Chapter E.

This chapter E is to provide my interpretations to some events that Daniela described in chapter C. In my interpretations I try to concentrate on highlighting the connection between her extraordinary experience, and the alien occupation of Earth that is outlined in chapters A and B. By this I hope to achieve two important goals.


Firstly I hope to illustrate how our every-day experience translates into hard evidence for the alien occupation of Earth, and how we should interpret practically all these numerous strange things which we experience in our lives. Secondly I hope to reveal to the reader that almost every person on Earth is affected by alien occupation. This means that without being aware of it, almost every person on Earth carries out his/her own struggle with aliens that currently occupy our planet. All what is now needed, is to realize the significance and meaning of this struggle.

I start my interpretations from addressing the matter of difficulties in writing this treatise, or more strictly from commenting on series of strange events which kept interrupting and delaying the completion of this treatise. These events are an excellent practical example of really satanic and difficult to detect methods which our alien parasite uses in order to achieve its goals (the list and brief description of these methods was provided in subsection B2, while examples of some inhibiting events that I experienced are listed in subsection A1). We must remember that our cosmic parasite is around 20 times more intelligent then us, as we use only around 5% of our brains, while it uses 100% of its brain.


Therefore the methods it applies to keep us under control, are always very clever and drastically differ from those which people use on each other. A good illustration as how evil, and simultaneously how cleaver, alien methods are, could be the way in which 5-year delay in publishing this treatise was accomplished. For example, if one analyses the case of mica described in subsection C8, this case reveals a classical pattern of alien tricks aimed at keeping preoccupied their victims by giving them various leads, but simultaneously directing them to nowhere. Of course, mica was only one of numerous misleading tricks used to delay this treatise. Just listing them all would take a sizable chapter.

On the other hand, the sole fact that our cosmic parasite went to such lengths in “organising” all these numerous distractions, and in putting so much effort into holding back the publication of this treatise, is actually also a positive sign. This is because the fact that “all hell broke loose” when this treatise was about to be completed, is a best confirmation that descriptions and concept which are presented here are correct, feasible, and are introducing a significant threat to the interests of our alien parasite.


After all, “nothing is able to justify better the effectiveness of our efforts, then the scream of our enemies”. Therefore, it is my opinion, that the more our cosmic parasite tries to hold back the completion of the pyramid described in this treatise, the more this reassures us that the concept of this pyramid is true and correct, and that we should intensify our efforts to complete this vital device of our self-defense.

A next important matter which deserves some commenting, is the review of all these subversive actions that our cosmic parasite undertook in order to undermine the validity of the pyramid’s description, and in order to prevent the successful completion of this device on Earth. In my research to date I identified several different and very devious methods of convincing us that it is not worth investing our time and attention in the development of this pyramid.


Here I list some more interesting of these methods:

  1. Confession of a prankster.

    One of the methods which our cosmic parasite most frequently uses in order to destroy the validity of any knowledge or evidence which works against its interests, is to convince some collaborator to confess that he/she made a joke of the subject under consideration. For example, when in 1992 a UFO vehicle landed in the area of Ashburton in New Zealand, leaving a series of three crop circles which excited New Zealand society, immediately two young pranksters declared publicly in the “Holmes” TV programme that they made two such landings by themselves.


    Because of this public declaration, no further developments could change the public views, and it was meaningless to discover and to document later that the pranksters did not know about a third landing site that was not discovered yet when they declared their “joke”, that pranksters could not made the landings which would be laid with a Swiss-watch precision along a 45-kilometres long straight line, nor that pranksters could not know about the so-called “onion charcoal” which was found on one of these landings and about which even the majority of old UFO investigators do not know. Similar trick was used by aliens to diminish the validity of landing sites in England, and in several other cases of UFO evidence that I know of.


    Thus it was not a big surprise for me, when in 1995 I met a Canadian person (“Andy”), who told me about a TV prankster from Switzerland that confessed making up a story of pyramid which sounded very similar to the one described in this treatise. The story goes that around time when the telepathic pyramid from this treatise was given to us, in Switzerland someone conducted in mass media a noisy campaign in which he confessed publicly that he used subliminal messages to induce in people a need to build such a pyramid.


