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April 29, 2009

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As more and more are concerned about forced vaccinations, the flu, and many other related issues there is a growing need to provide answers.


Hopefully I can help you.


I have some very important information for you that should answer most of your questions. Personally, my position is firm, and was made clear when I recently spoke with my state Senator eye to eye.


Here is what I asked the Senator,

“When is the government going to quit playing doctor and allow doctors to do the doctoring, AND let the doctor and his patients decide between them what is best for them… and with vaccinations looming on the horizon, there would be no small revolt among many of my colleagues who will refuse to participate in forced vaccinations. Then what will you do?”

His answer was not supportive and disappointing.

So, you are correct in being concerned. And I want to help you begin preparing yourself, your family, and loved ones for a highly likely and deadly threat looming on the horizon.

As you know, the current influenza outbreak was recently declared a pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization), but it has not been declared such by the CDC. There are a number of reasons for this. Many of which I’m sure you are aware. But soon HHS and CDC will be implementing their plans for vaccinations, and whether you get the vaccine or not, the following information will be invaluable. Again, I want to make clear I am not recommending vaccinations.

Now, what can you do to prepare?

Below is a three step plan.

I am sure you are aware that nothing is a silver bullet, and the steps below are no different. Each step is addressing a slightly different aspect of the problem. But if possible all three should be done and most importantly number 3.


And, to obtain the practitioner only remedies in step 3, just contact Simply Your Health (contact info top above box).





Information is not meant to prescribe in any way.


Please consult a health care provider before taking remedies.

  1. To be able to handle the inflammatory response that is making the current H1N1 flu (swine flu) dangerous. Do lipid therapy by taking omega 3 (fish oil) and make sure it is distilled so it is pure. 800 – 1200 mg spread out over the day.


    Add to that turmeric which has curcumin metabolites that help reduce inflammation. This helps with what is called the cytokine cascade/storm. Consider this a permanent need till this flu pandemic and related crisis is completely over.

  2. Next, nano-silver (liquid) which kills all microbes on contact would be good to use in spray form in the nostrils, and the eyes, to guard common entry points (especially those who wear contact lens and may have to remove their contacts after public contact without access to cleaning their hands first).


    Also, use Alliderm on your hands, which kills microbes for 6 hours. Again, consider this a permanent need till this crisis is completely over.

  3. Last but very, very important, get remedies from Pekana, SanPharma, or Syntrion, and homeopathics from Energique. BioResource Inc., Distributor (accessed only by practitioner).



Can We Prevent Influenza Holistically?

Maybe the question should be, “Will vaccines work?”

“Doctor, I never caught cold this entire winter, nor did I get the serious flu that went around. Earlier I was always first to catch it, and couldn’t get rid of the bothersome symptoms for months.”

It is common to hear comments like this from folks that use a our- holistic approach.

Just what does this “not getting the flu” have to do with a holistic approach since it doesn’t presumably do anything against the terrible flu virus. There is an approach to healing that requires a fundamental re-orientation in one’s thinking.


But how many times have you heard that said, “ad nauseam.”

Holistically approaching any potential biological threat, requires starting with the thought that “treating” disease is a broken medical model. In other words, our “existing medical model” is broken, and it doesn’t even need the help of a conspiracy.


Although that is probably in the equation too, a holistic approach never treats viruses or bacteria, or a specific disease, but rather a person’s regulatory capability and internal milieu. You may be thinking well that isn’t new. That approach isn’t new , but how it is accomplished is more than likely new to most.

Everything in man is about adaptation, reaction, and compensation vis-a-vis a constantly changing environmental milieu (milieu = inside the body). This reactivity is also expressed in the ability to resist bacteria and viruses. And man is constantly exposed to bacteria, viruses and fungi, which he reacts to in dealing with them.


So again, in light of that position it would be understandable that those people who have a good regulatory system do not fall ill to viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

The virus or bacterium is not the cause of the disease, but rather a person’s altered and internal environment/milieu that encourages the growth of viruses.

Let me give a couple of examples. There are two people sitting on a park bench when a gust of wind blows dust into their face. Both turn their heads, close their eyes, and cover their face.


