by Leuren Moret
September 06, 2009

from Rense Website

Here are two maps by Peter Eyre (former UK Naval Intel, and weatherman) that he just sent to me for DOWN WIND air flow at three altitudes - Low, Medium and High - for Afghanistan, India and Australia.


This provides yet more details on the secret DU nuclear war being carried out right before our eyes in Afghanistan.



This shows low, medium, high altitude air flow on September 2, 2009, from Helmand in southern Afghan where heavy bombing/fighting is going on right now, and for the more northern Kabul region in Afghanistan.


The highest death rate in the world of pregnant women is north of Kabul in the NE corner of Afghan (attached). You can clearly see that the Punjab (near Lahore green arrow) is really getting the highest concentration of DU in air directly from Afghanistan.

The summer monsoon will do heavy rainout of the DU. The air currents carry it on across northern India, and then over the Himalayas where there would be high DU rainout and even higher DU snow-out rates (95% of particles removed by snowflakes - most efficient scavenging agent for nano-particles) in the Himalayas where the 7 major rivers of SE Asia have their headwaters.


In 1981 I flew in a Russian Ilyushin over the Himalayas from China and landed in Tibet on the gravel of the river that runs past Lhasa. Deng Xiao Peng invited 69 scientists from 32 countries to the first International Geological Congress on Tibet.


I saw those glaciers all along the top of the Himalayas that are the headwaters for the SE Asian river water.





This is the airflow map for Australia today Sept. 6, 2009 at low, med., and high altitudes.


This is REALLY interesting - the yellow stars are the bombing ranges where DU is being used, and the red arrows are the low altitude air flow currents, with heavy contamination of Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sidney getting the highest brunt of the DU exposure.


Conclusion: depopulation.


The air currents carry the DU on to the NW (Indian Ocean and SE Asia region) and east from southern Australia, as well as down to the New Zealand, Tasmania region.


This DU contamination will be added on top of the uranium dust contamination from mining and milling in Australia, causing extermination of 50% of the Tasmanian Devil population in Tasmania since 1993 - when Australian uranium mining and milling DOUBLED in one year.

PHOTO of DU (?) BOMBING at Raymond Island/SHOALWATER BAY - on the east coast of Australia midway down, where the Great Barrier Reef lies just offshore.





Your comments are welcome. PETER EYRE please be sure to include me on any comments.

Maps and photo may be used by anyone on this list and beyond as long as Peter Eyre is given credit for them.




From Paolo Scampa:
The WHITE color of the bomb (some parts) indicates temperature in excess of 2000c. Probably radioactive.

That bomb was dropped on Raymond Island during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2005. Here is what the AU DOD said in their press release June 7, 2005:

"Prior to the 2005 exercise the Australian Department of Defense issued a press release which stated that depleted uranium "will not be used in TS05 [Exercise Talisman Sabre 2005] by either Australian or US forces" and that this was "unequivocal"."

See the background on Exercise Talisman Sabre.

From David Bradbury
Until you've got absolute PROOF that DU has been, is being used in Australia by US forces, you are undercutting your credibility and the credibility of the peace movement here in opposing US war exercises in Australia.


Putting up a map showing red, yellow and red arrows and the direction of the prevailing winds over Australia plus an old DOD official photo we put out in 2005 showing Raymond Island, Australia being bombed during the 2005 war 'games' is a far fetched cry from PROVING the US is/has used DU in exercises in Australia. As per your email.

Knowing the nature of the Beast and from what has happened in Okinawa, Puerto Rico, etc, we all SUSPECT that there is a heightened risk of DU use and it certainly goes with the territory of inviting the US to come in and engage in joint exercises with Australian Defense Forces far from the maddening crowds in isolated parts of Oz.