    Supposedly he confessed to inserting pictures with technical details of this pyramid, and with the subliminal command “you must build it”, to various films broadcasted by a Swiss TV. Well, knowing the methods which our cosmic parasites use on us, this one is sufficiently evil and sufficiently smart, to be conceived by alien forces which occupy our planet. Furthermore, my theories firmly confirm the pyramid described here is genuine and the principles of operation that it uses are sound (see descriptions in chapter D) - so this confession of a prankster was the same misleading as famous confessions of English pranksters who several years ago used to admit making up all crop circles in England.


    Therefore I am absolutely sure that this cunning confession, and the equally cunning action to which it refers, were purposely manufactured by UFOnauts in response to the pyramid’s real disclosure, so that we fell victims and start to doubt the truthfulness of the disclosure by our totallistic allies from distant stars. This reveal how incredibly smart and evil are tricks which our devious parasite is using on us to discourage our fight for freedom and to remain in control of humanity.


  2. It should be mentioned here that this confession of a prankster, even if it has not stopped Daniela or myself from efforts to complete the pyramid, it definitely caused a lot of damage. This is because the same telepathic disclosure together with Daniela was intercepted by numerous other people around the world (probably parasites determined that the bulk of them lived in Switzerland).


    Obviously some of these people must have heard about the confession, and abandoned their attempts. Also probably some of the Daniela’s helpers could know about this case, and their lack of enthusiasm in helping her (as well as their politeness to not tell her) could be explained by the knowledge of this case.


  3. Misguidance by a UFO contactee.

    By a suspiciously cleaver series of coincidences in 1996 I get to know an Australian UFO contactee who keep receiving technical messages from aliens. I was reassured that she will give me all the information I need about the pyramid. So I contacted her. In fact soon I received her letter in which she provided me with a detailed and comprehensive description as to how build the pyramid in order to make it work.


    However, when I analyzed her descriptions it turned out that they were cleverly misleading, and tried to push me completely out of the sound principles this pyramid utilizes in the operation. So again our alien parasites, via one of their unsuspecting collaborators, tried to direct me into a wrong track.


  4. Misguidance by UFO abductees.

    I was also contacted by two separate cases of UFO abductees who claimed that an operational pyramid was shown to them on UFO decks. The difference between these cases, and the special cases described in subsections D2.4.1 and D2.6.2 was that in these special cases the UFO abductees took initiative and asked aliens about the pyramid or about electricity production, while these two abductees were shown the pyramid on the initiative from UFOnauts themselves.


    Later these UFO abductees somehow contacted me and described their pyramids. However, it turned out that they conveyed some technical details, which after scientific analysis appeared to me running against laws of physics and against what I already know about the behavior of telepathic waves. Thus, it seems to me that most probably UFO made up these two demonstrations of pyramids only to mislead us via these people, so that by misguiding us and directing into a wrong track, they would made the completion of the genuine telepathic pyramid more difficult, if not completely impossible.


  5. Meeting with a wall of disbelief.

    Probably the most effective means of preventing the completion of the pyramid was accomplished by our cosmic parasite by telepathically bombarding people with the repetitive command “Do not believe in anything that concerns aliens and feel personally offended if anyone mentions aliens in your presence”.


    This message intercepted by weak minds of people who have no opinion on their own, caused that only a small fraction of those who could complete the pyramid and who knew about its existence, was prepared to actually read about it and consider its building.


  6. Persuading people with technical expertise against getting involved.

    One of the astonishing facts that I managed to notice during efforts to complete the telepathic pyramid, were emotions which escalated with the elapse of time and which were displayed mainly by people with technical expertise. In order to explain this strange phenomenon, it is not enough to charge present educational systems for sawing close-mindedness amongst highly educated people, but also a telepathic manipulation of minds by our alien parasite needs to be taken under account.


    For example, the majority of technically skilled people whom I approached regarding their intellectual contribution towards the development of this important device, in the initial stage appeared to be listening logical argumentation, and considered the pyramid rationally. However, in a later stage they dropped rational thinking and involved emotions. In turn my experience with alien methods of interference, indicates that when aliens are surprised they react with a time delay, because they need to receive an approval from superiors, they must design the method they are going to use at a given person, etc. Furthermore, aliens most frequently manipulate through raising low-level emotions (jealousy, greed, fear, hatred, etc.).


