by Neida Rios

Spanish version

from InstinctiveWisdom Website

My partner Joe LaValley had located on the net years ago some earth changes maps.


One day he brought up the subject of these maps to me as we were looking over a globe. Upon discovering with me that I could look at a map also, and see the earth changes that were coming, he encouraged me to take notes of what I saw. Once we got enough information on an area we laid out the changes for ourselves over a topographical map.

Since he was on the subject again of earth changes maps he recently (October 2006) did a more recent search on the net for these maps and found less than a dozen.

Know that some geographical spots still remain unclear to me as to what will happen there.


One example of that is the upper part of the Caribbean Sea and so I have noted no changes there, yet. There are many areas on the Earth that will either be unchanged or very little changed and so we have had nothing to address about them on any map. Of course earth changes include Earthquakes and Tsunamis and these latter ones can certainly affect many countries that other wise would have little damage.

You will find that we have continued use of the maps own colors to designate various elevations and landscapes.


We have gone into a fair amount of detail on these maps already (considering its the entire planet we are working with) but do anticipate refining them more and more over time. Eventually we aim to create excellent quality maps and put them out to the world on CD say.


For now this is the best we can do in serving the people.

Neida and Joe

The 'Rios' 2012 Earth Changes Maps


You will notice that Africa is nearly unaffected as far as losing land goes.


The two biggest things that occur here are that the whole continent shifts down from where it was by hundreds of miles and the raising of the land between Madagascar and Africa.

The new shape and size of the new Australia landmass. How it used to look.

You can see that the Australian landmass will grown to about 2 and one half times it's former size. The Great Barrier Reef will be considerably above ground, around some100'. The next map below is a close up of how what will likely called the 'New Zealand' territory of the Australian landmass is going to look.


A new corral reef will develop on the North East region of this new landmass. It will be close to what is the location of the Solomon Islands, Malatia and San Cristobal Islands.

Where once was ocean now is land. New Zealand and Australia are again 'one'. The color of the new land is representative of its height above sea level, thus this will not be arid and dry but luxuriant in after it has had some time for vegetation and other life to grab hold.

Fiji, Tonga and the Samoan Islands are going to become part of that Australia/New Zealand landmass. We forgot to color them in the insets but will remedy that soon.

Indonesia and most everything around it is going to sink.

Java, Madura, and Bali as the insets of the above picture show will sink and go under as will most of Malaysia.


There is a very tall and famous building in Kuala Lumpur which because of its quality of engineering may survive earthquakes and the sinking into the ocean for awhile, that is to say you may still see it peaking over the surface of the ocean.

You can see that Most of the Philippines are gone.


Very little lies above water level now.

Not much left of Japan, just the tallest areas.

The so-called 'Holy Land' is now underwater with most of Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria

This is one way to cause the people to stop arguing over the so-called 'Holy Land' and the Palestinian state.

Part of Egypt is now gone. Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon have gone under.

About 30 % of Iraq will be under water but, Baghdad stands.


You will notice that some higher areas close to Egypt here stay atop the new water level.

Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Oman and Saudi Arabia's eastern shore all go under water. Iran suffers major earthquakes (no surprise there) but otherwise keeps most of its present shape.

You will notice that the ocean has more than crept inland all around the Adriatic Sea area.


Most of Venice is under water now as is Rome and three quarters of Italy.

Everything east and south of the Greek Isles goes under.

Most of South Western Turkey is under water now with just some of the higher mountain ranges and mountains remaining.


Nearly all the islands that used to be off the west coast will also go under.

On Western Spain the Straits of Gibraltar will go under.


There will be a new lake around Orellana and La Serena. The town of Alcocer will be under water there. There is going to be a lake between the Duero and Almendra Rivers.

The areas of change I saw I have outlined.


In Romania the Danube will double in size and take a new course moving past Silistra to Lake Kamenyak (at the bottom of the map) which will grow a fair degree.

Here is the new look to our Country's west coast.


While California itself did not break off and slip into the sea, a very large portion of it has sunken and gone under water none-the-less, and this thanks to shifting tectonic plates and the earthquakes that accompany them. San Francisco and most of the bay area is under water.


Now we have an inland sea with only the mountain peaks (now islands) from what was the Big Sur area (below where Monterey was) to Lucia, along with the Diablo Range of mountains whose peaks are now islands. These islands extends in the North from just east of where San Jose was down south to near where Coalinga was, a distance of a couple of hundred miles.


We have placed a red dot where the Hanford Nuclear plant is located.


This space can cause some troubles for those near it while and after these earth changes take place. We place these red dots in areas of danger. We have not done this in any other areas yet.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium and Oceanographic studies place are gone. For those interested in Lake Tahoe, I see it remaining. While the water may drain out some temporarily, the water will (if it goes) return.

As for the western coast of Washington state, it will stay pretty much the same. Yes there will be damage to cities near the coast as well as to Seattle though we will be able to recover from the Tsunami's and earthquakes and volcanoes in the area. Mt. St. Helens will blow again. This time it will grow in size and area. See the circle on the map that denotes the area.

There are big changes coming up for the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaii earth changes map below is what what they will become.


These islands will continue to be somewhat active in their evolvement land wise for a while but, most of the changes will come in within a span of a few years.

I am likely to improve on my coloring of the big island.


At least you can tell that the blues are water...