But we've had no leaks (and this is a country which 'leaks'...) from anyone saying the US has used DU on our shores or from ship to shore firing. Aussies might be smucks to do the bidding of the US military for some false sense of 'protection' from China or whoever. But there's been enough info out now since Blowin' in the Wind etc so that if its used against the official Australian Defense Forces policy of not allowing here, someone on the inside would 'blab'.


Until we get that positive proof, it only undercuts our credibility by making hysterical and wild accusations. Che Gueverra once said you should always tell the cold truth, even in defeat, as honestly as you know it so the people will come in time to trust you and believe you when it really counts.

Nor does it serve any useful purpose to grab at straws and say the Tasmanian Devil's facial cancers is coming from the winds blowing radioactive dust from the 'doubling of mining and milling of uranium in Australia' (where did you get that 'fact' from? The amount of Australian yellowcake production is set to skyrocket in the next few years as the government here gives a radical increase in uranium mining and exploration the green-light - but it hasn't come into production yet.


So levels as far as I know have been pretty constant over the last decade or two. Five thousand tons a year from Ranger mine in the Northern Territory and between 4,000-5,000 tons a year from BHPBiliton's mine at Olympic Dam SA. We have a third uranium mine only up and running which does an underground acid leachate extraction.


So far most of the tailings if not all have been buried in tailings dams so the radioactive dust cannot blow off the mine-site easily. Leach into the underground water-table yes but not blow around to Tasmania etc as you suggest).

I'm open to be proven wrong however on both fronts: the bi annual war exercises use of DU and the Tasmania Devils facial cancers. Just give me more proof!

Dear David,

I think you are very confused about what I sent today, and what you think I said. Read my email again very carefully.

There is NO question that DU is being used in Australia. I have had a number of long conversations with Major Doug Rokke ret., including today, about DU in Australia. He confirmed, once again from his own trips to Australia as the US DOD's top expert on DU, that he had toured and inspected the three military sites marked on the air flow map (Perth area, northern territories area, and Shoalwater Bay area) and confirmed that DU munitions have been used at all three places.


Dr. Chris Busby has also visited Australia, and both Doug and Chris addressed the DU contamination in Australian soldiers. Both of them pointed out that the US DOD lied to the Australian DOD and AU govt. about DU contamination in Australian soldiers and misled the AU DOD on how to measure for detection of DU in AU soldiers. They may have also taken samples and measured radiation levels but I do not know for sure whether they did. Since they are on this list, they can answer that question.

The air flow maps were simply to show airflow at three different altitudes on a particular day... period. The airflow is constantly changing, every day, and this information is what pilots use to create their flight plans.


These air flow patterns demonstrate that particulates in the atmosphere are transported in every direction, on different layered air flows, and can be in many directions. In the case of mining and milling uranium in Australia, with depleted uranium bombing added to the uranium aerosols in the atmosphere - Australia is facing very dangerous consequences as the air flow patterns show that anything going into the atmosphere is going to be carried all over Australia in different circulation cells - AND by regional circulation patterns for the southern hemisphere, that transport anything picked up in Australia straight south to New Zealand and Tasmania.


I looked up the regional circulation patterns for the southern hemisphere - and they go right from Australia south to NZ and Tasman.

The photo I sent of the bombing at Raymond Island during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2005 - was sent as a question to confirm whether or not it was a DU bomb. I am waiting for Doug to look at it and confirm that it is DU, but I did have confirmation today from two other experts. We will wait for Doug's opinion, hopefully tomorrow.

Mining and milling of uranium increased from 6 months a year for each activity to 12 months a year for both in 1993. That is when the facial cancers started decimating the Tasmanian Devil, and the population has crashed 50% since 1993. Along with the Tasmanian Devil decline, in the same years, diabetes has increased drastically in Tasmania and that region with no explanation.


See these articles, DU is very deadly even at very low concentrations in drinking water:

Atmospheric convection and airflow patterns are essential in order to understand where the DU is going, how fast it is transported, and who it is impacting.


