by Amitakh Stanford
August 24, 2005

from XeeaTwelve Website

In the twentieth century, I began openly discussing Vulturites and Reptilians as the major alien groups vying for control of the planet.


I am pleased that more and more people are using the terms and spreading information about the conflict between the two groups, so that more and more people are becoming aware of alien influence and control of human affairs. As some of you might also have noticed, aliens are heavily involved with influencing and controlling animals too.

For many reasons, there are many aspects of alien involvement that I will not discuss publicly. In particular, I have not publicly described the appearance of Pers-sires (Vulturites) in their alien forms. This is for a very good reason.

As more people become aware of what is going on, they can better prepare and help themselves against alien attacks and subtle influences. In some cases, humans are almost helpless against them, but, in many cases, the humans can ward off or alleviate the problems. Most importantly, one must strengthen one's Will, which is the ultimate shield against Darkness, including aliens of Darkness.

While there are good aliens involved in the Rescue Mission, these aliens do not generally intervene in the affairs of the Earth - intervention is usually handled by the Attas. There are Attas present on the planet at this time, and they have been here for a long, long time. This has been mainly to sustain those of the Light until the Rescue Mission is completed.

Most of the aliens on the planet are of Darkness, and their primary concern is to physically control the planet and its inhabitants.


These aliens have been attacking many humans for a long time using various methods. The methods they used three decades ago are very different from what they are using today.



Some heads of state are actually aliens in human form, while others are clones or humans who are being influenced, controlled or have been taken over by alien consciousnesses. The human leaders may or may not be aware of any alien involvement in their lives.

The aliens are now giving some governments older alien technology for mind control of the masses. The aliens are very cunning and do not want to give their top secrets away. Now, alien technology for manipulation of human affairs is so refined that they can pinpoint their attacks, and it is now rather like them living under your roof without being seen or heard.

The internet and all computers are easy access attack points and tuning areas for the aliens. Cable television and satellite transmissions are also being very effectively used by the aliens at this time to track and pinpoint targets from a long distance.


They are used for strategic and tactical planning of the alien wars. Thus, they can target a victim from a distance and bring about serious consequences and/or symptoms, which can appear to be explainable as a stroke, heart attack, brain hemorrhage etc. Therefore, alien assassinations can easily fool existing medical professionals and criminal investigators.

Some apparently harmless entertainment is hardly that.


For example, Desperate Housewives is not just for entertainment - it is a powerful programming tool. The negativity vested in the audio-visual effects might have been detected by some of you. However, most people are unaware of the unseen criss-cross beams that affect the brainwaves of viewers. Like many other widely viewed television or cinema productions, there is an agenda underlying Desperate Housewives.

Many currently suffer from what doctors have diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome. Many have been told by medical professionals that CFS is incurable. While CFS may be incurable according to medical doctors, there are many people who suffer from similar symptoms of the syndrome that are actually victims of alien intrusions.


Whatever the aliens have done to them often causes high toxic levels in their bodies that weaken their immune systems. It is often difficult to ascertain alien attacks because the aliens have designed their attacks so that the symptoms mimic various diseases to cause confusion and disguise the real problems.

Depression is on the increase throughout the world, regardless of age, gender, profession, status, creed or culture. While environmental, physical, physiological, psychological and other factors can cause emotional problems, more and more people are experiencing severe and/or sudden depression for no apparent reason. The medical profession will try to convince people that depression is caused by chemical imbalance and work from there for solutions.


In truth, many of the sudden incidents of depression are due to alien attacks. I have observed victims of these attacks on many occasions.

Another current alien imposition is to cause sudden dehydration, which can be specifically targeted at individuals. Hence, in a public area, such as a restaurant, only the targeted victims will experience sudden, severe dehydration while all the others in the restaurant feel neither the intense heat nor the sudden, severe thirst brought about by the alien attack.


Sudden dehydration has been used on humans and animals alike. One of the purposes of sudden dehydration attacks is to weaken the immune system of the victim in preparation for subsequent, serious attacks.

Alien mind control is now so extensively used in public that it is obvious to those who have even the slightest bit of awareness. Of course, many will remain in denial and accept the explanations offered by so-called experts - who are often the most closed minded and brainwashed in societies and who are rightly called skeptics.

Aliens have controlled the minds of people on Earth for a long, long time. Those who are passionate about various issues are often programmed to behave that way by aliens. For example, Martin Luther was severely programmed by aliens of Darkness to appear to rebel against the Church. In fact, it was all part of the alien plan to re-build the Church.

Some ideals appear to be honorable to some people, but are they really so?


Under the misconception that particular ideals are honorable or virtuous, there are many people who might believe Osama bin Laden's ideals are honorable. Ultimately, one should remember that there is nothing honorable that comes from a source that does not respect the Light.

There are egotistical people who think that if they have dabbled in metaphysics or any other branch of learning for a long time, they automatically become experts and therefore have the right to decide what people can or cannot do. In spiritual matters, a young person can be far more advanced in awareness and wisdom than someone who has supposedly been involved in spiritual matters for a long time but has not awakened to Truth.


Truth comes from within and grows within the spirit. Truth is not dependent on status, age, gender, wealth, intelligence, worldly achievements, race, creed, nationality etc.

