Chapter 12

“At each plot it is necessary to have one bee family”, said Anastasia.

I was trying to tell her that only a few people managed to communicate with bees.


Some people joined special schools to learn how to take care of bees and even they did not always manage to handle that matter properly.

“A lot of that which you are doing for a bee family's life sustenance only leads you away from success. Within the last thousand years only two men on Earth have managed to get closer to understanding and realizing this unique life mechanism”, she replied.

“Who were they?”

“They were two monks and they have been canonized. Anyone can read about them in the books which are being preserved in the monastic depositories”

“Well, all right, and what is the right way to maintain bees at a plot?”

“It is simply necessary to make a nest for them, exactly the same one they have in natural conditions. That's it! Then the only job is to take a part of their honey, beeswax and other substances produced by them”.

“But they can sting people, can't they? What kind of peace would there be if man is going to be in a constant state of fear?”

“Bees sting only when man abuses them and behaves aggressively, waving hands, and, in general, if a person is full of aggressive feelings and it is not necessarily towards bees but just for anybody. They feel or, rather, they don't accept radiation of any dark feelings. Those of anger, irritation, frustration, etc. are not accepted.


Also they can bite at those parts of the body where there are endings which are connected and lead towards the internal organs. They dislike any kind of disharmony, as well as those areas where the protective coat is broken. Also if there is some kind of disorder. It is well known how effectively bees can heal the illness which they call radiculitis but it is still far from being the only thing they are capable of doing.

If I start telling you about everything and, moreover, try to prove it the way you want me to, then you would have to stay here not for three days but for many weeks.

A lot has been said about bees in your world, I've just tried to make some corrections concerning their maintenance and believe me, please, they are quite substantial. It is very easy to put a bee family into a beehive. It is just necessary to pour out a swarm of bees into it. I've forgotten to say that before, one should put a piece of beeswax and melliferous herb into the beehive.


All kinds of home made frames and honeycombs are not required. Later on, when bee families appear at neighboring plots, bees will start swarming by themselves and after they have swarmed they will occupy vacant blocks”.

“How would you take honey from them?”


“Just open the bottom cover, fracture the hanging combs and withdraw some of the packed honey and pollen. Only man should not be greedy as it is necessary to leave a certain portion of honey for the bees to survive the winter”.

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