by Mark Sircus

01 October 2010

from IMVA Website

I am glad I got your attention with that title.

And yes it is all hands on deck for life, for the challenges that are coming.


Sadly I am not joking with this Paul Revere-type summons. Life is about to get a whole lot more serious and it looks like it is a race between which 10-ton truck is going to hit first. I know how to be an alarmist sounding loud horns of doom and gloom but you got look at some of these links below. Life on this planet never has been very secure for us humans.


Between what we do to ourselves and what nature does to us collectively we have had a hard time with health and survival.

Is it going to be a terrible inflation in food prices coupled with severe shortages (as world food reserves drop again) and food riots around the globe, or is it going to be a week of financial panic followed by severe contraction in economic activity?


The United Nations fears a repeat of the price spike in 2008 that set off global food riots. Now sure, not everyone is going to be affected and some of us will be able to afford much higher food prices, but let’s face it - billions of people will not be able to and they will go hungrier. A billion, according to the U.N., are already starving and dying.

For some, the 10-ton truck has already hit; for instance, many in the Gulf of Mexico region are suffering tremendously but they have been forgotten and forsaken by the controlled press.


Strange flesh eating bacteria are binging on the oil and people are dying in that area because of it, but these people’s suffering is not reaching the ears of the nation.



A good part of Russia just burned, not only taking 30 million tons of grain away from humanity but also releasing huge amounts of radiation from the burning of forest and soil.


Toxic exposure is a huge and growing problem that the survivors of the next few years are going to have to deal with. Survival Medicine will be needed, not pharmaceutical medicine, which is more and more quickly helping drive people to their graves with its poisonous medicines.

Another heavy truck or apocalyptic horse is coming to us in the form of floods. Talk about suffering - millions of people in Pakistan and now India have lost everything and again huge amounts of crops have been lost. In Canada the flooding has not inflicted heavy human suffering but it has taken another couple million tons of grains from the stomachs of humanity.

And the cold?


Even the elite are talking about it and if people really understood what is at stake, they would be moving closer to the equator.

“The global elite is perfectly well aware that global cooling represents a far more serious and imminent threat to the world than global warming, but is so far unwilling to admit it except behind closed doors,” writes James Delingpole.

Life is going to become significantly more difficult at the more extreme latitudes unless some miracle or fate of nature spares us the next ice age. At least skiers are happy with the early cold and snow that is being reported all over the northern hemisphere.

Instead of dealing publically with the truth, the media have turned to scaring us with huge solar storms but that sounds like a red herring from what is really going on. We have a sleepy sun on our hands. We have even been witnessing a dimming of the Northern Lights, which is a signal that activity on the sun that causes solar winds, such as solar flares and sun sports, has quieted down.


The Northern Lights have petered out during the second half of this decade reaching a 100-year low point, the Finnish Meteorological Institute said at the end of September.

“The solar minimum was officially in 2008, but this minimum has been going on and on and on,” researcher NooraPartamies said.

What is happening with the weather - the extremes we have been witnessing - are quite strange.


Southern California, for example, had a cold summer but now Los Angles at the end of September is experiencing extreme record breaking heat. Some say the mad scientists and rich powerful boys are playing with their HARP equipment and you know how these guys like to experiment and play with humanity.

We already have been hit universally by a 1000-ton truck in terms of vaccinations. Every politician in the world is a vaccinationist, meaning they are truly out of their minds. Actually to be more accurate they are out of their hearts and fully into their robotic hypnotized minds believing the bullshit they are handed by those actually pulling the world’s strings.


Madness rules the world; it has it by the balls and God help us. Morality has reached a new low across the spectrum of human activity and it is hard to not get disgusted with it all.

Yet it is not a time to get depressed. It is time for those in attunement with their hearts to stay lighthearted and to enjoy the presence of their loved ones. It is time for reflection and prayer and preparation of our minds and souls. It is also a time to break the barriers of separation that prevail in our current civilization and to band with others for the purpose of cooperation and good spirit.


It’s a good moment to have purpose and direction and to be in touch with the deeper meanings of life.