by Katherine Leonard, MS, NC
January 07, 2013

from NaturalNews Website



Katherine Leonard is a Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for supporting people as they transform their lifestyles

and focus on wellness.

She has a BA in Psychology from the University of Chicago and an MS in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University. She is a certified First Line Therapy Lifestyle Educator and helps her clients regain their health by adopting a nourishing lifestyle.

Katherine is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and the Weston A. Price Foundation.


Tooth health plays an important role in overall health.


Conditions such as,

  • gum disease

  • TMJ

  • cavities

  • bad breath

  • digestive distress

  • even heart disease and diabetes,

...indicate that there are biochemical imbalances in the mouth and throughout the body.


Low stomach acid, imbalanced bacterial populations, and poor diet and lifestyle likely contribute to an unhealthy mouth and consequently an unhealthy body.


Unfortunately, brushing your teeth, using mouthwash, and getting regular teeth cleanings from a conventional dentist are not preventative practices that successfully reduce your risk of mouth disease.


But why not?

Conventional dentists treat the mouth as a single entity, rather than considering it as a portal to the whole body. For this reason, many common dental procedures often harm the patient in the long term.


For example, mercury amalgams constantly release mercury particles and burden the body with excess toxic metal. And root canals leave decaying bone and tissue in the mouth on which pathogenic bacteria thrive.

Conventional toothpaste and mouthwash contain toxic ingredients such as fluoride, artificial colors, alcohol, and preservatives. They even say on the label, "Do not swallow."


Unfortunately, the mouth has a great ability to absorb these toxins into the bloodstream, even if they are not swallowed.


To "clean" teeth with a chemical paste that is too toxic to swallow does not make sense when considering the mouth as the portal into the body that contains a live ecosystem of beneficial bacteria that protect the body from harm.



Natural Daily Dental Care

Instead of purchasing expensive, professional products, why not use non-toxic ingredients you can find at home?


For example,

  • Start your morning with a traditional Ayurvedic practice of an "oil pull" where you swish 2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil in the mouth. This practice cleanses and detoxifies the gum tissues, removing any toxins from the previous day or night.


  • Next brush your teeth with baking soda, which naturally exfoliates the teeth, alkalizes the mouth to prevent pathogenic bacteria from overgrowing, and lifts stains off the enamel. Instead of brushing side to side, brush up from the gums to the tip of the tooth.


  • A warm, sea salt rinse will also refresh the mouth and create an environment that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria while dissuading disease-causing microbes.

If you have mercury/silver amalgams or root canals, visit a knowledgeable and experienced biological or holistic dentist to safely remove and clean the teeth.


Take high doses of buffered vitamin C powder before and after your dental check ups to minimize damage from the toxins that are stirred up and released during the procedure.

Eating organic whole foods and little to no processed foods will nourish your teeth, gums, and the microorganisms that live in and protect your mouth.


Using non-toxic oral care products will actively reduce your risk of dental disease while also supporting your overall health as well.