by Zen Gardner

10 February 2012

from BeforeItsNews Website

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It's weird out. I mean weird. Anyone getting the dizzies, battling disorientation?


Myself and my friends and loved ones are, and it's not that pleasant. I'd like to think it's the vibrational change just turning up but it's not bearing real good fruit just yet as far as I can feel.

It's not on that transcendent vibrational level. It's physical.




What's the buzz?

I don't know, maybe it's just me and a few others and a side effect to the good stuff, but it's weird.


My sleep cycle is so screwed up I almost work the same hours as friends I correspond with overseas... and they're sleeping less and feeling it as well. I mean we've been finding even our cell phones are literally stinging our heads now when we don't use our protective earphones.

In the US, as in many countries now, it's a cesspool of electromagnetic and chemical pollution. They're trying to sedate, control and poison us all so fast it's almost comical if it weren't so horrific, watching these roiling elitist rats scramble to foist more controls and do more damage to us than the other.

Disgusting vermin.

But are they playing with this cosmic and toxic soup combo?



Cosmic Correlations

I know we're passing through some serious cosmic changes.



The sun is clearly emanating major energy including massive coronal flares, and the magnetosphere is getting rocked by all kinds of influences.


Cosmic impulses and alignments are apparently affecting the energy and rotation of the core of the earth, the giant dynamo that drives our magnetic field and gravitational pull in conjunction with our inner sun.

Hence part of the reason for the earthquake uptick and possibly the strange sounds and no doubt other phenomena. So we're bound to feel these things in our circuitry.

Planetary and inter-stellar arrangements are hitting peak alignments while we simultaneously also pass through a vast photon cloud of some sort.


Research it for yourself, but we're in that very special time of convergences we've been anticipating.




Never let a good crisis go to waste

Those natural changes are happening for sure, but I can't help but wonder if the mad scientists aren't jamming the circuits as well.


This barrage feels more like the PTBs turning up their,

...any other damned EMF producing crap they've got.

It would make sense at a time like this to fire away into an amped up atmosphere laden with metallic chemtrails.


We've been sucking this toxic soup into our bodies for years, as well as via metallic fluoridated food and water. This not only dumbs us down but makes us better receptors for EMFs I'm sorry to say. Apparently we each have enough barium in us to make us visible from space.

Just another tool for the drones? Nasty, I know.

They've declared war on the awakening so we know this is well within their agenda and capabilities.

As always, I'm wondering, but at the least maybe this is advanced warning to remember to guard our thoughts and be well aware of these potential effects on our physical electromagnetic bodies and hence our thoughts during these times.




Stay calm and vigilant on the outside... but keep paddling underneath

It's always the same message for me. Transcend.



Not like a flitting new ager or religionist in denial, but seriously tune into the higher mental and spiritual frequencies by being consciously aware of what's going on. Just think how hard this worldwide crash is going to hit those who can't see it coming.

And they're not even aware they're being deliberately drugged and dumbed down and are sitting squarely on the Illuminati depopulation chopping block on top of it.

Similarly we need to take this to higher and higher levels. I mean, try telling someone their TVs watching them and sending mind control signals, and their house is being wired for full electromagnetic influence over them as well as for their monitoring. Then you have to tell them to watch their minds because the Control freaks can implant thoughts and emotions that are not really theirs.

Crazy, but true.

We need to see this for what it is and stay free from its domination over our lives. For me, keeping a pulse on the real news with sources and people I love and trust for honest insights and commentary is paramount. Then I have to digest it and formulate what I'm learning and perceiving. That's what keeps me awake.

I'm like the guy who's pacing the house and mumbling to himself, trying not to fall asleep or else the zombies will get him.

Very much so. That is a very real scenario, anyway you want to spiritualize or conceptualize it.


We're under attack.




We are going through major changes as we expected.


There's not much we can do about the natural ones, although we do need to monitor them closely and keep each other informed.


We certainly need to dwell on the wonderfully empowering aspect of these vibrational changes.


A transformation is under way and it's wonderful. However it's happening at the same time as the NWO crackdown, so it's going to be confusing for many as they can't decipher which is which.

And that's their intent.

The insidious side of all these changes is the Controllers' master plan for our final stages. And it is something we can do something being well aware of their plans and activities and exposing them in order to alert and empower others.

That they want to control our minds is a no-brainer, so to speak. That's the name of the game.


When they have that, which they're also working on via a fully controlled mass media, false education, debasing distractions and chemical contamination, the compliance and lack of consciousness will follow.


They're also broadcasting all the "wonderful" technological advances toward this end more than ever, getting the public to swallow the transhumanist pill... or should I say RFID chip.

Those of you who know what I'm talking about will get this and take it seriously. Those who don't, please investigate further. We're being empowered but also under attack and people need to be made aware of what we're undergoing.

Don't delay, please. You don't just sidle casually away from an oncoming tornado now, do you? This is not a game....but it's also not the ultimate reality.

They're trying to keep you from that.

Screw 'em.