The primary reason for writing this treatise, was to provide inspiration and guidance to people who are willing to attempt the completion of a very important communication device called here the “telepathic pyramid”, and to make available to these builders the complete knowledge accumulated so-far about this device - including the description of principles and phenomena that it utilizes in the operation. The unusual attribute of the telepathic pyramid is that it is a gift for our civilization from anonymous cosmic allies from stars who sympathize with the doomed fate of humanity and try to help us.

Unfortunately, the painful experience from the past indicate that all those enthusiasts who attempt the completion of the telepathic pyramid unexpectedly are enduring various obstacles, problems, and misfortunes, which in the final count make it very difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish a working prototype. As it was determined in the course of research, these oppressive events which are holding back the completion of the pyramid, are instigated by ... UFOnauts.


Therefore additional topics which were needed to be included into the content of this treatise are:

  1. to issue the warning to builders of this unusual device that numerous strange problems are approaching them

  2. to explain why UFOnauts are pilling all these countless obstacles and problems in front of everyone who attempts to complete this device

  3. to reveal how these obstacles are to be overcome

  4. to realize why it is extremely important that in spite of all these oppressive actions of UFOnauts we should be very decisive in pursuing our efforts of successful completing this unusual telepathic device.

Because of these additional topics, the careful reading of this treatise is recommended to all those people for whom the fate of our civilization does matter, and who are interested in gaining a perspective view (although alternative to generally accepted) of various events which are taking place on our planet.


The major achievement of this treatise is that it clearly reveals the shocking fact of the occupation of Earth by an invisible cosmic invader and exploiter, popularly known as UFOs. It also reveals that there is a wealth of scientific evidence available which is capable to conclusively prove that this invisible occupation of Earth by a cosmic parasite is continued since our planet was populated with humans.


Moreover, this treatise also reveals that there is available a strong evidence for the existence of another (totalistic) cosmic civilization, which sympathizes with the doomed fate of humans on Earth, and which undertakes continuous, although anonymous, efforts to ally us in regaining our freedom. Because this another totalistic civilization is cut out from the physical access to Earth by warships of our occupant, one direction in which the efforts of these anonymous allies are going, is to send us “supplies of weapons”.


These supplies are simply descriptions (delivered via telepathic projectors) as how to build various technical devices which are to help us in our defense against the cosmic parasite. The telepathic pyramid described in chapter C of this treatise is only one example of numerous such weapon of defense which was supplied to us by our cosmic ally. This treatise reveals also the course of a silent battle to build this defense device on Earth, which was fought right from the moment it was supplied to us.


Chapter D of this treatise explains the phenomena and principles on which the operation of this device is based. Also it documents that from the scientific point of view these principles are sound and valid, therefore also the technical completion of this device must be feasible. The treatise systematically presents relevant findings and evidence, providing all the required background theories and deductions. Also it illustrates what consequences the findings introduce for our civilization. Therefore, if it ever becomes appropriate, every interested researcher could later either verify the evidence, theories, and deductions provided here, or extend them through his/her own research and experiments.

While presenting the topics of the telepathic pyramid, invisible occupation of Earth, and our self-defense from the cosmic parasite, this treatise indirectly answers also a whole array of very important questions which are uppermost in almost everyone’s mind, for example:

  • where humanity comes from

  • do we originate from apes or were created by God

  • when the first people arrived to Earth

  • did giants ever exist on Earth as the Bible says - and if so why we do not see their skeletons in museums

  • what actually are UFOs

  • why scientists are unable to make up their minds as to whether UFOs do exists at all

  • if UFOs do exist then why they never appear publicly and always are approaching people at nights as robbers and allow themselves to be seen only if no-one is around

  • why every type of evidence for the existence of UFOs is publicly denounced immediately after someone reveals it

  • is the universe populated by any other intelligent beings similar to people

  • if civilizations similar to people are populating the universe then do they have their own philosophical/religious/political systems and opponents

  • does our present technology allow to communicate with aliens who are sympathetic towards people

  • on what principle a device for communication with friendly aliens should be built and operate

  • etc., etc...

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