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Take $250 and an Implant
Commentary by Jim Keith

If you have any doubt that a New World Order of total surveillance and control is about to arrive in your neighborhood, then browse a website that gives a foreshadowing of the future, and may tip your scales toward total hysteria.

Located at and headlined, "Building a Cashless World," the site is run by Global Monetary LLP. It claims $5 billion in assets, and offices in Seattle, Zurich, Nairobi, Montevideo, and Singapore, with headquarters in Bentonville, Arizona. Global Monetary is offering qualified persons $250 if they take a below-the-skin electronic implant in the palm of their hand.

According to the Global Monetary website, "The IDchip tm implant is a very small electronic device that is painlessly implanted into the tissue of your right palm. It leaves no scar and is not visible in any way. You will not be able to feel it in your hand, as the device is mostly soft flexible plastic. It will never need to be removed as it is continually recharged by the proprietary mouse." The computer mouse "interfaces directly with the electronic implant in your palm thus establishing a fool proof electronic ID system for e-commerce over the internet and in stores... Once operational you will be able to purchase everything without the need of cash or even a credit card!"

Who is qualified to take the chip? "Eventually, everyone will be qualified to become a member, but now all you need is a qualified computer and to meet demographic qualifications." Demographic qualifications are not much elaborated upon in the company's literature, beyond an enquiry in their questionnaire about "racial composition."

The reason that Global Monetary is offering a fee for people to take the chip is, "We understand that the general public is uncomfortable with the notion of implanted electronic devices. So we feel we need to offer substantial incentive until such time as it has gained the public acceptance."

The company informs us that they are "aggressively building a proprietary global system of customer tracking and profiling. From this, profit potential will emerge in the form of merchant fees and fees associated with market targeting for customer research and law enforcement."

So, how do you sign up to take the chip? Simply fill in the form conveniently provided at the website, and, "If your application is accepted, a customer service representative will contact you to schedule a time for a certified technician to painlessly affect the implant procedure. He will set up the IDchip tm software and mouse on your home computer and will be available to answer any questions you might have."

On top of all this, we are told, "Global Monetary is very active in the world community and is an avid supporter and contributor to the United Nations." Being big fans of the U.N., Global Monetary even offers a computerized link to the organization's website, and a gallery of photos and information about recent wonderments of global intervention performed by the U.N.

There you have it: the implant devices that the anti-New World Order types have been warning us about for a half-century or more have suddenly arrived in Anytown, U.S.A., not to mention Nairobi. Not to worry, though. Global Monetary reassures us, "People have been made frightened of such devices by television programs, etc., but there is no justifiable reason for concern."

Actually, I think the folks at Global Monetary know perfectly well that it isn't TV programs that have scared people off taking electronic implants in the hand. I won't belabor the similarities of the Global Monetary chip to certain biblical prophecies about the Mark of the Beast, but they are enough to give even such a confirmed skeptic as myself pause to shudder.

But therein lies the rub. For you see, the website is part of an intriguing project run by Bill Cross. He wants to record a glimpse of how humans will react when such chip technology truly becomes available in the 21st Century. And according to him, visitors are signing up for his imaginary implants in droves. What started out as a humorous test in psychology has turned into a shocking glimpse of the future.

Cross is totally confounded that so many people are willing to receive the "Mark of the Beast." Would you take it for $250?


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