by Anthony Gucciardi
January 11, 2013
from NaturalSociety Website



Earlier this week I detailed in a report how McDonald’s McRib not only contains a host of GMO ingredients and toxic substances, but an ingredient used to make foamed plastic items that is actually banned in Australia, Europe, and Singapore.


In fact, Singapore law dictates that even using the chemical (azodicarbonamide) as a food additive can lead to a $450,000 fine and up to 15 years imprisonment.


This article has now gone viral with five digit social media share counts across the board, bringing out McDonald’s fans and serious ‘McRib hunters’ to say that the McRib is actually completely healthy and that I should experience it for myself.


Of course I already know how dangerous the McRib is to the human body by examining the ingredients that make up the franken sandwich, however I decided to go to McDonald’s myself and purchase a McRib.


As the below video details, I wanted to take a look inside the McRib to see what McRib hunters and McDonald’s fans were feeding themselves and their families:












Breast Implant Filler Chemical


What I discovered was that the McRib, the ‘rib’ of which contains 70 different ingredients which include a harsh array of fillers and additives, was of course not fit for human consumption.


Many health agencies even say that many ingredients used in McDonald’s food are not even fit for consumption within cat food. McDonald’s salads contain what’s known as propylene glycol, a chemical which is not even legal to use in cat food due to the lack of proven safety.


Propylene glycol is also used,

”as the killing and preserving agent in pitfall traps, usually used to capture ground beetles.”

McDonald’s meal items also contain ingredients used in things like breast implant filler liquid. As strange as it sounds, McDonald’s food also contains dimethylpolysiloxane, a type of silicone that’s used an an ‘anti-foaming’ agent for the McNuggets.


The same ingredient was ruled to be unsafe to use in breast implants as a filler due to health concerns.


Meanwhile, this food is sold at extremely low costs to families worldwide, many who are struggling financially and looking for a cheap meal. In the video I use humor to make a point, but the reason I created this video is to highlight how damaging this food is, especially to those who purchase it on a routine basis.


If you are struggling financially, it is not impossible to procure high quality organic foods in bulk for super low prices. One couple even did so on $40 worth of food stamps per week in the documentary Food Stamped.


For tips on buying organic without spending too much, I encourage you to read 10 Healthy Yet Cheap Organic Foods and to explore your local Farmers Market in order to seek out inexpensive foods in your area.


At the end of the day, it does not save to buy McDonald’s as multiple health consequences will follow.


From an increase risk of cancer and heart disease to diabetes, eating McDonald’s is never worth the minor financial incentive.









McDonald’s McRib Sandwich

...a Franken Creation of GMOs, Toxic Ingredients, Banned Ingredients
by Anthony Gucciardi
January 8, 2013
from NaturalSociety Website





It’s ‘McRib season’, and thousands across the nation are scrambling to use online websites like the ‘McRib locator‘ to stuff the McDonald’s McRib sandwich down their throats.


A sandwich that is not only full of genetically modified ingredients, a medley of toxic fillers and preservatives, but also some ingredients that are actually banned in other nations around the world.


But honestly, are you surprised?


The McRib is the result of intensive marketing by McDonald’s. Utilizing the basics of supply and demand through creating scarcity over the McRib by only unleashing the culinary abomination for a fraction of the year that is only known once it is released, McDonald’s fans have been known to ‘hoard’ McRib sandwiches and eat them in extreme excess.


It’s even a topic of the popular documentary Super Size Me, where filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (who gorges himself with McDonald’s for 30 days only to find serious health consequences) encounters ‘McRib hunters’ who actually travel the country eating McRib sandwiches.


McDonald’s even made McRib fans sign a petition to ‘save the McRib’ online, bringing out a conglomerate of fans to bring back their favorite franken sandwich.





What’s Inside a McDonald’s McRib Sandwich?


But what’s really inside the McRib specifically that makes it such a food abomination?


Containing over 70 ingredients, the McRib is full of surprises - including ‘restructured meat’ technology that includes traditionally-discarded animal parts brought together to create a rib-like substance.


Here’s some of the disturbing substances found within the McDonald’s McRib sandwich:



A flour-bleaching agent used in yoga mats

Out of the 70 ingredients that make up the ‘pork’ sandwich, a little-known flour-bleaching agent known as azodicarbonamide lies among them.


At first glance, this strange ingredient sounds concerning enough to look into. After a little research, you will find that even mainstream media outlets have generated content revealing how azodicarbonamide is actually used in the production of foamed plastics. Foamed plastics like yoga mats and more.


What’s more? In Australia and Europe, the use of azodicarbonamide as a food additive is banned. In Singapore specifically, use of this substance in food can result in a $450,000 fine and 15 years in jail.


Thank you McDonald’s for supplying the nation with such healthful ingredients.




Restructured Meat’ from Pig Heart, Tongue, Stomach

McDonald’s McRib is famous in some circles for utilizing what’s known as ‘restructured meat’ technology.


Since McDonald’s knows you’d never eat a pig heart, tongue, or stomach on your plate, they decided instead to grind up these ingredients and put them into the form of a typical rib. That way, consumers won’t know what they’re putting into their mouths.


As the Chicago Mag reported, the innovator of this technology back in 1995 said it best:

“Most people would be extremely unhappy if they were served heart or tongue on a plate… but flaked into a restructured product it loses its identity. Such products as tripe, heart, and scalded stomachs…”

So in other words, it’s not actually a rib.


Instead, it’s a combination of unwanted animal scraps processed down in major facilities and ‘restructured’ into the form of a rib. Then, 70 additives, chemicals, fillers, and GMO ingredients later, you have a ‘meat’ product that tastes like ribs.


For a visual representation with a full list, here’s an image summarizing what it calls the ‘McDiabetes McRib’ - complete with GMO indicators:





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