by Ed Komarek
February 18, 2009

from UFODigest Website




Exopolitics investigators who have some understanding of how an Alien Resource Corporate Cartel might operate and the multi-national corporations that could be involved are reluctant to name names.


Maybe its time to begin to think about which corporations may be involved in order to put a face on what has up to now been a faceless super-secret organization determined to obstruct UFO/ET disclosure.


Some corporate names show up on historical leaked and declassified documents and whistleblowers have leaked names to UFO investigators as well.

I continue to give much thought as to how secret extraterrestrial policy could be made and implemented by the private sector as suggested by,

  • Ben Rich

  • Bill Uhouse

  • Dr. Greer

  • General Wilson

General Wilson apparently was denied access to a Special Access Program involving UFOs by corporate lawyers. 


It's very important to know thy adversary! How can one fight an organization that one cannot see nor understand?

I have begun to suspect that the documents declassified and leaked into the public domain about operations before the Nixon purge and privatization may involve a secret agenda by the Cartel. It's possible that the leaking and declassification of pre-purge documents is to divert attention away from the Cartel by misleading investigators into thinking that there still is constitutional government oversight and regulation of the alien resource industry.

The more I have thought about this over the past several months the more I think that what we are up against is an OPEC style cartel determined to continue its monopoly of the alien resource trade.


I think this Cartel uses special access programs (SAPS), security clearances, propaganda in the mainstream media, bribery, even harassment and violence toward public and government officials, to limit competition and public understanding of the alien resource trade.

This implies a very strong influence on intelligence agencies and military from the top down. If their were to be UFO/ET disclosure the alien resource monopoly would be opened to competition from outside corporations and the Cartel exposed to huge lawsuits that could even destroy the Cartel. I believe disclosure threatens the very existence of this Cartel.

I think clues to which corporations might be involved can be found not only from whistleblower testimony and leaked and declassified documents but also in the nature of the alien technology being exploited. It seems logical and reasonable to me that it would take a broad spectrum of expertise to understand and exploit such an exotic and complex technology as an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

I am speculating that the multi-national corporations in the cartel can be categorized by the relation to the aspects of the spacecraft being exploited for commercial and defensive use. The limited evidence seems to suggest that American multi-national corporations dominate the Cartel but other international European companies may as well be involved including those from Britain, Canada, France and Germany and Australia.

A spacecraft would imply the involvement of the major aerospace corporations.


Lockheed Martin which owns the Skunkworks that was once directed by Ben Rich would top my list of defense contractors in this category. Ben Rich's testimony before his death seems to indicate Lockheed Marietta is very much involved.


I would also look back into old declassified and leaked documents for clues to other aerospace corporation that might be involved or to past corporations that have been bought out by present day corporations.


Dr. Steven Greer has mentioned the names:

  • Lockheed Martin

  • SAIC

  • Black Ops Boeing

  • Aesop Systems

  • EG & G.

The propulsion system of the spacecraft is based on electromagnetic and electrogravitic principles.


General Electric would top my list in this category because its name is mentioned in the 1955 Wright Patterson declassified document on electrogravitics along with other major electronic companies of the period. Arch-debunker Phil Klass once worked for General electric during this period in the 1950s.


Many of these companies from the 1950s have either disappeared or have been merged into other companies but clues to the involvement of other present day corporations can be found at "Electrogravitic Systems."

It has been widely reported that the composition of the spacecraft is made up of very strong, durable and so called "smart materials". Materials research has been dominated by petrochemical companies such as DuPont and Dow Chemical.


I am told that the Corporation Monsanto shows up on historical UFO documents. I had a CIA source years ago that told me he saw a spacecraft in a DuPont Facility and one in a Dow Chemical facility. We could assume that these companies would be interested in suppressing any technologies that would depress petrochemical prices and a general global reliance on fossil fuels.

It takes highly developed computers and communication technologies to run and navigate a spacecraft. Computers are essential to the operation of spacecraft and the worldwide leader in computers is IBM. Corso gives some early electronic and computer component makers like Bell Labs that were involved. Companies like Intel should be involved.

Spacecraft have been reported to have weapon systems and electronic warfare capabilities. Companies like Raytheon should be involved. I was also given detailed information years ago on the specs for very advanced exotic star wars weapons systems being developed by Philips Laboratories by inventor James Black.

The occupants of the craft seem to have an advanced understanding of genetics, nano-technology, hybridization etc. Key pharmaceutical and genetic engineering corporations could be involved in exploiting these technologies maybe even in cooperation with some alien types.


I call this the alien-human slave trade.

I hope that this article may initiate a conversation and that others can make suggestions to further flesh out what corporations would be involved in an Alien Resource Cartel operating in a similar manner to OPEC. Instead of countries fielding representatives to an international board of directors it would be independent multi-national corporations that would field representatives to its International Board of Directors.

Petrochemical companies have had plenty of experience in building illegal energy monopolies with little government or public oversight over the past century. The Alien Resource Cartel seems to have a strong petrochemical corporate presence.


There is also a long history of violence, intimidation and other illegal activities associated in building these petrochemical monopolies.

The Cartel's international board of directors would create and implement policy just as does OPEC providing cohesiveness and direction to all the corporations of the Cartel so as to prevent or retard UFO/ET disclosure and government oversight of operations.


I think the Nixon administration in collusion with major multi-national corporations have created a monster Cartel that is slowly destroying global society from within and our global environment from without.