by Bob Cinque
November 25, 2012
from ZenGardner Website




Bob Cinque - Organic Shelter




The Hearthmaster Stove

Once the fire is burning hot, a door is closed which sends the flue gasses down and horizontally under a stone bench that is warm and inviting to sit on. Copper coils circulate water for baths and dishes.

This amazing stove produces twice the heat with half the wood, plus, it heats all the domestic water.

This means that the woodpile lasts twice as long, with more heat delivered to where it is needed, not up the chimney.

Normal woodstoves send 60-70% of their heat up the chimney. The Hearthmaster retains 60-70% and sends the rest up, reversing the figures, doubling the woodpile.

I have noticed in my Heartmasters (we have 2) that the fire does not need to roar in order to produce a lot of heat, itís just a kind of meandering, calm flame that nibbles the wood, doesnít consume it voraciously.

In my 30 years of heating with wood, Iíve never seen anything come close to this stove.