Alien implants can either be physical or subtle, inserted into the physical body or into the etheric one, and they can be mechanical, electrical, magnetic or even biological. Implants can be used for monitoring or tracking an individual. They are also used as programming agents to influence/manipulate/control individuals. They can be passive data collectors or active weapons used upon individuals.

When the implants are weapons of attack, they can cause various symptoms such as insomnia, sudden sleepiness and other sleeping disorders, intolerable itchiness, severe dry eyes, headaches, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, cardiac arrest, stroke, spinal problems, paralysis, sprains, muscle spasms, respiratory problems, equilibrium problems, sudden dehydration and sundry diseases, trauma/pain etc.


Usually, the effects from the weapons are so similar to biological diseases that the medical community almost always treats the implant disorders as conventional diseases. However, most implant disorders cannot be successfully treated using conventional or even alternative methods. Of course, many diseases are caused by "natural" events, totally unrelated to implants.

Certain ones in the world's population are specifically targeted by aliens, and many people have multiple implants from multiple encounters with aliens. Most of the implants are inserted without the knowledge of the victims. Today, various governments are inserting their constituents with "crude" alien implants with technology received from aliens. These are inserted without the consent or knowledge of the victims.

Implants can be inserted whether a victim is awake or asleep. Some of the delivery systems are "invisible", whilst others are visible.


At times, things that appear to be insects are actually delivery systems that place implants into various individuals. The more sophisticated implants are delivered through beams. An aware person who catches one of these attacks in progress can actually witness the injection of the implant, and may also notice a specific pattern forming at and about the point of intrusion.


Nowadays, there is an increase in implants that are causing high levels of toxicity in the victims, which can appear to be allergies, sensitivities to foods, fatigue and other health problems that subsequently debilitate the victims. If this continues, very soon no one on Earth (except those with the "antidotes") will be healthy.

Some implants are on timers, while others are ongoing or activated by various triggering emotions such as fear, excitement, lust, anxiety, anger, greed, jealousy etc. Since many of the implants are on timers, it can be advantageous to avoid routines and be flexible. For example, if attacks regularly happen at 4:30 pm, one can avoid certain tasks at that time to mitigate the effects of the attacks.


Thus, instead of driving at 4:30 pm when it could be very dangerous, one might travel either earlier or later. However, this should not be interpreted to mean that people should behave erratically or too impulsively, as these types of behaviors can be more counter-productive for the individual than the actual attack. Certainly, one must avoid being paranoid about implant attacks.

Implants can be reversed by those who know how to do so, and these reversals can be used to the advantage of the targeted person, much to the chagrin of the attacker. Implants can also be removed or neutralized. However, people who lack real knowledge about them and who delve into implant treatments can cause serious problems for the victims of the implants.

One could ask,

"Where does this lead to?", and despair that the matter is hopeless.

This is not always the case.


The solutions to countering these implants are not easily or safely transmitted via physical means such as the written word. Therefore, effective solutions are being placed into the ether for those receptive ones of the Light to receive the knowledge and help themselves and others as needed. Those who receive this information may or may not be consciously aware of it.


Those who do receive it should not exploit others who are in need of assistance.

Let us not forget that those who inflict others with negative implants are agents of Darkness. It is imperative not to give one's Will over to Darkness, despite the discomfort, confusion, suffering and disadvantages the implants may cause. Of course, it is easier said than done, but it can be done.


One has to make one's own choice.

The Pinto Center sound and its complementary sound are very effective tools to counter-act many types of alien attacks, including implant attacks.



The Pinto Center (Chakra)
Excerpt taken from N I C O C

by Amitakh Stanford


from XeeaTwelve Website

Much has been spoken in regard to the seven major energy Centers in the etheric body linking with all the subtle bodies. However, there is a "minor" Center between the Throat and the Heart Center which is now becoming increasingly important, and will become much more significant in the near future.

I have named this Center the "Pinto" Center.

This virtually unknown centre has hardly been taken notice of thus far.

This Center has its own unique color and subordinate colors that are discussed later herein. Much can be achieved through the proper development of this Center. It is a special gateway to many new experiences that I will explain in more detail in the near future.

The combination of the link between the Pinto Center and the 8th Center opens a pathway to certain dimensions of the Light for True higher learning and experience.

Healing through the link between these two Centers and the Heart Center gives the greater power of True healing right through all layers of the subtle bodies.

This new knowledge of healing is being made available to very few at this time because the majority of people are not sufficiently prepared.

However, in the near future, certain people will be trained and guided to use the knowledge and more people will be able to share in this knowledge of healing to assist them in healing and in the process of returning to Purity.

Such healing will greatly assist those beings who have been badly spiritually "injured" in this dimension, and this includes even the very "high beings".

Although most people are not ready to use the new knowledge, many will benefit from doing certain simple exercises which will be taught in the future.

The spreading of misinformation about this Center, whether done intentionally or otherwise, can cause others to misuse this Center, which can be detrimental to their physical and spiritual well being. Therefore, one has to be very responsible with regard to this information, and keep it from being corrupted. This is the reason why I have not given out information on the Pinto Center in detail to this point. However, I will be teaching and training others about correct utilization of this Center when the time is right.