    Thus it appears, that the unique pattern which people with technical expertise displayed towards the telepathic pyramid (i.e. initially rational, and with the elapse of time increasingly emotional with the involvement of low-level emotions) certifies that all technical experts that I approached were directly manipulated by aliens in order to gradually persuade them to not get involved in the development of this device.


  7. Raising countless obstacles on the path of those sparse hobbyists who stubbornly tried to build the pyramid.

    These sparse people who did not fall victims to any method of subversion described previously, aliens discouraged from building this pyramid by placing countless obstacles on their paths. Thus, such people rapidly were victimized by various problems which consumed their time, they had difficulties with purchasing required materials, they were pestled by vandalism and by the resentment of members of their close families, etc.


    The statistics regarding the to-date outcome of the completion efforts is very bleak. I personally distributed around 300 copies of the Polish version of treatise [7] plus another 30 Italian copies and 200 English copies of treatise [7] - all with the original disclose of this pyramid. On top of this, I also distributed further around 100 copies of monographs [1/3] and [1/2], in Polish, which also contained the description of this device, including the complete explanation of its principles of operation (the above numbers do not include Internet copies of publications [7] and [1/3], which are available under several separate addresses).


    All these my treatises were directed to people who potentially had capabilities to build this device. I was notified that out of this number only around 5 people started to build the pyramid. This building was completed only by two of them (or at least I was notified by two people that they completed the pyramid and I saw their prototypes). Remaining builders, instead of physical completion, went directly into infinitive loops of theoretical deliberations which they never finished. None of the two prototypes proved to be working.


    Also none of the builders that I was observing did any measurements and empirical research as to why his/her prototype does not work, and none of them developed a second, improved prototype. From subsection C6 it appears that also Daniela’s statistics look similarly bleak, although she had the privilege of cooperating with Nicholas Reiter who significantly lifted our knowledge of the technology for pyramid’s tube (T)!


  8. Viciously obstructing our efforts to write and publish this treatise.

    Although Daniela is not prepared to discuss her problems with writing this treatise (I am well aware that she had them, as I was in touch with her all this time), I am not so discrete, and I do not intend to hide all these difficulties we both experienced when we tried to write and to publish this treatise.


    Actually, as I already mentioned this in subsection A1, when I wrote this treatise I felt almost as if all hell broke loose. In the last stage, when I was about to publish it, I went through a nightmare of such vicious attacks and various imaginable problems that I do not know how I still managed to concentrate on my goal, I went through the attempt of being formally fired from my job, I went through numerous health problems attacking me at that time, and almost every piece of equipment that I needed for this treatise at some stage refused to work. But we did it.


    We managed to show with Daniela that countless obstacles and oppression that are unleashed by our cosmic parasite can be overcame. Now is the readers turn to show that they also can overcome similar obstacles and oppression which are going to be unleashed against these ones who begin the completion of this device.

What I would also like to realize through the above direct descriptions, is that the pyramid described here has a key (strategic) meaning for aliens, and therefore our cosmic parasite undertakes all possible means and efforts in order to discourage us, mislead us, and make impossible our completion of this telepathic device.

The next matter which requires at least a comment is the main difference in ways people gain and use knowledge in the parasitic philosophy (i.e. the one adhered by our cosmic parasites and gradually imposed on humanity), and in the totalistic philosophy. Generally speaking parasitic philosophy uses knowledge as a tool of oppression. Therefore parasitists who gained and have knowledge, are oppressing and exploiting those ones who do not have it.

The effect is that in the parasitic philosophy knowledge is acquired mainly via “initiation”, and is usually treated as a mystery, secrecy, and the subject of revelation, which is allowed to be known only by those few selected ones who in the eyes of superiors are performing sufficiently well to deserve the honor of being promoted and initiated to a higher level of hierarchy. In turn belonging to the category of mystery, in the parasitic philosophy knowledge is not to be understood, as we do, but to memorize and adhere in a manner that high priests in ancient Egypt and South America used to do it.


