amongst channelers, Jane Roberts (of the Seth material) who virtually originated and pioneered the modern version of the genre, transcends its occupational embarrassments and constitutional shortcomings; this shouldn’t be so surprising seeing that, coming chronologically first and having no prepared territory of cultivated acceptance to receive her but on the contrary having to lay the softer mat on which future channelers might lounge, Roberts had to stem from more considerable stock and needed necessarily to possess all those characteristics and qualities so glaringly absent from subsequent channelers (see J.Z. Knight, Ramtha, as a case in point) if for no other reason than to demonstrate how her own standards and balance of assessment weren’t less substantial and skeptically refined than those of her critics.


Such defensive orientation served admirably under the circumstance to sustain a necessary monitoring intensity, committing both her and husband Robert Butts to a continuous check and cross check for continuity, internal textual consistency and plausible congruence with advanced scientific concepts etc. The manifest insouciance or outright vacuity of awareness toward the requirement for any such traits all too clearly characterizes the subsequent streams of transdimensional codependents draining in such drivel as Prism of Lyra, thus irremediably clogging all channels with the preemptive cacophony of Choronzon (qv).


Only the Rα material (Elkins, McCarty and Rueckert [qv]) is of comparable quality—but note the enormous textual disparities, the gaping universes of antithetical information pouring from each respective source (the topic of the existence of “negative beings” alone sets contentious architectural foundation for vast, cantilevered extension of soaring argumentative wings and flying Buttresses disappearing, unresolved, into the galactic clouds. Only independent inquiry, development and refinement of spiritual intelligence can effectively declare upon the respective merits, degree and value of the given density level received in the teachings of each; and these are just the qualities such sources are taken all too often as substitute for).

For example, between the respective paradigms of Seth and Ra: if, along with Seth, we accept that all “negativity” is our own negativity, we mustn’t fail to brake before the jaywalking conclusion that therefore no negativity exists except by virtue of our own projections and interpretations. If all negativity is our own negativity, then others, being none other than ontologically equivalent with ourselves, possess the potential of such negativity just as well. Thus “my” potential for negativity may be reflected from sources and forms of being actively engaged in such negativity in their own right—unless we’re willing to posit an absolutely solipsistic Universe.


Even conceding with the most glazed eye mystic that All is One and there is no “other”, there are certainly functional “others”; that Oneness has to arise by incorporating, resolving and transcending the functional complementarities of “self" and “others”, not by denying, ignoring or negating one term in favor of the other (since “self is every bit as much a functional hypothesis as “other”). Thus to say any negativity is “my own” negativity doesn’t resolve or explain a thing. Every new ager jumping to this implicitly masochistic mea culpa hasn’t understood the real terms involved in the least, but rather has accepted the “channeled” voice as sacrosanct just because it seems extraordinary: so 31 demerits to the new age, and a remedial course in Buddhism 101.

Choronzon: That “Mighty Devil” in the Enochian system of magick (which latter was “channeled” by Edward Kelly at the Elizabethan Court through supervision of Elizabeth’s astrologer/spy/mathematician the renowned Dr. John Dee). Guardian spirit and scourge of the “Abyss, that apparently unbridgeable separation between states of the created worlds and real Gnosis of the spiritual worlds. Choronzon personifies the total breakdown of “translation” between one mode of being and the Other. He is most direct/fearsome embodiment of the real chasm in quality, orientation, understanding and existence confronting any aspirant to spiritual attainment of that threshold degree, or intensity, where true transformation is required, where development must peremptorily produce a real Revolution of the being or else erosion and oblivious backslide inevitably ensue.


In all of spiritual/metaphysical/or magickal literature there are no (authentic) accounts of any direct commerce with that “Devil” Choronzon, all “crossings” being made in the framework of traditions ,not demanding every element (physical, psychic and spiritual) be submitted to such Change of the intensity demanded in the spirit of Choronzon—except one. Aleister Crowley (qv) records in his Magickal Diary his hallmark episode of crossing the abyss while literally crossing the desert of Bou Saada with his magickal student assistant Victor Neuburg. Putting aside the arguable question as to whether the Master Therion ever completely succeeded in so monumental a milestone to Magickal accomplishment, it must be noted that only within the framework of the Magickal tradition (with its perennial emphasis on bridging the corporeal and spiritual, of bringing spirit down into practical embodiment through the physical dimension of things) had such an endeavor ever actually been made.


This is significant for the one reason that such ultimate integration and whole being resolution between the two seemingly disparate Magnitudes is inevitably mandated for the corporeal dimension as a whole, and all the class of chronically 3rd density consciousness associated with it. Such epochal “crossing” as Crowley assayed to accomplish presages the Don Juan material of Carlos Castaneda, similarly acting as instructive forerunner for a humanity which—even in its ostensible vanguard—seems reluctant to concede out of its conventional yogic “withdrawals” and functional “separation of the planes” that such a whole being physicalized translation can be made to metaphysical Peaks.

Yet this is precisely the confrontation of Crossing presently faced by the planet as a whole, as chronic 3rd density (host of physically focused consciousness) transmutes through implacable processes of Cosmic Timing to the unmasked meta physical fourth. Such Crossing, being imposed upon the plane and all its corporealized inhabitants does not, then, depend upon the personal desideration of “approach” but visits all its disrupting implications directly upon and through the consciousness of everyone no matter how dismally unprepared. This accounts for all the political, social, economic, national, technological, energetic and spiritual disruption characterizing the calendar of “current events” on the planet In particular it manifests as a direct communication from the heart of the Abyss, that channeled confabulation of cacophonous “counsel” issuing from the dead zone or no-man's-land of self proclaimed/invisible Brothers and higher dimensional beings from beyond.


