by Zen Gardner

07 June 2012
from BeforeItsNews Website

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It’s pretty obvious, yet it eludes the majority of humanity. We’ve lost our compass, our roots, our contact with true civilization.

I was blessed with another gorgeous granddaughter this week, a precious gift from who knows where to the human family. She’s adorable, amazing and in for a real challenge.

And no doubt up to it, because she chose to come and is therefore up for the battle! And she arrived between a lunar eclipse and at the beginning of the transit of Venus, another eclipse, with the Venus Transit signifying positive revolution!

Now that’s cool!




Natural Reality Vs. the Antiseptic Matrix

I’m blessed to have amazing kids.


They’re born and bred around the globe and despite my intrepid wanderlust they’re amazingly well adjusted and have remained spiritually aware and centered in the amazing degrees of separation of our fractured world.

But my oldest reminded me of something very profound today. Her younger sister, who just gave birth (almost in the car on the way to the hospital) had been going through the usual struggles of “when is she coming” and “I’m going bananas here” trials. She’s been comforting and encouraging her via phone as she’s had 3 beautiful kids of her own now in their teens.

Funny thing is, several of us in the family told her “wait for the Venus transit, she’s probably waiting for that.”

Sure enough, she was!




Childbirth and the Stars

The Universe is like a giant cosmic clock.


Events and influences correspond with stellar positions and effects. The significance of the signs and influences of our cosmos as well as our earthly surroundings is fundamental to the rich, tribal indigenous cultures that have existed through the ages.

What modern society calls primitive and advanced is just the opposite of a truly wise perspective of a grounded, Creative Universe, respecting and loving culture.

The resonant story behind this is quite simply profound. My oldest daughter’s second child was born in Japan and reminded us all of this story.

Their local midwife in Japan, a salt of the earth octogenarian from a very humble Japanese mountain country lifestyle, very authoritatively told her at the end of her pregnancy,

“It will come after the full moon.”

No questions, no doubts. Period.

In fact, when my oldest daughter went to be checked due to increasing labor pains and thought it might be coming, she didn’t even check her but just sent her home and said.

“No. It’s not coming until after the full moon.”

Which was a few more days away.

This turned out to be absolutely true to the day.

And this wisdom stuck with my oldest, so she told her sister and the rest of us the same. And sure enough, right after the latest full moon which was also an eclipse, and the Venus transit had begun, out she came. In fact so quickly, she gave birth 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital!

And my daughter now has this same calm, strong sense of knowing, having had it passed down as such and in turn experiencing it for herself.

That is wisdom. That’s what is being eaten up and lost by the modern day techno-fascist machine.




So Where Has This Wise Well-Grounded Sense of Connective Living Gone?

I was raised in suburbia and have spent the rest of my life unlearning everything I picked up and continued to get contaminated by from “modern” culture.


To find your way back is no small task when the wind is blowing against anything natural as if it’s the plague.

With hardly a scratch of open-minded research you quickly learn this horrific disjointed dumbed-down spiritually bereft and socially debauched state of “the world” has been carefully crafted and deliberately engineered. Break down the organic roots of civilization and you can shift and mold populations for your globalist designs.

Or so they hope.

In your research as your awareness grows you’ll learn that wars are engineered, and so are other eugenicist agendas that treat mankind as cattle to be subjugated, slaughtered and sacrificed for the good of the few elite rulers.

Massacre of evacuating, disarmed Lakoda men, women and children at Wounded Knee, 1890




Vicious Genocide of Indigenous Peoples

What you’ll also find to your astonishment is this rabid hatred of indigenous peoples of the earth.


This manifests in what can only be termed satanic methods of torture and wanton destruction, never mind stolen lands and the likes of government distributed smallpox infected blankets. From the massacres of the Native American indigenous tribes to the unreported systematic abuse, torture and mass killings of Canadian Native tribes, they are beyond wicked in their savagery and blood lust.

But why?

