by David Noble
January 26, 2012

from EndTheLie Website



In April 2009, the first case of swine influenza in humans was reported in Mexico.


Two months later, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a pandemic. This was the start of a scandal which led to countries competing with one another to get the most vaccines as quickly as possible, spending unbelievable sums of public money to acquire vaccines that were two to three times more expensive than other vaccines.

With health authorities like the WHO and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) fuelling hysteria, countries panicked taking steps that were disproportionate to the known and experienced severity of the H1N1 epidemic.



The costs according to the latest Court of Auditors report were close to 1.3 billion Euros in the United Kingdom and over 700 million Euros in France.

The exception to the panic buying of these H1N1 vaccines was Poland whose government decided against vaccinating the population. Yet despite the well-publicized supposed threat their mortality rate was not higher than in countries whose population was vaccinated.

By the end of April 2010 it became clear that despite all the fear mongering and huge costs to countries who were already trying to cope with crippling debt that this Flu had a much lower mortality rate than that related to seasonal flu.


With around 2 900 deaths in Europe attributed to H1N1 compared to an estimated 40 000 - 220 000 deaths per year depending on the year that related to seasonal flu.


This 'unbelievably' was not picked up by the main stream media who continued to play up the severity of the threat.

It also wasn’t long before health concerns about the vaccine started to emerge with cases of Narcolepsy being reported in children in Finland and Sweden following vaccinations with GSK’s H1N1 influenza vaccine.


These concerns were highlighted by Michèle Rivasi on the 7 March 2011 in Strasbourg during an evaluation of the management of H1N1 influenza in the EU in 2009-2010 when she stated,

“I would like to highlight the cases of Narcolepsy that have been reported in children in Finland and Sweden following vaccination with GSK’s H1N1 influenza vaccine.


These cases need our attention. In the first instance, they clearly demonstrate that there are still grey areas, both in relation to the actual toxicity of the vaccines and adjuvants and in relation to possible risks as yet unknown to the manufacturers themselves.


Finland has suspended the use of this vaccine until more information is available.


This is not the position of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which has decided instead to wait until more information is available before issuing any opinion on restricting the use of this vaccine. I would like to see the Commission adopt the same position as Finland.


It is time that the precautionary principle benefited patients for once instead of always benefiting the companies”.

What’s really worrying about this vaccine is that the vaccine manufacturer, despite making huge profits, refused to take responsibility for the vaccine’s side effects.


Did they know something that they weren’t sharing about the safety of their vaccine?

This certainly seems to have been the case as scientists involved in creating previous vaccinations were telling family and friends not to take the H1N1 vaccine:







What is even more alarming is that it seems that most health care workers don’t trust these vaccines either.


The Journal of General internal Medicine reported in February 2006 that 70% of doctors and 62% of healthcare workers DO NOT take flu shots. Yet these same health professionals urge the rest of us to get vaccinated.

Some Doctors have spoken out against the dangers of vaccines as can be seen from the video below: