by Mark DeNicola
July 28, 2015
from Collective-Evolution Website







The topic of GMOs is certainly a recurring theme here at CE, as many articles relating to the scientific process that is impacting so much of what we consume.


Despite the information being relatively widespread and well-known at this point, GMO use continues to rise worldwide and the impact it’s having on our health is becoming more and more prominent.

However, this article focuses on another impact genetically modified seeds and crops are having on us, one which effects our overall human experience.


The topic of conversation this time around is the destruction of certain crop varieties, as we turn our focus to the mass production of particular GMO crops rather than the stability in production of all crops possible.

The wonderful people behind PBS Food have put together an awesome 3 minute video that shows exactly how we are limiting our growing potential and how we can help combat it.


Check it out:



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