by Julian Wash
June 11, 2014

from RattleReport Website





Dear Humans,

Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that engages in logic and deductive reasoning.


We are pretty darn good at putting two and two together, especially when provided reliable data and a modicum of evidence. Our powers of deduction are perhaps second only to our innate curiosity.

And there's plenty of opportunity for deduction and speculation given the plethora of facts and opinions rolled into that colossal, nightmarish genre we call "conspiracy." Here we find a torrent of unsolved mysteries with nary a clue to go on.


So we're forced into the unflattering position of offering our best guess in lieu of solid proof. What we uncover along the way can be compelling, if not downright shocking. But what remains to be discovered will likely trump it all.

In recognizing a trend, logic dictates that cycles will repeat.


The "why, how and when" we're not made privy to. But it will happen.


We are no doubt at the cusp of some new big event that will leave us reeling and confused. As David Icke so eloquently stated, we often find ourselves in a cycle of "problem-reaction-solution." It's the Hegelian dialectic strategy of controlling the masses.

The following paragraphs will waver somewhere between reckless conjecture and indisputable fact. There's an electric bridge between those two points, so a good jolt might come about when attempting to cross from one side to another.


That's when we realize the "impossible" is not only probable but already here.


Return Echo

I have an upside down approach to reading mainstream news. I know I'm not the only one.


I'll read a headline and maybe the first couple of paragraphs before navigating down the column to the "comments" section. Here I find what I consider to be the real story. I like analyzing the opinions and views of the readers which are often more informative than the story. Lately I've been encouraged by what I'm seeing.


More and more people are voicing the same views so many of us had expressed several years ago. We were sometimes called "wackos" back then.


And so I wonder - are we beginning to hear a return echo? Something is changing. There is clearly a mass enlightenment underway.


If the story is running too hot, editors will disengage the comment section. Have you noticed this? Interesting indeed.

It can be said that even mainstream (mass-media) now serves a useful purpose in an upside down, backward sort of way. They have the high readership advantage because they've owned the news for so long. But the (near) real-time comment section is a relatively new phenomenon and it opens a door to a place that was never there before.


Readers are becoming increasingly savvy and are expressing views and opinions that often run contrary to the original article. This is an interesting trend and I'm optimistic it will continue.

And yet still I wonder just what lurks behind the next corner. The powers that (want to be) are aware of this mass enlightenment. Logic would dictate that this would force an acceleration of their plans. We are seeing this on many fronts.


The police state takeover has become so obvious that only the totally disengaged would not notice it. The days of going to the ballpark without being treated as a suspect are long gone.


Unconstitutional checkpoints have become standard fare. Militarizing police and promoting psychopaths within the rank and file has been a repeating theme for some time now. The NDAA and Patriot Act have taken away what the word "freedom" meant to so many of us.


Sometimes I wish I could find a hole and crawl in it.


Speaking of which...


Booms and Hums

The most important thing we can do sometimes is ponder and speculate.


To employ logic and reason to any given situation is a function of our higher abilities. It's available to all who care to use it. And so we take what details are available and extract any number of possibilities and scenarios. It's a way of glimpsing the bigger picture when the bigger picture is being withheld from us.

Reports have been coming in for years throughout the U.S., Canada, UK and a number of other countries of people hearing mysterious hums and loud booms.


In virtually every case, no source has been adequately identified. In the case of the so-called "Kokomo Hum," Indiana city officials went so far as to hire the independent research team, Acentech Incorporated, to investigate.


Complaints began in 1999 when a handful of local residents began to report a constant, low-pitched rumbling noise. The findings from the firm would later prove inconclusive.

So we have,

...and the list goes on.


But what we don't have is an explanation. Speculation has ranged anywhere from HAARP-related transgressions to an ongoing war beneath the planet surface.


And though such assertions may carry a certain amount of veracity, I'm inclined to think we're hearing the tunnel men.

Witnesses describe the sound as a deep and sometimes pulsing rumble reminiscent to a large, idling diesel engine. The sound is usually heard at night and indoors. Low frequency vibrations could certainly resonate through the relatively dense and enclosed structure of a home better than the open outdoors. Standing wave vibrations concentrate at the inside corners of a building as any recording engineer would attest to.

