June 15, 2012
from Infowars Website


The Infowars crew investigates a nuclear secret buried in Austin, Texas.


A nuclear reactor started in the 60s is hidden beneath the monolith of the LBJ Library on the University of Texas campus, even as the nearby J.J. Pickle Research Center admittedly runs two research reactors.


Meanwhile, nuclear waste is said to be dumped and sealed in limestone caves located in what was once the outskirts of Austin, according to an inside source.










The Horn: UT’s nuclear reactor safe despite skepticism, says university professor


On UT’s Nuclear History:

The University operates a 1.1 megawatt nuclear reactor at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus. The University’s first reactor went critical, at Taylor Hall on the main campus, in August 1963 at 10kW using fuel loaned from the U.S. Government.


This reactor was upgraded to 250 kW in 1968. In the late 1980s, the University began work on the reactor for the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Lab at the Pickle Campus. This reactor went critical in 1992, despite local news reports on its safety.

UT Austin’s Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Program:

History - A nuclear option at the University of Texas at Austin has been in existence for over forty years. The earliest known course was Nuclear Reactor Operation and Maintenance and was first offered in 1957.


Nuclear Engineering became an option in Engineering Science in 1960 and in Mechanical Engineering in 1970, where it is currently administered. In August 1963, the TRIGA nuclear reactor went critical at 10kW using fuel loaned from the U.S. Government.


In 1968, the power was upgraded to 250 kW and then upgraded again in 1992 to 1100 kW at a different site (NETL).

UT’s Nuclear Research Trains Graduates to Work for:

the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Sandia National Laboratory, the Office of Naval Research, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.S. Department of Energy, Lockheed Martin & More.

Video of the nuclear reactor:






And nearby Texas A&M University has its own reactors:

Texas A&M Nuclear Science Center - There are two nuclear research reactors that serve the Texas A&M University Nuclear Science Center. The older of the two is the AGN-201M model, a low-power teaching reactor.


The newer reactor, the TRIGA Mark I, is focused strongly towards research.


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