February 24, 2011

from PreventDisease Website


René Quinton discovered that body cells are surrounded by a liquid, or plasma, which is very similar in its mineral content and degree of concentration to geologically primeval ocean water.


After years of research, Quinton was able to pinpoint the ideal geographic locations from which to collect pristine ocean water.



This great man saved several thousands of children's and adults' lives in France and in Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century by using a natural serum (plasma), seawater with astounding effectiveness.

In 1904, he published his Master Work "L'eau de Mer milieu organique" - (1912: Ed. Masson) Reprinted: Ed. ENCRE 1995 and this volume firmly and scientifically established a therapeutic treatment method using the therapeutic virtues of diluted sea water.


This treatment was called "The Marine Treatment", and the active therapeutic agent was called called Marine Plasma or Quinton Plasma.


He established scientifically the organic relationship that exists between isotonic (diluted) sea water and blood plasma. He expounded therein the hypothesis that the primordial living cell came from the marine environment, the ocean.