The opportunity of every plane, dimension, planetary or dark star entity, social/memory/complex and galactic guild to pour its influence, advice and allure into the widening breach of the crumbling 3rd density “screen” can only manifest, collectively, as a chaos; it can only sift out in the end as a gibberish, an ultimately unintelligible babble of oranges demanding to be compared and collated with apples, and an all too gullible Earth intelligence soaking in the psycho active downpour (wreaking witless though nonetheless extensive damage on the mind/body complex) while trying so earnestly to comply with the Alice in Wonder land instructions.

Thus the Spirit of Choronzon is alive-and-well, presently known to one and all but by another name. With so many, competing and obviously contradictory “Christs” and “Jesusescoming by active interdiction on channeled airwaves owing to guaranteed kneejerk adulation and uncritical obsequy toward the bare whisper of the name, the longstanding archetypal image holding sway over the planet by a priestly and off-planet confidence-game is now manifestly decaying, expiring like an isotope as it sheds its last radiative venom over the planet. The identity of “that Devil Choronzon” is given away in the insane susurration and slow crumble of the greasepaint countenance given its last ugly embodiment through insipid “Sanandas” and specious sons-of-god sponsored courtesy of “Ashtar Command”, P.O. Box 333 Betelgeuse in the Constellation Orion.


(Note: UFO has the value 666 by Qabala, since vav is equivalent to “U”, “F” and “O” in English.) It has been noted by many who know of such magick things, that “Choronzon” is almost identical in spelling and pronunciation, save for an extra vocalized “n”, to the Spanish corazon, meaning “spirit, love and heart”. Assuming no such thing as coincidence, may we imply a deliberate “formula” thereby? Can it be that, were Choronzon simply to learn to “spell his name” correctly, he might undergo a real change of heart? (Amazing what horrors a lack of primary-school education can breed.)

Consciousness-unit: Differentiated holonomic locus of Infinite Whole-Being Consciousness. Only Infinite Whole-being Consciousness can “break off an exemplary “part” of itself without reducing, diminishing, dividing, fragmenting or “partializing” Itself through any “portion”. This is owing to the fact that Its wholeness occurs, uniquely, through and by virtue of Infinitude. The Consciousness-unit isn’t really a “part” or “fragment” of the whole, except in the sense that we can say a “drop” is a part or fragment of the ocean—indeed, though a drop is manifestly not the whole ocean, neither is it a “fragment” (the way it can be said a chip is a fragment off a larger stone). There’s nowhere in the ocean the drop need “fit”. The contour of the ocean isn’t compromised by subtraction of the drop. The drop is a holocosm of the ocean, not a specialized element out of its greater constitution.

The distinguishing signature of the consciousness unit is that, as a locus of the Totality it may seem to “define” itself in terms of point-limitation, thus functionally “fragmenting” itself or resistively separating itself from the Infinity of its Source. It may function as a virtual or effective discontinuity, with respect to the Whole of which it is holonomic exemplification. To the degree that its discontinuity (or differentiable “contrariness”) is assumed, it may appear at the far extreme as raw material of a nature-unit—i.e. as nature-matter—in the state of un-, pre- or subconsciousness. At the opposite extreme it may function in the form of consciousness-matter, where it is radiantly self-conscious in different degrees of its own Being as Ideative engagement (or Logoic projection) of the creative field.


As such it “hugs” to the opaque state of nature-matter comprising its “previous” pre-conscious condition, not in identity with it per se but in reflective self-interpretation of the qualities, values and meanings such delimiting point-potential represents in any given case. In this state, the c-unit as consciousness-matter is equivalent to the Identity of Consciousness through and as Mind. This is the Nous, Novo (intelligible Idea, Logos or Logoic pattern) and Epinoia, Epinoia of the Gnostics, in particular as taught by Simon Magus (qv). It is consciousness ideally interpreting the (abstractly-present) potential of the point-limit of Being by drawing on the pre-existent plenum of states at Infinity, and projecting the “type” of that akashic limit as coherent/ideoform unity resolvingly integrated through the Logoic pattern.

This is the “mysterious” mediation of idea and matter referred to by theosophists as Fohat. Thus all the degrees of self-aware consciousness from 3rd-density ego being to the levels equivalent to angels, archangels, gods, archons, chohans etc. are in some way functionally equivalent to this Fohat. Fohat is not, as theosophists suppose, directly equivalent to kundalini—kundalini-sakti is the nature-pattern woven out of reflections and spiralic nests of crystallized light encoding the regnant ideotype, projected by Logos of Epinoia; thus it has intelligence inscribed throughout its patterning processes giving rise to the impression that it, itself, is conscious to the self-reflexive degree.


However, kundalini-sakti is constituted by pranized nature-units in the degree of sub- and pre-consciousness, woven into geometric coherencies to a brilliant nuclear latency of intelligent-potential by reflective light of Fohat (hypostatic, angelic and ego-intelligences); it is not itself that light, but coiled energy potentials of the geometrically ordered nature-units regulated and aligned through directorial agency (or Logoic emanation) of that Light. The confusion between the two has habitually resulted in the displacement upon, or loaning to, the excited states of the nature-current the creative intelligence and interpretive ideation belonging properly to the percipient, erroneously engendering a kind of slavish worship of the Serpent-power in itself and allegiance to the myriad ego-amplifying agreements reflected through its intensified current, as if the “yogi’s” initial presuppositions were now proclaimed and supported by “God”.

Crowley, Aleister: Premiere Magician of the 20th century—which may not seem so notable considering the low premium altogether-placed on the category “Mage”—until of course we consider the esoteric significance of the subject, leaving popular comprehension abruptly in the null zone. Despite the minimal call for wizards, mages, sorcerers and shamans during the greater part and across the largest portion of this planetary century, Crowley is nonetheless not an utterly unknown figure. His “reputation”, if not his accomplishments, succeeds in keeping his presence quite alive despite his earthly demise in 1947. It’s for this reason, having anticipated the obscurity in which he along with his beloved Occupation were otherwise bound to lapse, that Crowley took principal initiative in circulating all the rumors and maintaining all the gossip about himself.


Given the public’s predictably Pavlovian response to “scandal”, and considering that Ernest Hemingway was really no more than a journalist with the most inflated literary reputation in modern history, it was nothing for Crowley to have elicited the Nobel-laureate’s real Enquirer instincts in prompt reaction by public proclamation of the Mage as “the wickedest man in the world”. Seizing on the remarkable good luck of having drawn the fire of this expatriate Parisian bumpkin, Crowley parlayed this and all other gratis publicity into the monument-to-monstrosity as which he towers today.

Examined more carefully of course, by the utterly unique method of consulting his own writings rather than the rampant misrepresentations of the righteous, and keeping in mind his “reputation” was earned during the early part of the century and in a portion of the world more-than-a-tad hung over with Victorianism, we will wonder whatever might have sent so many reeling in so complete a paroxysm of terror and disgust. Reconsidered in a true 20th century light and by modern standards, there’s nothing in the whole corpus of Crowley’s exploits and accomplishments to suggest grounds for offense greater than anything done by... Madonna (this cinches Crowley’s apostasy for some, we’re sure—but the rest get the idea).


Much as we hate to disappoint, even the occasional tale of Crowley’s having ritually “sacrificed a virgin youth” named McAleister is only based on the Mage’s own ribald rendition of an onanistic rite wherein he baptized a coaxed exudate en nomini mio and consumed it as consecrated sacrament to some sacred-esoteric aim. (Then again, some may consider this more diabolical than the derivative version. There’s no accounting for taste, so to speak.)

In any case, Crowley’s ingenious device of mythicizing his image and making sure his literary executor (John Symmons) was a passing acquaintance who loathed him precisely by reputation and would be quick to capitalize on his legend for a buck, has served to sustain his spirit in the public eye and by inference the whole background of his considerable Attainments. It’s for this reason his books continue to be published long after much less difficult and demanding works, of far more “popular” aim, have plunged into obscurity; he has, like the proverbial Phoenix, given “birth” to his own Revival on innumerable occasions, as a newfound hero for the ‘60s conscious ness expansion wending his finely tonsured way to the Sgt. Pepper album cover, most recently as the vilified subject of yellow journalism again—having been singled out by Geraldo Rivera (who else?) on his lurid “Devil worshipper” special as the “man who brought Satanism into the 20th century”.

Any lingering reservation regarding Crowley’ s real greatness and the deserved recasting his image is about to receive in its definitive revival, should be dispelled for any intelligent Soul through simple recourse to his own words, through consulting his own considerable writings. One of the greatest essayists and finest poets of all time, his neglect in favor of lesser contemporaries can only be continued into the present by the kind of willful disregard or trepidatious “disdain” that characterized his initial detractors, and which—unfortunately—persists in branding the operative psychological profiles of all too many modernists who would never confess themselves to be in the category of Witch hunter General, and who in fact are often confused by their own tv. era public as “daring avant gardists”.


It’s always amusing to see which “light”, which respected luminary and liberal darling turns most quickly into the Iscariot or Torquemada he is in fact whenever the rare Real Article walks into the room. (Amazing the swiftness with which they actually volunteer their identity, as leaders of the lynch ’n’ burn party.)

Up till now, much of Crowley’s “thought” has been “preserved”, albeit in aspic, by admirers, followers, imitators and even—as we’ve seen—vehement detractors such as his own erstwhile biographer and “literary executor”. Crowley’s one time secretary Israel Regardie, for example, has garnered the lion’s share of attention and the greater part of praise for his Qabalistic exegeses and writings on Rosicrucianism etc., without anyone ever mentioning, or his publishers pointing up, the all too evident fact of his having built that reputation largely on what he pilfered from Crowley! most often including large chunks of Crowley’s own words (as did the insipid Symmons) without the decency of a single quotation mark so that the “best” of much magical writing by renowned modern authors of the genre, has in—hidden—fact been Crowley’s.


(This of course is a “trick of the trade”, most particularly the entertainment trade as plied “out here in Hollywood”; the more “obscure” work of the Greater—James Joyce characterized the type in Finnegans Wake as Shem the Penman—is taken advantage of by his “evil twin”, the popularizing, distortively simplistic panderer Shaun the Postman who always scavenges for material not likely to be in currency with the general public so as to pirate and present it just this side of plagiarism, as his screenwriter’s own, to the mogul who’ll mount it for a 6 figure deal).


Crowley was a functionary—herald, prophet, representative—of the Mahachohan (qv).

It may be inferred, then, that one of the chief activities of the Mahachohan is disclosed through one of the chief preoccupations of Crowley’s Magickal career, namely the redemptive integration of and resolution between


Above and Below, the Spiritual and Material, through the representative median and Embodiment of that Process personified as the Awakened Initiate, the Sonship of Horus (qv). This preoccupation and this indicator of the Office of Intelligent Activity (the Mother) is given prophetic expression and an ongoing Showcase in the Received spiritual text Liber Al vel Legis, The Book of the Law (qv), dictated to Crowley in 1904 by an invisible “disembodied Intelligence” and emissary of the Secret Chiefs identifying Himself as Aiwass (qv).