Two years ago when I started educating the public about the link between uranium and diabetes, the public was unaware of the causal effect. However, I discovered that it was known by mainstream scientists in Hiroshima-Nagasaki survivor studies, Chernobyl studies, DU studies, nuclear power plant studies, and now the Navajo study "Populations Exposed to Environmental Uranium".


From Peter Eyre
Hello David,
Thought I would just add some information to Leuren's comments if you don't mind. I am Australian and have worked in the oil, gas and mining industry for many years. I have worked under the umbrella of Rio Tinto Australia and later under a consortium of Woodside Petroleum, BHP, BP etc and so have got to know much about what goes on in these industries.


I have also served in the Military and in my civilian life spent much time in aviation support for these industries and in particular covered the Cyclone/Weather Watch service for these operations.

I note with interest that "The Ranger Project" and adjoining Jaliluka Mining Lease are open pit mining. Therefore what was previously natural bonded uranium (Yellowcake) in the earths crust is now totally exposed and released into the atmosphere in the same way as all open pit mining anywhere in the world. This would certainly allow dust aerosol particles to drift on the wind.

I also note that once again we see mining taking place close to areas of natural beauty and in these case is incredibly close to the wonderful Kakadu National Park. The land in question also happens to be Aboriginal Land owned by The Mirrar Gundjeihmi People who object to its usage for some time... it went to court as usual but the good old UN intervened and they lost their fight.


Again we see an almost identical situation as per the US whereby the native Americans have become a victim of this terrible greed, at whatever the cost, and then have to pay the ultimate price in inhalation and ingestion of the highly toxic aerosol from the open pit mine. Their fate is very each to measure!! The mine started in August 1981 and continues to this day.

Now, we have another major mine North of Adelaide the Olympic Dam which mines copper gold and contains much uranium. This project is considered the largest in the world based on the uranium body. The mine has huge open stockpiles of ore body also on the surface and would also succumb to the same possibility of allowing particles to become airborne aerosols to roam on the wind.

Based on the wind map I made up yesterday for Australia one can see that the main population areas of Australia could receive such aerosols with little effort. Add to this any joint military exercises that take place from time to time as well as live firings on a weekly basis (under normal training practices) we have a potentially very serious environmental situation developing.

For my part having been ex military and having watched many conventional bombs, rockets, shells exploding I would have some grave concern for the one we observe in the attached definitely shows some signs of not being a conventional
weapon and would lean towards a weapon with uranium component.

Kind Regards
Peter Eyre

Additional Reply
From Leuren Moret
Mouth cancers - Tasmanian Devils and US soldiers
The Tasmanian Devil is suffering from aggressive cancers on their faces, actually mostly on their muzzles, that become contaminated contaminated while they are foraging for food and drinking water out of contaminated streams. They also have cancer in their mouths.

US soldiers are also suffering from an epidemic of mouth and throat cancers that increased drastically when the US conducted 835 air strikes in Afghanistan (a few in Iraq) in the month of July (heavy monsoon rains) 2007. An epidemic of mouth cancers in US soldiers was so severe that the US DOD investigated and came to the conclusion that the soldiers were having "too much oral sex, and would be vaccinated with Gardasil - given to young women to prevent cervical cancer in the US."

The other point to be made with the viral diseases etc. in other wildlife in Australia, is that their immune systems are being compromised by the chronic exposure to low level radiation from constant DU and uranium dust flying around in the atmosphere.


The increase in skin cancer (melanoma) and these face cancers in Tasmanian Devils, and mouth cancers in US soldiers could also be explained by the particulate effect of uranium aerosols - and that causes cancer within 2 months we learned from the 2003 Iraq war when 8 out of 20 soldiers in one unit had cancer 2 months after exposure to DU in "Shock and Awe".

The DU traveled quickly across the Pacific because we know from Los Angeles Power and Water Company, that they have been measuring uranium in drinking water in LA since 1998 - EVERY source of drinking water in LA. It is clear from their sampling results that uranium contamination DOUBLED in 2007, and that it came down in rainfall.