However, one of them starts to get watery eyes an itchy nose, and starts sneezing.

“It’s my allergies” they say, “the dust makes me ill.”

In this case if it was dust that makes a person ill then all of us should be ill, especially when it is in the air. But most people don’t react with these symptoms.




For the same reason that some people don’t react to the flu. Some are going to say the flu in the news is a genetically modified flu bug! And I would have to emphatically agree but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something about the problem that is very effective.

In order to know what to do let’s first chat about, what vital components are involved?


White blood cells (leukocytes)


Often used to stimulate white blood cells, botanical remedies provide us two approaches.


Some are for long term use, others are for short term use. For flu prevention white blood cells (leukocytes) can be stimulated on a long-term basis. When stimulating white blood cells we are enhancing their ability to produce active substances to help fight viruses like the flu.

White blood cells produce interferon, interleukin, and protein-cleaving enzymes. In the case of a viral issue, the enzymes need to be secreted by the white blood cells in order to change the environment that is allowing the virus to grow, and when it does this, then the virus looses its viability (ability to live).

So the virus or bacterium is not the cause of the disease but rather, a person’s internal environment/milieu that is encouraging the growth of viruses. Holistic practitioners consider this the most important issue to address, in order to help the body’s ability to regulate the internal environment.


This way, viruses and bacteria lose their pathogenicity (disease-triggering ability).




by Simply Your Staff
August 5, 2009

from SimplyYourHealth Website


  • Who is responsible for the 72 kilos of vaccine with live avian virus?

  • Are the plans to vaccinate millions of people a real threat to our good health, or even to our lives?

At first I couldn’t imagine that anyone in control, or with the power and ability to do it, would actually plan to destroy so many lives needlessly, but I had to remember something.


That the WTC was taken down with explosives and that is was deliberate and that is wasn’t an airplane that brought the towers down.

So as I began to remember that fact, and that the attack had to be conceived by a sick mind, planned, and then put in motion by insiders, I am reminded that who did it could and would do it again. And for people like that there are no morals, no sanity, no decency, but rather someone or group of people, who’s thoughts are so perverted that the normal person cannot begin to fathom the depth. In fact to know that depth is not possible with a sane mind.

So on the day it happened, President Bush sat in a grade school with a look that told the story, the real story. Even he sat in shock with what he knew had been planned, and was going to happen. And he just sat there and cogitated about what had just really happened.


He knew what had just occurred was the biggest false flag operation in American history, and yes it was almost more that he could handle and that was written all over his face.


Wake up world you are at war, and under attack... again. And now, we again face the horrors of another attack, and an attack whose real intentions are cloaked. Don’t let them commit the “Perfect” crime!

There is a plan in motion that seeks to harm and even kill millions of people. You say, surely not, and yes I thought it impossible too, but I had to find out, could this happen again only bigger?

To answer this question for myself, I researched to satisfy my curiosity, and apparently this plan has been underway for many years. During this research this is what I’ve found out.

Baxter was not the manufacturer of the vaccine. Knowing or unknowingly Baxter became the “vendor” for the manufacturer, and the patent holder which is Novartis. So it appears that it would be more correct to file charges against the actual lab that manufactured the vaccine, and pull everyone else in as conspirators.

Now, legal is not my venue of expertise, but this information appears to be correct. My responsibility is to the people who seek my opinion, and to that end I believe we definitely have reason for concern of a deadly biological threat manifesting, through modified vaccinations.

When potentially facing the loss of billions of lives, as well as just one, we must constantly pursue excellence, and with the clock ticking we can’t afford mistakes. And no matter how passionate we are, an error would be gravely regrettable.

So people we are at war. And the war we are in is a war of deception, misdirection, lies, and mass murder. And you and I are the target.

Don’t let them commit the “Perfect” crime, not this time, and never again!



Ground Crews - Update Two
by Simply Your Staff
August 9, 2009

from SimplyYourHealth Website


Underground Resistance


Major geopolitical events are about to take place. Although my expertise is not institutions and policy I have been present in one country during a revolution, and in another immediately after a revolution when the “old guard” was still in control.