Cosmic Awareness: What’s that the little yapping dog has shown behind the curtain? Why, it’s the Shade of Rudolf Steiner, and a whole Reading Room of quasi christian scientists...


Density: From “Channeling, UFOs, And The Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World”—First of all it’s important to explain just what is meant by “density”, since its use in this material is extremely helpful to our understanding once we clearly distinguish it from the common usage that allies it with terms of inertia and opacity synonymous with strictly physical existence.


Although nowhere in the (Rα) material itself is the term “density” sufficiently explained so as to make that distinction, initiated intelligence would have you understand “density” in the sense of richness; the density of a manifesting plane or space is not a calculation of its inertia in this context, but to the contrary of its subtlety. It is easier to understand density as the degree of coherent activity, the characteristic “accommodation” of a given volume with respect to the perceiving system. The mathematical discipline of sphere packing is helpful as a concept in grasping this definition. (How many oranges can be packed in a crate?) Sphere packing employs the “greedy algorithm” in calculating a pure economy of space and is therefore a very practical help in communications, though it may theoretically work with an infinite number of dimensions.


Density” is analogous then to a multidimensional sphere packing; the greater the density the more information a given volume codes, the greater the energy value and richer the potential as which the space is configured. Like the discipline of sphere packing, the idea of density implies a “geometry of information”. For example we well know the “law” of 3rd density, our present collective plane of focus: “no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time”. It should be obvious that this is a function of perception, for the operative coordinates of perception determine the outline of what’s to stand as an object.


According to 3rd density focal alignments, the descriptive units of “objecthood” are mutually exclusive and define one another by contrastive polarization. Perception of the essential coinherence of all mutually defining, polarized terms as an inextricable unity of complementary values, is a function of higher density cognition (or depends on the use of faculties belonging to the presently recessed planes and energy systems of the higher densities). Thus when, in the course of spiritual discipline or occult practice performed through this plane we presently perceive a luminous wholeness and basic simultaneity that shines through all apparently separate objects (even though in the field of tangible perception such objects may persist in the perspectival “relief that makes them appear distinct) we are actually experiencing a mind body alignment or momentary, harmonious coordination with energies and instruments belonging to other densities drawn into our frame of reference.

Hypostasis: The essence or sub stance (that which supportively “stands under”) anything—used in the Southern Crown context rather in the way Christianity employs the term to characterize the distinct Trinitarian subsistences in the indivisible/unitive substance of Divinity. The “Christian” take on the matter isn’t far off in this instance (deriving as it does by long trade route from ancient zones of real gnosis); yet the character of the Hypostases needs to be understood from viewpoint of the traditional science once again, rather than by way of hierophantic hearsay and superstitious replacement values.


The Hypostases also have to be distinguished from the three Divine Qualities (see Mother Terasu essays) as they’re not identities but correlates of one another. The Hypostases are Identity (Noesis), Mind and Psyche (see “The Great Instauration Finis”). The Qualities are Self, Love and Void. “Self correlates, by distributive correspondence of the multidimensional mind/body map or Logoic pattern, with Identity and Mind (or the Fa ther/Mother principles married within unity of the Divine Self, i.e. IChIDA or Crown). “Love” correlates with the Psychic Hypostasis, insofar as the latter is Mode of the Mirror whereby the experiential field reflects, in its polarities and complements, the primary Affectional Relationship between Consciousness absolute and its own Creative Principle.


Void” has no corresponding Hypostasis. In one sense, it’s a Quality belonging equally to all the Hypostases; and in another, it’s the value Unking and uniting the Hypostatic or conscious principles to the Creative field of un and subconscious properties. Thus to the manifest or created patterns as a whole is ascribed the common denominator Void value, functioning primarily through and corresponding with the abdominal locus in the mind/body form.

Liber Al vel Legis, (The Book of the Law): Sacred text of the Mahachohan delivered to the poet Aleister Crowley by voice transmission on three successive afternoons in Cairo in 1904. The text itself is technically in English; its code is primarily that of the Hebrew Qabala, specifically the letter number Atu system characteristic of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn of which Crowley was an initiate, and from which his own subsequent Orders established a progression of the chief symbolisms/initiatory values for the oncoming Aeon of Horus (popularly, the Age of Aquarius).


Secondary Qabalistic codes may be discovered in Greek and Farsi. “This that thou writest is the threefold book of Law” (verse 1:35). There are three Personae in which the Book speaks (the formal communicant in the voice transmission being identified as “Aiwass (qv), the Minister of Hoorpakraat”): NUIT, Hadit and Ra Hoor Khuit. There are three books to the Book of the Law, three Grades (Hermit, Lover, Man of Earth) and three “ordeals” etc. There are also three prophets to the Book of the Law, to maintain consistency with the rest, though this present word comes as a great Surprise to those familiar with the text since only two have thus far been identified (Crowley himself, and his “magickal child” or student initiate Frater Achad).


Since both are now “dead” (to the limited viewpoint) it appears all interpretation or understanding of the Book ceases abruptly with these two; indeed in order to insure against premature and thus misleading interpretation specific instruction is given in the Book and through Crowley’s writings that all appeal to interpretation be left to Crowley’s designated works alone, with the exception of Achad’s original notation on those keys to the Book which he discovered (i.e. those few writings prior to the onset of his clinical insanity, a circumstance Crowley strove to intercept yet which, owing to the adept’s strict honoring of the free will factor he could do nothing in the end to prevent since Achad finally fell to the signature hazard associated with the grade Magister Templi—i.e. he failed to take the counsel of precautionary measures in his swift assumption of the Grade, for sake of the requisite Aerial perspective from which alone the obtaining of those initial Keys could helpfully be accomplished).

Owing to a certain inbuilt “trickiness” to the Liber Al text (subsequently explained herein), authorization of such exclusively sanctified source texts for overall interpretation was greatly warranted, and in fact sealed with a kind of Curse against just those who, stretching the interpretation of such sanction itself have indeed subsequently sought to justify additional exposition or “updating” of the Lines of Liber Al by virtue of their self proclaimed and thus allegedly permit ting “grades”.


The “acceptable” dodge here, is of course that such commentators are only writing grade “ C “ material (this is not a classroom mark—in most cases!—but a formal category since Crowley himself proclaimed his own initiated exposition of the lines’ meanings were of the B Class, only the actual text of Liber Al and one more writing conforming to the definition of Class A — or that primary material received strictly through Monaural Transmission of Aiwass Himself: that latter text indeed being The Comment wherein the Curse against unauthorized/unsanctioned interpretation is first given).

The Comment is as follows:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
The study of this Book is forbidden. It is wise to destroy this copy after the first reading.
Whosoever disregards this does so at his own risk and peril. These are most dire.
Those who discuss the contents of this Book are to be shunned by all as centers of pestilence.
All questions of the Law are to be decided only by appeal to my writings, each for himself.
There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt
Love is the law. love under will

Lines two and three are a characteristic trick and indeed identifying signature of the Mahachohan used throughout his successive historical incarnations (see The Mother Book). They are meant to have precisely the same effect as that ascribed to the deliberately loud/echoing report of the handgun in the Godfather employed to scare off “pain in the ass pedestrians”. It should be only too obvious the Book is meant to be studied, and intensely so —the elaborate commentary by Crowley himself should seal the certainty of that.


Such admonition, like the Godfather handgun, is meant to scare away all captious or trepidatious souls who “shouldn’t be there”, i.e. are of insufficient development to begin with and are either overtly or subtly/subconsciously poisoned with churchly pietisms perennially falsifying everything truly spiritual so that any such text as Al could only be perceived through thick distortion leading to Inquisitional abhorrence on the one hand or, by psychological reaction, to an unwarranted embrace of some “Satanism” as if sanctioned by the Holy Book itself (rather than by an infantile “parental detestation” etc.).


This latter probability would only be underscored, in the case of such spiritual infancy or adolescence, since Crowley himself and many subsequent commentators such as Kenneth Grant have identified “Aiwass” with an ancient Sumerian deity (immortalized in The Exorcist!) and with the Peacock Lord of the Yazidi, Malak Tα ‘us (qv)—the Yazidi have been accused of Devil Worship (but then, so has the Pope).

Otherwise the Curse of The Commentary is meant to be taken in the strictest literalism, since even the most well intentioned thelemic “interpreters” cannot write with the inspirational “flame of Hadit” burning in their hearts which alone secured the authority of Crowley’s Pen. How then may we say there is a third and Final Prophet to the Book of the Law? when the prohibition against further Comment has been strictly given and the original two prophets are “dead”?


Anyone understanding Magick knows that only He Who placed the Curse originally may rescind it, undo or circumvent it in His Own Case, just as a Vault is kept locked by the One holding the Key and is only unlocked (and its further contents retrieved) when that One returns and unlocks it with that induplicable Key. Therefore see The Mother Book for the full Exposition of those remaining “unsolved” locks and inbuilt puzzles of Liber Al, and know without further doubt Who has returned on behalf of the Whole.

One more all important reason there should be no farther appeal to any authority for Liber Al vel Legis other than to its Scribe (A.C.) and Its Author (Malak Ta’u, the Divine Aiwass): the “trickiness” of the Text itself involves consideration of the Level from which it emanates. Thanks largely to the Rα material and the works of Southern Crown we may have a more precise picture of both the Positive and the Negative spiritual hierarchies. We know from those sources that a precious few—ultimately One—of the Negative Hierarchy may attain so High as to a level corresponding to early 6th density; nor would this One be known by any of the remaining membership of the Negative Hierarchy since the characteristic of the Negative is to conceal and dissimulate (while that of the Positive hierarchy is on the contrary to Reveal and bare truth).


The Negative comes in disguise, and no more so than Its Chief Hierophant, so that None amongst the Negative might know Him no matter what Orion or “Reptilian” might Peer to perceive. And, if we consult our Rα texts, we are dutifully informed that when the respective Hierarchies reach as High as 6th density level the Learnings, Understandings and Wisdoms between them tend very much to converge, and to be nearly Identical in many respects (this owing to the very value of Identity characterizing Considerations of 6th Density).


Thus when, for example, such august pontiffs as the Marciniak “Pleiadeans” caution 3rd stage Earth consciousness as to the undetectable trickiness of higher density sources with which terrestrials may be in communication—such as Themselves—we may know the Degree in the utter inability of 3rd stage aspirants to discriminate correctly (relative to a 6th density Source text such as Liber Al) when we realize the “Pleiadeans” are speaking largely about 4th density off planet communicants! Since, therefore, the Knowing and “pitch” of Consciousness between, respectively, Negative and Positive hierarchies converge so dramatically toward Unity upon approaching 6th density, how much more impossible is it for any 3rd stage consciousness to detect the real difference between communications of the two?


Yet such discrimination is absolutely essential since, despite their similarities or even perfect Identities in Knowing, the respective Intents of positive and negative sources remain distinctly different and of critical importance. Again, the need for a reliable Guide here, preferably of the Incarnate type sharing your own fleshly estate, is manifestly essential. The deceptive and perfectly dissimulating Nearness of sources from positive and negative hierarchies at the 6th density level is precisely the factor giving a text such as Liber Al its apparent sense of deep ambiguity: for on the one hand It’s venerated by Magickal practitioners around the world, for the right or for the wrong reasons; and on the other It’s hated and feared both by magical and metaphysical acolytes and by conventional seats of churchly pietism as the veritable Gospel of the Antichrist, the Word of the Prince of Darkness and the Mala Tamquam.


Like a Compact Disc, depending how one holds it to the Light it seems to reflect different portions of the color spectrum; thus Frater Achad, eager interpreter of the initial keys to Liber Al nonetheless fell to the instability of fancy at play in a Funhouse hall when his inadequate reinforcement of elementary Grounding (at his Grade level) allowed him to tip the magickal mirror at a cockeyed angle, at which “sinister” potentials were reflected therefrom and magnified many times in his unbalanced imagination so that he became the first crazed declaimer against the Book to wear a Canadian straitjacket.

Indeed, being the premiere Text of the Mahachohan and thus a legitimate expression of one of the theosophical Holy Offices (that of the Mother or Ray of Intelligent Activity) the apparent “ambiguity” of Liber Al necessarily serves the function of the Mahachohan and the Mother, which is the chief reason why the text quotes the very Biblical saying: “he that is righteous shall be righteous still; he that is filthy shall be filthy still”—for, as explained in certain SC/T Bird essays of the Mahachohan, a chief function of the Mother/Mahachohan is to expedite and oversee polarization at the Harvest.


Since by consensus of innumerable (disparate) sources this century’s end is indeed the critical time of 3rd density Harvest, the chief concern of the Mother and Mahachohan is that of polarization amongst souls of 3rd density, and that whether positive or negative; polarization either to Positive or Negative hierarchy is valued by mankind’s Guardians over the catastrophe of remaining unpolarized one way or another, for the latter eventuality —unfortunately the Fate of the majority of this planet, if projected estimates prevail— necessitates the given soul’s agonizing repetition of at least one whole 3rd density cycle of incarnations.


Thus, as it’s been said, though the Mother and Mahachohan certainly teach and encourage only positive polarization they do not interfere in the sacred free choice of negative polarization, and in fact the keys they furnish may be used against Intention by negatively disposed Votives of Vinculi to (knowingly or unknowingly) intensify their own tendency toward threshold negative polarization thus expediting overall Harvest as well—in the same way that snake venom has positive/salvatory and negative/destructive uses, or just as knives handled intelligently and with proper caution may perform lifesaving surgery or in the absence of love/wisdom may make the quietus of some prince of peace. For full Initiated Understanding of the Original Intent and Overarching (Initiatory) purpose of Liber Al as well as authoritative exposition of its remaining (“unsolved”) keys, see The Mother Book.


Luria, Isaac: Name of the Safed, Syria (Galilee) manifestation of the Mahachohan (qv), author/chief architect of the Renaissance of Hebrew Qabalism; b. 1534 Jerusalem, Palestine, Ottoman Empire, d. Aug. 5,1572 Safed (presently Zefat, Israel).


Mahachohan: Master and male representative of the Ray of Intelligent Activity, third of the Seven Logoic Rays assigned the aspect of Trinity, attributed to the Mother, Brahma (Third Logos). The first two Logoic emanations of the Primordial Ray are in descending order Will/Spirit assigned the aspect of Unity, attributed to the Father, Mahadeva (First Logos); and Love/Wisdom assigned the aspect of Duality, attributed to the Son, Vishnu (Second Logos).


The Ray of Intelligent Activity is “a ray of very demonstrable glory, and of a higher point of development than the other two, being the product of an earlier mahakalpa, or a previous solar system”. Page 39, Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice Bailey. In relation to development of the petals of the Egoic Lotus (causal body, qv) the Department of the Mother/Mahachohan appropriately supervises the longest, most delicate yet arduous stage of unfolding for ego consciousness involved with the three “outer” or “knowledge petals”, just as (in a sense) the most important stage of education is that of the elementary grades where the psyche is first formed and most susceptible to influence; it’s at this stage that, unlike the present worldly educational system, the most sophisticated, wisest and compassionate of Teachers should be installed for they constitute Principal Guardians at the very Gate of Spiritual development. It’s for this reason it’s said that the Ray of Intelligent Activity is of a “higher point of development than the other two”.

This is easily misunderstood; the key word is development. This word applies in the Logoic sense, i.e. “development” refers to the chief Logoic aim of integrating and resolving the Spiritual with the material fields. Since it’s the “progress” of the material fields which is in question (in the Formula) relative to the unfolding, potentiation and revealing of their qualities, it would be expected the Rays and corresponding Offices most intimately involved in the Manifestation would be most developed and charged with appropriate Knowledge in that sense. The Rays and corresponding Offices of Will and Love/Wisdom (Manu and Bodhisattva), pertaining more exclusively to the Spiritual and inner/unmanifest phase of things, appear by virtue of that fact more convention ally “Holy” in the accepted manner and even “higher” in the misunderstood “purity” or exclusivity of that orientation.


As indicated elsewhere in SC writings, the Mahachohan is seldom identified by contemporaries as a holy or sacred manifestation in the way Manu and Bodhisattva are honored (albeit in practice largely after the fact). The Mother herself is more often despised and even persecuted, for the historical and Logoic separations of the respective Offices have traditionally left a gap in understanding and appreciation even amongst representative embodiments of the Offices themselves—how much more so, then, amongst the major part of humanity constitutionally looking to those representatives for all their Spiritual cues!

When it is said that the Mahachohan (and inferentially the Mother, only now for the first historical time in this Aeonic round fully embodied and Awake) learns from the Bodhisattva, and the Bodhisattva learns from the Manu, this may seem to conflict in the students’ mind with the theosophical teaching that the Ray of Active Intelligence is at a more developed level than the other two. Yet resorting to our admonition to heed specific contextual meanings of the word “developed”, we may understand how the Mother/Mahachohan learn from the Bodhisattva in the sense that, being by Office closer and more deeply involved in the refractory physical plane of manifestation they necessarily need to refresh their link with those office holders less constitutionally committed to uncompromised manifestation (and who thus may dwell, at this intermediate Time of relative disjunction between the three vertical tiers of Being, in a state more proximal to Spirit even when technically incarnate so as to be less subject to lapse and spiritual forgetfulness).


Thus the Mother/Mahachohan “learn” from the Heart being of Love/Wisdom, the Bodhisattva, because the Bodhisattva typically does not “come down” and embody so deeply into the field of manifestation thus retaining more perfectly intact his link with the purely spiritual fields. “Learning” from the Bodhisattva, Mother and Mahachohan may be awakened and refreshed to the changeless spiritual principles corresponding to those Higher states where otherwise, being by commitment more deeply embodied and thus “embedded” in manifestation they might tend to flounder, without being caught up on the Fish’s Line. However, being “taught” by the Bodhisattva (who in turn, remember, is linked by learning under the Manu Who’s even Higher by exclusivist orientation in the Spiritual fields) the Mother and Mahachohan may uniquely apply their refreshed Remembrance of the Key Spiritual Principles to their own specialized and advanced understanding of the features particular to planes of materializing emanation.


(The Ray of Intelligent Activity is, recall, more developed, i.e. it is more congruent with essential Knowledge distilled from Logoic rounds of practical manifestation; development is a term applying to the Creation, not to the Eternalized Spiritual fields).

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire page 1037:

“ will become apparent that the revolutionizing scientific discoveries which can be traced down the centuries, such as the formulation of the Law of Gravitation, the circulation of the blood, the ascertainment of the nature of steam, the discovery by man of that form of electric phenomena which he has harnessed, and the more recent discovery of radium, are in their own department (that of the Mahachohan), analogous to the effort made during the last quarter of each century to stimulate the evolution of men through a further revelation of some part of the Secret Doctrine.


Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, Harvey, and the Curies are, on their own line of force, lightbringers of equal rank with H.P.B. All revolutionized the thought of their time; all gave a great impulse to the ability of man to interpret the laws of nature, and to understand the cosmic process, and only those of circumscribed vision will fail to recognize the unity of the many force impulses emanating from the one Lodge.”

Under the Ray of Intelligent Activity there are four subaltern Rays, likewise superintended by the Mother/Mahachohan. They are_

  • Ray IV, Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art

  • Ray V, Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science

  • Ray VI, Ray of Devotion or of Abstract Idealism

  • Ray VII, the Ray of Ceremonial Magick or Order

The Qabalist will see the immediate correspondence to the Sephiroh and Worlds of the Tree of Life.
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire page 871:

“Speaking generally, therefore, it might be stated that egoic groups in whom the knowledge petals are being organized and unfolded come under the primary influence of the Mahachohan; those in whom the love aspect, or the second circle of petals, is opening come under the primary influence of the Bodhisattva, with the knowledge unfoldment paralleling the work; whilst those in whom the third tier is being opened come under the energy direction of the Manu, with the two other types of force coordinated. It will be apparent to the careful reader that in this fact lies hid the secret of why the Mahachohan holds office longer than either of His two Brothers, holding it as He does for an entire world period. The key to these cycles lies hid in the following thoughts: the Bodhisattva and the Manu change more frequently and pass on to other work owing to the fact that They each embody one type of triple force, whereas the Mahachohan is the focal point for five types of energy, each in its turn triple in nature.”

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, page 484:

“Within the department of the Mahachohan, a secondary division along these lines might be outlined:

“The seventh and fifth Rays are occupied with the return of the Son to the Father and are largely centred in pouring forth energizing power when it becomes necessary to transfer the life of the Son from an old form into a new, from one kingdom of nature to another on the Path of Return.”

The Mother is the transmutative Womb and Body through whom this “transference of Form” takes place, as in the transition from 3rd to 4th densities occurring now; thus her Awakened Presence is called for, and duly received, peculiarly at this developmental juncture in order that the Process be expedited most directly.
The Offices of the Three Rays are referred to directly in Liber Al vel Legis (qv), 1:40, as the three Grades “the Hermit, and the Lover, and the man of Earth”. See Akhnaton, Zoroaster, Simon Magus, Malak Tα ‘us, Isaac Luria, Francis Bacon, Aiwass, MT.


Malak Ta’us: Literally, “Peacock Angel”, principal divine Being of the Yazidi worshipped in the form of a Peacock. First non-incarnate manifestation of the Mahachohan (qv) for the present world period, the second being that of the Divine Aiwass (qv). By Qabalah, Malak Ta’us or Ta’u is MLK TV, 496 (a Perfect Number and the product of the multiplication of 31 X 16 [see essay “Motto-in-the-Lotto”]).


