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There is now strong data indicating that this disorder is associated with nanotechnology, specifically nanomachines in the form of nanofibers. The National Science Foundation (NSF) defines nanofibers as having at least one dimension of 100 nanometer (nm) or less.


Fiber samples, taken from the skin of a Morgellons sufferer, when exposed to heat, did not burn until it has been heated to 1700 degrees F. As well, under examination with an electron microscope, fiber samples appear not to be organic. They have no eukaryotic cells, no cell membrane. Meaning that Morgellons is not a parasite, it is not biological, it is a machine.


In March and April 2007, Jeff Rense published and broadcast some capable research based on scientific techniques including electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy. The Team Leader of the research unit was Dr Hilgegarde Staninger of Integrative Health International at Lakewood, California.

The preliminary findings were disturbing. Morgellons appears to be a communicable nanotechnology invasion of human tissue in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating nanotubes, nanowires, and nanoarrays with sensors.

Other nanoconfigurations associated with Morgellons disease carry genetically-altered and spliced DNA or RNA. The nanomachines which precipitate Morgellons thrive in alkaline ph conditions and use the body's bio-electric energy and other (unidentified) elements for power. There is evidence that certain of the tiny machines possess their own internal batteries as well. The Morgellons nanomachines are configured to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals and radio data.

At this point, why this is happening is anyone's guess. We do know that Morgellons is commonly found in all body fluids, orifices and often even hair follicles, and are believed to routinely achieve total body systemic penetration.

If these findings are correct, and Morgellons is nanotechnology capable of taking over biological systems, the question remains whether or not these nanomachines were the result of an accident, or a deliberate release with the intention of infecting people for some unknown purpose.

It is almost as if Morgellons is in the process of reconstructing people into an entirely different life form; a cyborg-like creature, both biological and machine. As well, with the reports that the Morgellons nanomachines are capable of receiving radio signals, this could indicate that each infected person/system would be able to communicate with other Morgellon sufferers, creating the potential that each person would be like a single brain-cell of a larger, artificial intelligence.

Are we facing an invasion by machine intelligence, or is this a twisted attempt by some unknown group or government to achieve the ultimate control of humankind? Considering the current world situation, it would not be unreasonable to imagine that someone could stoop to such evil as releasing something such as Morgellons upon an unsuspecting planet. Sometimes the smallest thing can cause the biggest problems.


We have to take a deeper look, beyond the affliction itself, before we will find any substantial answers

Morgellons Defined Again
by Jeff Rense
November 2008

from Rense Website

Morgellons is a communicable invasion or syndrome that afflicts the entire human body (it is not a 'skin disease') in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating, visible colored fibers, wires-like items, tiny black specks and other formations some containing what seem to be sensors or 'antennae'. Other small objects are 'fluorescent' or metallic in color.

These (potentially nanotech-triggered) fiber 'machines' thrive in the human body and apparently use the host body's bio-electric energy, its minerals and other elements for power and to physically replicate themselves. It is also speculated by some that these fibers may be able to receive microwave, EMF, ELF or some other modality of signals and information. To what end is not known.


It is also reported by many Morgellons victims that the fibers and other Morgellons items exhibit a kind of collective intelligence within the bodies they have parasitized.

The fibers are motile and can be easily observed to move and to reach out for nearby objects with a 10x to 30x scope. They are not bacterial or viral and can withstand blowtorch temperatures of 1400 F.

The symptoms of Morgellons vary widely from easily recognized skin lesions which can appear over wide areas on the body - and sometimes over the entire body - which do not scab normally. Strangely, Morgellons lesions have not been reported to become bacterially-infected. These lesions heal extremely slowly and leave white, pigment-free scars.


The mental and neurological effects of the Morgellons syndrome include:

  • brain fog

  • serious personality changes

  • fear

  • depression

  • suicidal thoughts

  • physical coordination issues

Morgellons victims also suffer:

  • rapid spikes in body heat levels

  • severe malaise

  • chronic fatigue

It is established that Morgellons fibers are commonly found in all body fluids and orifices.


They have been found in bone joints, and are believed to routinely achieve full body systemic penetration... from major organs to the brain. It is very simple to find Morgellons fibers on the skin of victims and their clothing and often throughout their homes... which many believe become permanently infested and pose a clear and present danger to any uninfected people who come into the homes of Morgellons victims.