Therefore, as this is described in subsection C7, parasitists do not understand how electric motor operates, or what conditions it must meet to work, but they simply memorize how to build one. A perfect example of way their learning and transmission of knowledge is carried out, is described in subsection C7, quote,

“But the writer didn’t give even the most vague indication about the basic physical principles applied, and he is quite confused about the connections.”

This explains why in parasitic societies knowledge is being lost so easily - after all it is sufficient that the holder of knowledge dies before manages to reveal his secrets to the next generation, or that there is a natural disaster or a war. Now, for comparison, in the totalistic philosophy learning is a way of living, while knowledge is a goal of everyone’s continuous efforts. Therefore totallists do not make any secrecy from knowledge, and try to open it to everyone who is willing to learn.


The problem is that our civilization is continually being pushed into the parasitic way of gaining and using knowledge. This pushing is very noticeable recently, when in the whole world people are being deprived of an easy access to education, and gaining knowledge becomes increasingly difficult. Soon we probably reach the point which was prevailing in ancient societies, when again knowledge becomes the subject of secret initiation. In this way two thousand years of our path towards totallism become wasted.

Further matter which is worth mentioning here is the matter of extremely advanced technology which is in the disposal of both, our cosmic parasites, and our allies from stars. This technology is so advanced that the effects which it allows to achieve look for us humans from planet Earth as impossible coincidences, acts of nature, etc. In order to realize on an example as to what can be achieved, let us consider the case of picture which was painted by Daniela and which in exactly the same frame was later appearing in the American film “Stargate”.


The description of this “coincident” is provided in subsection C11 (I had the honor of seeing both the Daniela’s picture and the film “Stargate” with my own eyes, and I am sure that the parallels between them is not just coincidental). Actually if one reads carefully this treatise, learns what Daniela is doing - in sense what type of a new movement her pyramid is supporting, and also knows the content of the film “Stargate”, one does not have any doubt that the strange “coincidence” with her picture was “prearranged” on purpose by our allies from stars.


It is obvious that our allies tried to use this “coincident” to tell us very specific messages, e.g. that the pyramid described in this treatise has a direct connection with the parasite which exploits our planet, that we should be aware that this pyramid is inspired from the same source as the film “Stargate”, that the film “Stargate” is not just a science fiction movie, etc. But mind boggling is how our allies from stars accomplished such a “coincidence”, because even if we know that they are able to travel in time, still it is difficult to understand how by acting on interstellar distances they could inspire Daniela in past to draw the picture which is exactly copying a frame from the movie that appeared in the future.

I also would like to comment on the unusual parallels between the telepathic pyramid described in this treatise, and many ancient stony pyramids from Egypt and America. These parallels seems to indicate that some ancient stony pyramids from Egypt and America, were simply colossal versions of the telepathic pyramid described in this treatise. For example, if one looks at the cross section of the Cheops pyramid in Egypt, all the major chambers in that pyramid are located in the areas where the subsequent components of the telepathic pyramid should be assembled.


Also the same Cheops pyramid has a strange single porthole which runs from the King’s chamber to one of the pyramid’s sides - which at the moment is blocked, and which is an exact equivalent to the hole in aluminium plate in the telepathic pyramid. Furthermore, I read somewhere, but now I am not able to recall the source, that there are some ancient references stating that the Egyptian pyramids originally were covered with some metal disks but these disks were removed a few thousands years ago (if the reader knows or recalls this source, I would appreciate for letting me know).


Finally, I do not know if the reader has heard about this before, but in American pyramids two transparent human skulls were found, each cut out from a single huge quartz crystal (somewhere I have heard that in Egyptian pyramids also large quartz crystals were found, but they had the shape of “tears” - i.e. they looked like eggs with the smaller end being sharpened). Actually these crystal skulls are very famous and are discussed in many books on ancient mysteries.


The unusual thing about these skulls is that their size in relationship to the American pyramids, and also shape and initial location in the pyramids, were an exact equivalent to the shape, size, and location of quartz crystals in the telepathic pyramid from this treatise. Even more strange is this ancient Maya legend which was found by Daniela in the book [C20] and which concerns these human skulls cut out of quartz crystals. The legend says that when the skulls return to their rightful places in the pyramids they originally occupied, the humanity will be ready to receive the knowledge ...