So either the Tasmanian Devils are having too much oral sex like the US soldiers and need Gardasil vaccines too, or the US soldiers are getting mouth and throat cancer from foraging habits like the Tasmanian Devils and the cause is on the food and in the water and air.


The uranium from mining, milling, and munitions is creating a huge catastrophe for all living things in the southern hemisphere region of Australia... and the indicators are telling us there is a major health care problem ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) looming. When animals and humans are sick and dying in the same region - there has to be an environmental link.


The fact that Tasmania has the highest diabetes in that region, indicates that uranium is probably the cause.

Get it, David?

Dr Chris Busby
Randy Parrish is wrong in two areas. The first is the dispersion of DU. In Kosovo I found DU particles several months after the bombing in areas distant from the attacks where the particles had been washed out by rainfall: they had therefore been re-suspended.


This happens, I believe , through electrostatic mechanisms and due to the very small size, so they behave as a gas. Uranium has a very low energy work function and therefore blue light (<430nm, sunlight) can charge the particles.

There is a continuous static electrostatic field of 100-200V/m at the earths surface which collapses in rainfall. There is thus a pump which moves particles long distances and provides an atmospheric loading. UNEP found DU in HVAS in Montenegro long after the bombing and they reported this in their paper on the subject.


I previously attacked them (Director J-O Snihs) in the EU Parliament meeting in Strasbourg in 2002 over their failure to employ air filter measurements in Kosovo, so they put some up in the Montenegro study. Second, we found uranium increased significantly in the Aldermaston UK filters at the time of GW2, whilst the wind blew from there to the UK (Saoirse Morgan and me). I also found excess alpha activity in the air in S Iraq.


Measurements I have obtained from the MoD which they recently presented in their report attacking me for a coroners inquest which I will be addressing this week, Thursday, in Smethwick W Midlands case show that the material travels farther than the 50m they originally stated, but they havent looked further (naturally).


Parrish is also wrong in comparing exposure from DU particles with uranium in general diluted dust. There is an anisotropy argument, one is pure uranium, the other very dilute uranium in ores. It is not valid to compare overall alpha dose with the doses from particulate DU because of the anisotropy (hot particle) argument which has been endlessly rehearsed by ECRR see


There also is the photoelectron amplification effect for particles below 500nm.


ICRP are still reeling from this idea and have refused to discuss it. The ICRP model that Parrish bases his argument on has now been destroyed on many levels. The Scientific Secretary of ICRP Dr Jack Valentin (editor of the 2007 ICRP103 model) has resigned and admitted uncertainties of 2 orders of magnitude in a public meeting where I debated this with him in Stockholm in April this year. I have this admission and the debate on videotape and will be using it.

Finally I last week sent Parrish a Freedom of Information request under the FoI over his treatment of the analytical data from the Beirut Lebanon car filter which he took for analysis and never sent us the results despite many requests. This filter contained enriched uranium. Parrish told the DUOB at a meeting that there was evidence of Enriched Uranium in the environment, and agreed with the DUOB to analyze this filter which had already been looked at by 2 other labs for me.


Parrish has better equipment than anyone in this game and so is a key player. For various reasons I do not see him as trustworthy. Finally, I have done experiments which indicate that the plastic bottles used for analysis of U samples in water or urine adsorb uranium from solution and so dilute the urine or water samples so that the final results are wrong (low).


I raised this question in a DUOB meeting but was unable to get them to agree to carry out experiments. Thus all the urine measurements of the DUB are suspect on concentration (as well as on isotope ratio due to the enriched uranium in the environment, see the final report of the DUOB, the second part of which I wrote.) 

Incidentally, they MoD shut down that website so the final report was impossible to find. I bought the name and put it back up.


Haha. I shall be arguing this at the above inquest on the death of Stuart Dyson who was exposed in Iraq in GW1 and died of colon cancer aged 39.