by Elizabeth Renter
November 8, 2012

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Your dentist doesnít want you to know, and the American Dental Association (ADA) sure doesnít want us to tell you of the many dangers of root canals.


After all, itís a multi-billion dollar industry.


Any tainting of the root canal image could cost them serious cash, so (like Big Pharma) they deny thereís any problems at all. Unfortunately for them, more and more people are being awakened to the trouble with traditional medicine and dentistry, so their industry will be taking a hit.


The Alliance for Natural Health says there are more than 25 million root canals performed in the United States each year, with 41,000 being performed every single day.


And the number of dentists who discuss the true dangers of these procedures before they do them can probably be counted on one hand.





So, what is wrong with a root canal?


A root canal essentially removes the live pulp from a tooth and replaces it with a synthetic material.


This stops the tooth from appearing to rot away, it does away with the internal damage that could be causing a toothache, the damage from an untreated cavity. But, while your dentist would have you think the root canal solves your problems - it really isnít that simple.


In addition to the central root of the tooth, where the dentist removes the tissue during a root canal, there are thousands of tiny side canals that arenít touched by your doctor. When the root is removed, the nerves in these side canals die. They rot. They fester and become a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.


Research has proven this to be the case. Not surprisingly, the ADA denies the validity of any such research, maintaining that root canals are safe but refusing to scientifically refute the evidence to the contrary.


Dr. Weston A. Price literally wrote the book on root canal dangers way back in 1922.


His work was pooh-poohed by the ADA back then too. Since then, others have substantiated his work, which showed that root canals are linked to immune diseases including Lou Gehrigís disease (ALS) and multiple sclerosis (MS).


This disease is fueled by anaerobic bacteria surviving in the remaining roots of the teeth, in those tiny side canals. These bacteria donít need oxygen to survive and are quite happy living off of dead tissue. But this infection can and does spread, often without us knowing.


One study from Dr. Price showed that a root-canaled tooth, when taken out from the human patient and placed in an animal, actually removed diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or heart disease from its host and followed the tooth into the animal.


In other words, the human was cured and the animal with the root-canaled tooth developed the disease.


In an Eastern medicine perspective, root canals also disrupt a link between certain teeth and body parts, since specific teeth actually lie on the same meridian point as various organs, tissues, glands, etc.


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What can you do? Look for alternatives. Namely, if your tooth is rotting, have it extracted. Then discuss natural options like a bridge or a titanium or zirconium implant.


The Holistic Dental Association can help lead you to a holistic practitioner in your area.