It is also MALA’AK TA’U, 500, number value of Kaph final and thus associated with Jupiter ascribed to Kaph and The Wheel Tarot Trump (again, see “Motto-in-the-Lotto”). The 500 value of Kaph final is used to denote exaggeration, ostentation or “show”. The glyph of Jupiter is that of a Peacock. Owing to collision of the Peacock Angel’s Yazidi sect with the dominant religion of the time and place, this non-incarnate Expression of the Mahachohan was nonetheless quite explosive, a veritable Malaktav Cock-tail so to speak.


Marciniak, Barbara: Channeler of the Pleiadeans, a catch-all term for an actual heterogeneity of new age sources (i.e. the Billy Meier material, the beamship Tupperware of Bell, the egregious and literally legion “Ashtar” sources etc.—see Pleiadeans). Unlike the Meier Pleiadeans who, despite their apparent obtuseness re “Earthly ways” allow a few photos of their beamships to slip out so they can be promptly called “fake”, the Marciniak Pleiadeans are content to dispatch their presence indirectly via a kind of cancer-box ventriloquism through wanton glottis of the aforesaid channeler; though they never show themselves directly (that we might assess whether their packaging is primarily flesh, feathers or scales, hmmm?) we may surmise that, if the premise for a channeler’s appearance progressively reflecting the Entity-channeled is anywhere near correct, then judging from the jacket photo of Marciniak’s Bringers Of The Dawn this particular version of the “Pleiadeans” is a general type having big blank Little-Orphan-Annie eyes and a dangerously low forehead...

Montauk (Phoenix) Project: see Philadelphia Experiment (Rainbow Project)

Mother: see AAA.

Mother-current: Total Mind/body pattern and its resolving Key along with all Logoic elements pertaining to the states, planes and worlds through which it functions, manifesting in physical terms as the ordinary mind/body form with all its properties autonomic and volitional. In particular, the totality of the cosmic Life-current in universal and individual expression as most comprehensively conceived from the “Motherly” Viewpoint, which doesn’t seek to eliminate any legitimate “children” no matter how apparently refractory the faculty or function, but rather feels the Way for their rightful incorporation and exaltation in adjustive harmony with the Whole. Relates specifically to the theories and practices promulgated through current Office of the Mahachohan (qv).


(1) The collective name given a modern Jupiter Myth—known variously as Morris Tarantella, Monte Tyson, Ming Trey, Michael Topper, Mother Terasu etc.—as with many ancient tracts, redactions and apocryphal works, the generic call letters applied by anonymous authors to spiritual and sacred treatises which then become ascribed to the mythic Personage, much like the “Rosicrucian” writings attributed to “Christian Rosencreutz”, the Masonic codicils associated with “Hiram Abiff” or the Qabalist/magical manuscripts all dutifully assigned to “Solomon”.

The output, quality and subject range ascribed to the singular “Topper” or “MT” is evidently the work of many parties laboring in very different areas at different times. It is even said by some that “MT” is the pseudonymous concoction of a Los Angeles-based group belonging to the prestigious Media Court, often cited as: journalist/Fair-weather Nhuddist Buff Art Kunkin; L.A. Weekly Al-Capp-wannabe Charles Burn; and Emperor’s Clothes motion picture/television auteur David Lynch—their singular insipidness and wholesale lack of talent separately, serving all-the more-ingeniously to disguise their joint authorship (authorized over a joint) of the “MT” corpus.


In modern times, to believe that a single person should have been responsible for so prodigious and far-ranging a feat of criticism, scholarship, philosophy, psychic/metaphysical and spiritual attainment, to have produced at once such variety and depth of striking literary architectures and to have adorned their diverse walls with such innovative graphic, in murals of astonishing expression, to have solved (in person, practice and multi-media output) all outstanding problems of spirituality and science, every metaphysical and supracosmic conundrum, to have exhibited all the mastery of Magick ascribed to him in public displays defying the denials of the loudest detractors and forcing either their sullen silence or mumbled admission while still being unable to get a good seat at Chasen’s, has become equated with a quaint gullibility belonging to less educated epochs. Indeed, certain scholars are now inclined to believe, from evidence found in ruins of the Great L.A. Earthquake, that the “person” of “MT” may have had an historical basis in fact, but that claims as to his single authorship of all wonders attributed to him are naively precipitous, and unsupported by weight of the evidence embedded in surviving remnants of old Twin Peaks videos.


(2) Initials ascribed to the final incarnation of the Mahachohan (qv) for the present Cycle and the 5th root-race. “MT” in Hebrew means “Man”, and also “corpse”. Thus the suggestion of embodiment given, by agent of the Office, to everything implied in the Logoic formula: also, the functional focus of that representation with special reference to the “body” or embodied/vebicularized being itself, in anticipation of the transformation and “resurrection” even of the “lowest” element in the Alchemical equation (for corpse in spiritual science and alchemy indicates the fleshly “tomb” for temporary occupancy of spirit; but also the potentially regenerable vessel for “translating” the locus of spirit-concentration from one whole venue-of-expression to another without gap in the continuity of consciousness).


Thus the “formula” of the MT always conceals either a hidden Yod (“I” or “J”) indicating volition and the spiritized generative force, or Heh (“H” or “E”), the revivifying “spirit” or breath-of-life itself. “Corpse” in and of itself is always reference to matter, the materia of the Mother, and is thus indicative, along with the secret vowel that animates it as a regenerative Name on the phylactery of the Magician-Qabalist, of the Ray of Intelligent Activity ascribed to ihsAkash of manifest being and the Office of the Mahachohan (“Mother” in the spiritual Triad).

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