And we know low frequency vibrations can travel very, very far below ground.


Technologies such as ground penetrating radar employ ELF (extremely low frequency) for finding pockets of oil deep below the Earth's surface. The technology is also used in communications with submarines. So the tunnel men could indeed be generating all kinds of low frequency vibrations along with an arsenal of higher ones.


Of course higher frequencies would get stopped almost instantly traveling through Earth's crust.

Anyway, that's my bit of conjecture and speculation. It's my contention that a massive underworld has likely been constructed and funded through a variety of black budgets.





Nope - we're not going to know about it unless we have our "golden ticket." That'll get you in.


Truth be known, any "real" golden ticket would keep us miles away from this unsavory lot. I'm not alone with this hunch. If correct, then it still begs the question of, why? Why the underground world?

Well, it would certainly come in handy should a massive EMP (electromagnetic pulse) paralyze the planet.


This could be,

  • natural

  • manmade

With no power, it wouldn't take long for people to panic.


Stores shelves would be empty within days - not from purchases but from looting. There would be no power to run registers so money wouldn't get you too far. Without refrigeration, a good deal of food would spoil within a week. Cars would stop running and gas pumps would be dead.


Cell phones would be little more than paperweights. Total chaos would ensue. Yep - that's when they'll go underground. It would take literally years to restore the electrical grid. People would start going berserk within a few weeks. That probability is fairly high.


It's not a question of "if" but "when" the Sun will cough out an extra angry burst of Earth-directed X-class solar flares.


If the grid were to become overloaded by such an event, what would we do? A nuclear strike against a country would also likely be delivered in this manner. A high-altitude detonation of a nuclear bomb would theoretically fry the national grid. Turn out the lights and watch anarchy quickly ensue. No need to drop bombs everywhere.

Of course there are a good many other things to consider.


An especially lethal, global pandemic might drive these mole people underground. So would radioactive fallout.


There are other possibilities too. There's the total economic collapse scenario. That would certainly cause mayhem in the streets. Then there are more exotic possibilities. How about a cyclotronic resonance attack via a HAARP-like antenna array? Such technology exists and may work in conjunction with chemtrails.


The effects could range from people experiencing minor irritability to all-out rage or even insanity. This mind-control attack could wreak havoc on the masses. Now where did I put my tinfoil hat?

So they might go underground for any of these reasons and certainly many more. It's kind of handy being able to retreat to a subterranean lifestyle. No doubt they've got things fixed up real nice.


Don't believe for a second it's just a dark, dank, cold hole below. Nope - they've got their crib all hooked-up real nice and swanky.


Final Thought

I went a bit long on speculation. But that was the purpose of this writing.


Sometimes we must speculate on inconceivable events so that we can better navigate our lives in the face of disaster. This is not about paranoia or hysteria; it's about awareness and simple planning.


I'm somewhat prepared for the worst: rural living, storable food and that sort of thing.


I'm acutely aware of just how tenuous things are and how little it would take to throw things out of balance. And so the most important preparations I've made are on a more mental and spiritual level.

While some of us are feeling a veritable vibration coming up from below, others are creating a new vibration here on the surface where Humans are supposed to be. The vibration I speak of is not the mechanical sort that rattles the ground and may occasionally boom or pop. This vibration is from the heart.


So many of us have moved on from the torment of being ridiculed and criticized for voicing views that ran outside general acceptance.


But those critics are becoming fewer and farther between and seem to be vanishing in the wind. Yes, there are still blowhards out there who enjoy being stupid. So be it! The rest of us are moving on.

And the sleepwalkers don't seem to pay any mind. They really can't see much past their nose, let alone take in a bigger picture.


But this too may soon change. The vibration many of us had created some time ago is coming back as an echo. Literally tens of thousands of people are beginning to sound just as "crazy" as we did.


There's a new vibration and a new awareness brewing and it's getting bigger and stronger every day.

Until next time