What I learned from this experience is that people are the same all over the world, and when tyranny raises it’s ugly head they will revolt. America is no exception, and maybe even more of an exception, but America is soon to be deliberately launched into upheaval. The following is information for the Ground Crews.

First, make sure you have acquired all your communication tools. Communications are absolutely essential. There are three main areas that western culture uses for communication.


Land line telephone, cell phone, and computers, but these will not suffice. You will need short range, medium range, and eventually long range communication. And the communication device should not depend upon something in the middle, like a phone company land line, cell tower, or internet connection.


Reliable person-to-person communication is going to be required, that has its own power source (usually batteries), and ability to transmit and receive.

  • Short Range: Think of shopping at a mall with the family and they are not with you but you want to know where they are.

  • Medium Range: Think of communicating 10-20 miles. Range would vary depending on your location, urban, suburban, and rural.

  • Long Range: Think of communicating to someone on the other side of the country you live in.

Hopefully you will not have need for this but soon short and/or medium range might be saving your life.

I mention this because as in most every other major geopolitical crisis, there is always some group of people that is targeted. And usually there is a resistance group actively moving targeted people out of harms way.


The coming major geopolitical event will be no different, except for one thing, the person that is moving out of harms way may be... you.

Recent research about current events has determined there is a high probability that the monetary crisis and the current pandemic and vaccination issues (real or false flag) were deliberately planned so that they could be merged together to produce a desired outcome. There shouldn’t be any doubt in our minds that both are deliberately provoked events.


As all depressions through manipulation of the central banking system by those in charge have been planned, so has the swine flu with all the emergency powers that go with such a “declared emergency.”

Their plan is clever, and devious. As they move forward with plans to vaccinate they are moving in place a new monetary policy that is hooked into the medical system. This system has been in progress for about two years, (article here).


Their plans cleverly move certain groups of people into the horse corral marked resister by implementing a geopolitical maneuver that is plausibly deniable.

Therefore, they are able to say,

“no we wouldn’t do that, we want to help you,” and last but not least “YOU HAVE A CHOICE.”

While they prepare to offer you your choice they have had NLE 09, Operation “Vibrant Response,” and Federal Reserve meetings to coordinate YOUR CHOICE.

The choice looks noble at first, but it was planned so that as you invoke your right to choose, you will be putting yourself into jeopardy. They plan on linking your ability to engage in banking and commerce with having or not having received the vaccination.

Oh, it will be a choice alright. You will be given the opportunity to self quarantine, and stay at home, and not allowed to return to your work or school, until they say so. In the meantime, the new monetary policies preventing you access to banking will remain in force until you are vaccinated.

This scenario now presents you with new problems you may not have known about. So, make sure that if you plan on “resisting,” that you are able to safely stay in place with all that goes with being unplugged from the financial apparatus, or move into safety soon.

During the civil war there was the underground railroad, and during WWII there was the French underground. Today you need to know there are avenues of escape, developing. You have until maybe the end of October to make your mind up.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open about information concerning the “new underground.” Related article here.




MTV Martial Law Warnings







Dr. John Waterman on Vaccines

from ProjectCamelot Website

5 July 2009

On last Thursday's radio show, a medical doctor, named WATERMAN on the Avalon Forum, phoned in to report a personal meeting with his Senator that left him in little doubt that mandatory vaccinations were on their way.


He also described how he was invited to a pre-release screening of the new movie, '33 Minutes,' in response to his direct question about the possibility of a nuclear attack on the US.

There are multiple indications (as there were this time last year) that we may have quite a challenging few months ahead of us all. We would like to think that the planned events may be averted or avoided, in total or in part: but it may be wise to take precautions - each depending on our personal situation.




11 July 2009 - update 4

In light of the very crucial nature of the rising debate regarding vaccines, I recorded an on the spot interview with Dr. John Waterman regarding the homeopathic remedy that replaces the need for vaccinations as well as delved into the overall intentional nature of the sudden outbreaks of the swine flu virus that we are seeing around the world as it relates to the agenda of the PTB (powers-that-be):




Recorded on 11 July 2009

at 11pm PST from California

Whistleblower Radio



John Waterman's website is: