Biochip Implants

"Class Action Suit"


Anyone Out There Have Implants?

August 3, 1994


P.O. BOX 1000

LOOKING FOR current and past intelligence, special purpose/project team members or victims of operation BUG, project THIRD CHANCE, DERBY HAT, UKULTRA, CIA, DIA, NASA, ARMY, AIRFORCE, NAVY, MARINES, that have or had implants placed in them or have information on the use of bio-medical implants.

Many of you had implants inserted into your brain, nose, ear, or almost any part of the body usually with a long thin needle or probe. In some cases the implantation process may cause nose bleeds and other types of unexplained bleeding from various bodily orifices.

As you know, you were led to believe that the implants were to be used only for tracking and communication when in fact they were used in performing the following functions and more:

(1) forced interrogation;

(2) recording and relaying every thought, emotion, and physical reaction of a person continuously 24 hours a day;

(3) a continuous telepathic link 24 hours a day--"tracking and communication";

(4) the implant may act as a surveillance device and relay every aspect of the individuals exterior environment;

(5) the implants facilitate "non-physical" brainwashing processes by separating the "astral body" from the physical body with audio and visual imagery thus experiencing things as if he or she were actually and physically there--these experiences may later be mistaken for actual physical experiences on the part of the individual causing confusion and disbelief with those experiences shared with interested investigators, and the public. Has the government used this process on you to cover up the truth?

(6) implants may affect a person in subtle "esoteric" and spiritual ways that can only be described in "new age" or "occult terms";

(7) implants may trigger unexplained "healing" or spontaneous "cures" or improvements in adverse physical and mental conditions;

(8) implants may be used for genetic purposes but this may be only one of their lesser- important functions;

(9) implants may be used to speed up the bodies functions in the aging process so as to destroy a person without their knowledge;

(10) implant electromagnetic radiation affects human motor functions and thus affects a person's ability to function normally.

Midwest Research Institute in Kansas City is the only laboratory in the U.S. capable of testing how electromagnetic radiation affects humans.

I was arrested in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in May 1991 by Brazilian & U.S. Officials after being tracked for months and taken to the torture-interrogation center in Brasilia, Brazil. CenCom contract agents and Brazilian Officials tortured me for 10 months with electric shock, beating, sleep deprivation, and the 24 hour a day link to human and computer interrogation via telemetry due to the implants that still exist in me. The duplex link allowed human slavery to exist as they were able to control all mental and physical functions of me. The U.S. and Brazilian Government and other mind terrorists must be stopped. Electronic lobotomies are the government's most powerful weapon of terror, as those who are buried - whether literally in the ground or figuratively in prison - can eventually be forgotten. Prisoners as a group are being genocized by the Brazilian Government.

As a victim of psychosurgery and living daily with a mutilated mind I would appreciate a response from anyone that has information on implants so as to support my current litigation. My attorney is also looking for consultants with expertise in the area. My hope being to initiate project "IMPLANT - CLASS ACTION" suit so we may stop psychosurgery as a weapon of terrorism by both governments and revolutionaries.

Please write John G. Lambros,
U.S.P. Leavenworth,
B.O.P. No. 00436-124,
P.O. Box 1000,
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-1000.

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