There are numerous further matters which should receive interpretations similar to these provided above. However, after discussing their topics with Daniela, we reached conclusions that their descriptions could make us unnecessarily vulnerable, and therefore at this stage it is not desirable to disclose them. Therefore, we decided to comment on them in the next edition of this treatise.


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Chapter F.
CONCLUSIONS (by Dr Jan Pajak)

We are living in crucial times. Our civilization gradually is disintegrating, humans are slowly turning into thinking animals, power and money are valued more then morality and respect, people are increasingly scared to leave their homes, almost no-one remembers what happiness and secure feeling is, and in spite of all this we still believe that we are marching towards a better future.


But if we ask anyone to name a single thing which significantly improved the quality of his/her live in the last 10 years, no one is able to indicate such factor without a long hesitation. Perhaps it is a time we woke up from this our hypnotic trance. As a civilization we are not going in the right direction, and someone is responsible for this. It is not enough to blame scientists and politicians that they lead our civilization to a sure disaster, but it is necessary to seek and to fight back also this invisible invader who manipulates our scientists and politicians.


It is about a time to realize that we are living in an alien environment, which is especially designed to be hostile to humans, and that it is in our power to return life on Earth to conditions of care, love, and prevailing happiness.

I understand jolly well that by open addressing the topic of alien occupation of Earth I am risking everything. Our cosmic invader let me already know on numerous occasions that it never forgives any disclose of the truth about its parasitic activities on Earth. So most probably my personal history is going to repeat itself again. Of course, I could choose the cozy lifestyle, shut up, and forget the fight for truth. But then someone needs to do it.


Someone must have the courage to start telling everyone.

“Woke up, an invisible parasite is occupying your planet, robbing you from everything that you have, perhaps even repetitively raping you and those whom you love, while you are too busy watching TV to take notice what actually is happening around yourself. What you are going to tell your children when their turn comes to slave for this invisible parasite. How you explain to them that you were informed about the situation but you laughed at the danger and dismissed everything without even checking it. Wouldn’t it be better if just in case you start checking the truth now and start giving your share to improve the situation?”

As it was explained in chapter B, the disclosure of the existence of the alien parasite, which was one of the subjects of this treatise, is only a first step towards an extensive battlefield which is expanding to all areas of human activities.


Regarding this small front of our large fight for freedom, I would like to point to the reader’s attention the following matters:

  1. The awareness of the existence of invisible invader of Earth is a matter of immense importance for our civilization. This is because it realizes us the cosmic origins of human race, and also because it holds the clue to defense which may decide about the survival of humans as a cosmic race.

  2. There is a theory outlined in this treatise, which is supported with numerous well documented evidence, and which explains exactly why we are occupied by a cosmic parasite, and how this invisible occupation is manifested. Furthermore, there is a wealth of confirmative facts which prove that these theoretical deductions are true. All we need now is to open eyes to these facts and logical deductions.

  3. Evidence which conclusively documents the alien occupation of Earth in fact do exist in plenty, contradictory to what telepathically manipulated scientists and debunkers are saying. It is only a matter of noticing it, and subsequent preventing it from being destroyed or hidden by our invisible invader who has the strict policy to destroy all evidence which may certify its existence.

  4. Our cosmic parasite keeps special political forces (“death squads”) in action on Earth, who systematically destroy all the evidence concerning its existence, and who gradually silence all witnesses that try to talk about it. Therefore it is necessary to take precautions for the future, as it can easily be predicted that whenever any further evidence of alien activities is discovered on Earth, it also will be destroyed or neutralized.

  5. Someone’s participation in any efforts of defending us from the cosmic parasite is not only his/her contribution to fight for free, moral, and progressive humanity, but it is also the gesture of obeying moral laws. After all these moral laws compel us: to seek and to detect regularities in the world around us, to promote truth, to learn, to build transparent future, and to always choose these options in life which run against the line of least resistance. All these efforts are lifting us upwards in the moral field, thus contradict the actions of our cosmic parasite which tries to push us down.

  6. The pyramid described in this treatise is one of the most strategic devices which not only may decide about our victory over the cosmic parasite, but also will open the technological doors to completely new level of our awareness. Therefore it is very important that we undertake the decisive efforts to build it.