As in the so-called “conquest” of the Aztec and Inca civilizations, stripping of their resources, and imposition of spirit muzzling Catholicism later carried on and facilitated by their agentur the Jesuits, are attempts to erase and supplant the deep spiritual roots and grounded traditions of indigenous peoples everywhere.


Because this is what powers us. This is what the Jesuit “education” cover is all about, it’s erasing empowering generational wisdom, knowledge and culture and brainwashing for a dumbed down global mindset of unquestioning servitude.


The so-called “scientific method” has also been used as a cudgel against spiritual knowledge and experience of conscious realities. The point is, real humans who know their spiritual heritage and infinite possibility and connectivity to Universe are the threat to the Powers that Would Be.

Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa, Keeper of the Mysteries - Himself subject to vicious attacks

Africans and Blacks worldwide, perhaps the very original human race, have been under constant attack, with systematic assassinations of tribal shamans. Similar to how they’ve used small pox and other viruses to wipe out Native cultures in North America, AIDS has been the modern weapon of choice against the world’s Blacks.


The health war has also given them horrific diabetes issues as well as other induced ailments. Maniacs.

And you’ll find this happening to indigenous peoples worldwide, from the Inuit tribes of the far north to the aboriginals of Australia, the Maori of New Zealand and the many Polynesian tribes who populated and cultivated the islands with such loving respect, living in harmony with the natural beauty and bounty of planet Earth. Only to be overrun with exploitation and rape of their culture and environment.

They’ve all been targeted, and for a long time. Why do you think they’re spreading depleted uranium around the rich and deep cultures of the middle eastern countries they mercilessly and mechanically invade?

It’s genocide in full bloom.


As has been going on in plain site for generations via staged wars, economic manipulations, food and finance hoarding, the crippling of local agriculture, and carefully planned health warfare, to name a few of their many weapons.



Bill Gates of Hell Takes Things Even Further

Now this monster with megabucks Bill Gates is sponsoring polio carrying vaccines as well, and financing the forcing of GMO foods worldwide, but the release of genetically modified mosquitoes to do the job the nuts-with-needles can’t do.




Bio Weapon Insanity

These is actually something called bio-weapon industry. If there is anything about as insane as nuclear proliferation, this has to be it.

And how do they spread these viruses? Why, any way they can.


“Accidental” releases, experimental contamination, aerosols in streets or over population areas, water contamination. All admitted in government documents. After all, it’s the law they can experiment on their own people. Look it up. Same in the UK.

We’re talking sick.

And the technique du jour is now through vaccines. Big Pharma’s been sneaking live viruses into vaccines for decades, including the cancer virus. Now they admit to having race specific viruses that target specific genomes.

And why would they want race-specific viruses?




It’s All About Eugenics

And Eugenics Is Not Just Population Reduction

They are attempting to erase our past.


They are doing everything they can to erase our conscious, grounded tribal roots and all the loving and empowering wisdom that comes with it. They’ve been at this since they first realized mankind has a gift they don’t have.

We have empathy. We connect with Universe.

These controlling entities and their co-opted semi-human minions can’t do that. They run on the so-called hidden or occult knowledge they’ve gleaned through millennia and have carefully tried to keep from the rest of humanity.

That’s the game, that’s the war, that’s the objective.



They Can’t Win

They can’t stop the Truth, any more than they can quench the power of the Sun, or stop the expansion of the Universe.

It’s futile, and deep inside they know it. Yet they continue to run themselves on the very programming they wish to exert on free humanity which is inherently self-destructive.


Any intermittent seeming victories or progress of their techno-fascist hell is an ephemeral illusion, a matrix projection to intimidate the populace into further subjugation. It’s a lie.

Know it for what it is. This mechanized projection we’re watching is a charade of hate and fear, and it’s coming down. And the more who realize this and see it for what it is, the faster it falls.

Keep spreading the word.


Momentum is picking up and each shoulder to the wheel does more!