by Mich Batros

August 29, 2012

from DailyBag Website

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Most of this research is spoken in "scientificeese" so I will do my best to make it understandable to most.


What is transpiring is the awakening of a new science era.


With new space instruments of crafts and satellites - along with new geological drilling of oceans floors which includes new instrumentation to observer Earth's outer core, mantle, lithosphere, and crust - an encompassed multi-disciplinary reservoir of data has brought forth the most competent consummation of the Sun-Earth connection.



What we are witnessing is the precursor's in-motion of a very natural event the Earth has seen many times before.


Ancient text suggests several of our ancestral tribes knew of these cycles-of-events, and tried their best to convey such wisdom through the language of their time. Some would say they went far beyond their 'in-time' ability to communicate, and used symbols, math, and science to tell their story.


Well finally, we may have grown enough as a culture (scientifically speaking) to comprehend what has been known for millennia. Unfortunately, one might suggest we as a culture have fallen way short of our innate human-sensory evolution.


Our thwarted sense of who we are - and dimmed recognition of our generational genetic history has been all but lost. But I am eternally hopeful this could change and change fast. Perhaps the consolidation of ancient wisdom - described in ancient books and symbols all of which point to this moment-in-time of which describes a time of "transition".


There is one other uniformed description which appears universally among all tribes:

"It will come from the sky".

Now for a bit of 'scientificeese' I will come forward and say, the recent earthquake swarm in So. California now numbering over 300 and is expected to continue for several days, is a consequence of the Earth's shifting outer core, mantle, lithosphere, and crust.


Furthermore, I would say Sunday's 7.4 quake off the coast of El Salvador is also connected.


And perhaps the most extreme supposition I will make, is the four current hurricanes Isaac, Ileana, Bolaven, and Tembin are all related to the current in-action precursor's to a full magnetic shift.





The Science Behind My Claim


In the science community it is called the study of 'Margins', sometimes referred to as boundaries. Plate margins is the area where two or more continental or oceanic plates meet.


There are four types of plate margins:

  • destructive

  • constructive

  • collision

  • conservative


The type most vulnerable to magnetic shifts are the destructive and constructive.


Ongoing studies supported by the NSF (National Science Foundation) indicate a connection between submarine troughs (rifts), Earth's mantle, and Earth's outer core.


Furthermore, new research indicates the shifting of magnetic flux via Earth's magnetic field, has a direct and symbiotic relationship to Earth's outer core, mantle, lithosphere, As a living entity, Earth fights for its survival. If internal or external events begin to throw Earth out of balance i.e. orbital, tilt, or magnetic alignment - it begins to correct itself.


When oceanic tectonic subductions occur, it cools the mantle and outer core. To balance this shift in temperatures, the Earth's core increases heat and as a result released what is known as "mantle plumes".


These plumes filled with super-heated liquid rock float up to the ocean bottom surface.



This action both cools the outer core and heats the oceans.


As a result of heated oceans, we get tropical storms and various forms of extreme weather. When troughs, subduction zones, and rifts shift, as a result of convection, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes occur.


What makes this all work is the Earth's magnetic field. Right now the magnetic field is weakening significantly. This will continue until it reaches zero point, at which time there will be a full magnetic reversal. Until this time, we will witness magnetic north bouncing in the northern hemisphere.


Closer to the moments of a full reversal, we will see magnetic north drop down to/then below the equator.



As a result of a weakened magnetic field, larger amounts of radiation via charged particles such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, gamma rays, and galactic cosmic rays - are more abundantly reaching Earth's atmosphere and having a heightened reaction with Earth's core layers.


This is what causes looped reaction.


Radiation heats the core layers, the outer core reacts by producing 'mantle plumes', which causes crustal fracturing, which then causes earthquakes, volcanoes, heated oceans - all of which cools the outer core.


This seemingly repeating loop will continue until the Earth will once again find its balance. Until then, we can expect naturally occurring earth changing events which will produce the loss of mass in some parts of the world, and emergence of mass in other parts.


Maybe this is the time to change the things we can (attitude, environment, community, self, surroundings), one would be a fool not to apply themselves within their means - but then there is the time to loosen up a bit, know what is happening is just part of a process.


Just as the Earth, we humans can just keep on trucking, and maybe, just maybe, some will simply 'enjoy-the-ride'.