    Because the completion of this device lies in the capabilities of almost every skilled hobbyist, I would like to conclude this treatise with a following appeal:


    • “Please join us, and provide your own contribution into this collective effort of building the pyramid. Whatever you do, as long as you do it and do not remain passive, it will contribute towards our defense from the cosmic parasite, and will allow you to be proud that you gave your best in this fight for freedom of our civilization. Please contribute your work towards the completion of this device not because it will bring you power or money, but because it is a moral thing to do, because it may decide about our survival, because this device is good for all of us, and because it may bring freedom and happiness to future generations of people.”

To the above I would like to add my personal promise that if the cosmic parasite does not manage to silence us soon, in a few years of time we would like to write a next treatise that would update the information provided here. As usual, in that next treatise we would like to acknowledge readers’ contributions, and to describe their findings made in the meantime.


Therefore, if you determine something, or develop something, please let us know about your achievements, so that the effort that you put into the pyramid is not wasted and could benefit all of us.

I would also like to take this opportunity and to present my sincere thanks to all these involved in the eventuation and perception of this treatise. Firstly I would like to thank Daniela for courageously sharing with us her life experiences, thus adding her share to the fight for freedom of our civilization. I well understand that in the present climate of moral fall-down, suppression of truth, and oppression of progressive searches, her contribution towards such a controversial subject required special effort and courage, and therefore should be specially appreciated.


I would also like to thank sincerely all those other people who contributed various thoughts and findings into this treatise. For example I would like to thank my friend, Anthony J. Huddy for searching in old newspapers and finding the article [7Ş4] on the Moa footprints discovered near Christchurch, and Krzysztof Bielikowicz for commenting the content of this treatise and for supplying the description of Buchara legend from books [1B2].


Secondly I would like to thank the reader of this treatise for patiently putting up with my English, with my scientific approach, with my numerous equations, and with my open addressing these taboo topics which run against everything that we were told. I understand that in the situation when our minds are being telepathically manipulated by a powerful enemy, and when the collaborators of our parasite are constantly denying the truth, it is very difficult to read and to accept the message that I am trying to put forward here.


Finally I would like to thank all these numerous men and women of substance, anonymous fighters for truth and progress, who sincerely recorded in newspapers, verbally reported to others, or disseminated in any other way, all what they knew or find about alien invaders, about UFOs, about mysteries, and about pyramid described here, even if this was running against fashion or hysteria steered by our powerful parasite.


Their efforts, perseverance, sincerity, and courage, even if not always realized by others, also directly or indirectly contributed to the eventuation of this treatise.

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Chapter G.

Various ideas presented in this treatise have been elaborated with more details in a number of other publications. Therefore readers who wish to study further selected ideas, hypotheses, or evidence mentioned or discussed in the content of this treatise, are recommended to additionally review the appropriate monograph or treatise from the list which follows.

  • Publications marked * are still in the process of writing or preparation for publishing.

  • Publications in the English language are marked with index “e”.

  • Other indexes:

    • i = Italian language,

    • B = this publication concerns other topic than the main stream series,

    • /2 = second edition,

    • /3 = third edition.

  • Note that apart of the National Library of New Zealand, the biggest collection of my works is available in the Hocken Library in Dunedin, New Zealand.


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Daniela Giordano

Daniela Giordano was born in Palermo (Sicily), Italy, on 7 November 1946. She went to school in Milan, Italy. She lived there for ten years together with her family. At the age of fourteen she and her family came back to their home town, Palermo. There she carried on her studies at the high school “Art Lycče” specializing in art subjects. Due to the fact that attending schools was not her most favorite occupation, she preferred to close her education with a one year course at the private school “British College”, where she learned the English language. There she got her final diploma.

At the age of nineteen she won the “Miss Italy” beauty contest. Afterwards she traveled to the United States (including New York, Boston, and Philadelphia) and to Canada (Montreal), to fulfill her engagements. She featured in American TV and in a few other advertising forms, working for some international firms which had sponsored the beauty contest.

In the course of this work, she officially met the former President Johnson, the state Governor Mr Rockefeller, the New York Mayor Mr Lindsay, and various other political personages of that time. When she came back to Italy, she soon began her career as a leading actress in movie-business, in theatre, and in the Italian National television.


