by Mike Adams

the Health Ranger
April 20, 2011

from NaturalNews Website




David Rainoshek, creator of has authored an important new report called "We Are All Fukushima."


This report delivers,

"an integral perspective on the meanings and promises of disaster."

It is an advanced look at the cultural and spiritual causes behind Fukushima and other disasters.


What is the source of the Fukushima problem?

In this groundbreaking report, David Rainoshek asks the question,

"Where does the problem of Fukushima really exist?"

It's not just at the nuclear power facility, it turns out.


This disaster - as with many other disasters - begins in the hearts and minds of modern humankind. To explain his perspective, David Rainoshek, an avid student of philosopher Ken Wilber, cites the Great Chain of Being and the roots of our the worldview and human values.

His report also asserts that science is the domain of "external truth" that often ignores the far more important inner truths from which any lasting science must spring.

"Science without 'religion' is lame," Albert Einstein once said. He followed it up with "...'religion' without science is blind."

This quote invokes an integral approach to understanding both the fabric of reality around us as well as the apparent events that take place within that fabric.

This report serves as both a primer on Ken Wilbur's philosophy as well as a deeper, more holistic explanation for the root causes behind global disasters such as Fukushima.

It also warns that human civilization moving forward guided only by science but not a more integral understanding of our role in the universe is a path fraught with peril.