Communicability appears to be easy and probable via all normal bacterial or viral vectors, including all forms of direct contact, self-inoculation and even breathing in or consuming fibers with food are all believed viable transmission routes. Entire families and extended families are now infected. However, the spreading of Morgellons does not occur in all who come into contact with the afflicted. There may be some form of 'immunity' some people possess. Why that is the case remains unknown.

Since the fibers can withstand temperatures in excess of 1400 F, assured sterilization of medical/dental reusable medical equipment and instruments is moot. Some have tried to link Chemtrail aerosol spraying to the spread of Morgellons fibers, although proof of transmission through aerial spraying remains anecdotal and dubious.


The current CDC 'Morgellons study' being carried out by a Kaiser-Permanente group in Northern California is considered to be a cover-up and a farce.

Morgellons Destroys Relationships, Families & Happiness
by Cliff Mickelson

from Rense Website

Hi Jeff

Per your request for further information about the impact of Morgellons on the mind.


As you know, I've had it for over 10 years and offer this information based on all of that experience and, as you well know, many years of intense research into this catastrophic affliction. Your 8th Morgellons Special - Psychological, Emotional, Personality and Relationship Impacts - should also be listened carefully by all Morgellons victims.

I sincerely hope the below helps.

- Cliff


Morgellons Destroys Relationships, Families & Happiness

It has long been common knowledge among Morgellons researchers that the effects of this emerging plague are not limited to simple physical manifestations.


As do many other new and emerging diseases, Morgellons attacks the mind of all victims as well as their body. In so doing, it is at once both obvious and subtle in it's symptomology. Perhaps the most pervasive and common baseline defining this duel attack is a form of Depression that often makes its appearance during the early onset of the condition.

Depression is an insidious condition that debilitates a victim while often leaving them completely clueless as to the process that is affecting them. Of course, as we know, depression is not the sole domain of Morgellons victims.


It is an "umbrella" condition and finds fertile ground in many traumatic life-events as well as pathologies.

It is important at this juncture to emphasize that the demonstrative behavioral effects upon the personality of a subject afflicted with Morgellons, (and to some extent, Lyme) generally go beyond the normal behavioral parameters that define classical depression. We can call it depression with a "twist".... It is a curious phenomena and one that is still poorly recognized and/or understood.

For lack of more concise terminology, the "twist" can be roughly described as "selective negative personality trait enhancement."

It is an extremely novel and subtle effect but one that is part and parcel of the Morgellons personality profile.

The denial that accompanies this behavioral modification is commensurate with that of depression. The victim rarely notices their own negative enhancements. However, such changes do not often escape the notice of those closest to the victim. They in turn, often find themselves increasingly powerless to negotiate a relationship where the rules they formerly co-existed by no longer apply or are being arbitrarily changed.

As a result, many Morgellons victims unwittingly engage in a form of relationship 'suicide' where relationships are almost invariably destroyed by stealth personality traits that target the very people closest to them and who form their primary support system.

Behavioral modification in a Morgellons victim generally occurs in the initial stages of the disease. These appear to be changes that are always rooted in the natural proclivities that existed in the makeup of the personality prior to affliction. However, prior to Morgellons onset these personal and socially counterproductive personality traits are ones that were usually partially or completely controlled, regulated or suppressed.

Morgellons appears to create in its victims a condition which allows a certain number of these formerly sub-dominant behaviors to become "enhanced" to varying degrees. During the high season of initial onset, a victim, (Even if he or she is made aware of the issue) will be unlikely to be able to exert effective self-control or to take personal responsibility for modified behaviors in question.

The forms and types of negative behavioral examples available for impartial examination are legion. Judgmental excesses as well as compulsive completion and procrastination issues are usually but not always the locus of these matters.

Fault projection in a relationship, (especially if the tendency was pre-existing) is also quite common. This particular enhancement is usually directed at a spouse or significant other. It is one of the more personally destructive effects of Morgellons and has been the ruination of many formerly healthy and rewarding relationships.

It is worth noting that most Morgellons victims who have weathered the first few years of affliction have slowly come to an awareness of this phenomenon and it's effect upon their lives and the lives of those around them. With the dawning of this awareness comes a belated self-understanding and the beginning of the painful journey toward a compromise/solution that enables the Morgellons patient to engage in a functional or semi-functional life once again.


It is long and difficult struggle but one that is its own reward in the end.

-Cliff Mickelson


Psychological, Emotional, Personality And Relationship Impacts
Cliff Mickelson, Jan Smith Guests


This was very helpful for me. I am fighting to keep my relationships intact. I do not feel or think the same as I used to. I am so different now, and I cannot seem to get my old jolly self back and everyone does not understand.