She lived in Rome, Italy, for almost 20 years, featuring in about fifty films, most of them in co-production with other foreign companies. During the peak of her career she has also been working in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey. In that period she became quite well known in Italy but she has not reached the top of this career.

With her future in mind, she also tried to build a sort of professional curriculum in a sparse free time between one film and another. Thus, she additionally has been working as an organizer of exhibitions and sales in art fields (e.g. pictures, sculptures), as a manager in an import-export commercial office, and as a free-lance journalist for the periodical of a property company and for a few other magazines. She still writes for Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines.

During a pause on the set, a journalist/reporter arrived to interview her for a well-known Italian magazine. Both discovered common interests and they founded an association called “I Cavalieri di Pegaso” (presently they are married). The goal of the association is to convey the multi-level information service about avantgarde research on many “hot” matters which at the moment are not well accepted in Italy by official science.

Due to various conferences in London and in Paris, which she attended by invitation from an international foundation, she has been able to introduce a couple of such matters into medical circles.

She is enrolled on the Special List of Journalist as the Director of the association’s monthly bulletin. In 1985 she definitely ceased her job as an actress, moved again to Palermo, and from then onwards she has worked in an office which deals with advertising sites in airports. She is now responsible for the advertising displays of Italian clients in the international airports.

She likes to paint surrealist oil pictures, ride horses, and ice skating.


Jan Pajak

Dr Jan Pajak was born in Wszewilki, near Milicz, Poland, on 25 May 1946. He spent his first 36 years in Poland where he gained his education and scientific experience. In 1982 he left Poland and arrived in New Zealand. On 28 August 1985 he was granted New Zealand citizenship.

Dr Pajak began his education in Milicz, where he attended the Gymnasium of General Education. After matriculation in 1964 he shifted to Wroclaw, where he studied at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Technical University of Wroclaw (i.e. at the largest of 8 different Universities established in Wroclaw - a city in south-west part of Poland with population of around 1 million). To graduate in this Department required 6 years of study. Before finishing university, Dr Pajak was awarded a special “Scientific Scholarship” reserved for a few outstanding students, entitling him to employment at the University after the completion of his studies.


He graduated in 1970, receiving the degree of “Master of Engineering and Engineer” and commenced work as a Junior Lecturer in the Institute of Machine Building Technology at the same University. In 1971 he was promoted to the position of Lecturer, and in 1973 to the position of Senior Lecturer.


His scientific specialization was Computer Assisted Design (CAD). In 1974 he defended his doctoral dissertation on this subject to obtain the degree of “Doctor of Technical Sciences”, and for two months following this he was the youngest doctor at this University. In the same year he was promoted from the position of Senior Lecturer to that of “Adiunkt” (i.e. Polish equivalent to a Reader at English Universities).


While holding his lecturing position at the Wroclaw University, he also worked part-time in Polish industry: since 1975 serving as scientific adviser in a computer-producing factory called MERA-ELWRO, and from 1978 as scientific consultant in a bus and truck producing factory called POLMO-JELCZ.

In 1982 he took up a one-year Post Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. After completing this Fellowship, in 1983 he was appointed as a tutor in Computer Programming at Southland Polytechnic (at that time called “Community College”) in Invercargill. In 1988 he resigned from the Polytechnic in order to take up the position of Senior Lecturer in Quantitative and Computer Studies (Information Science team), School of Commerce, at the University of Otago in Dunedin. Effective from 1 February 1992 he was forced to relinquish his position at this University.


In September 1992 he signed a one-year contract to the post of Associate Professor of Computer Sciences in the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus. When this contract expired in September 1993, he took three-year contract of Associate Professor (Profesor Madya) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


When also this professorship expired, as from October 1996 he took a two-year contract to the post of Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering, at the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, at the Island of Borneo. He completed this professorial contract in October 1998. On 24 January 1999 he returned to New Zealand. At the time of writing this publication he was lecturing computing at one of Polytechnics in Timaru, New Zealand.

In 1998 a Polish journal “Nieznany Swiat” (i.e. “The world of unknown”) published an article in which ranked Professor Jan Pajak as currently being the top scientist (number one) in the world in investigating the technical aspects of unexplained phenomena.

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