by Carlos Tavares
16 November, 2013
from MessageToEagle Website

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Carlos Tavares is a student of the "Great Work" and seeker of knowledge, using what he has learned and experienced in different fields to try and get a clearer picture of reality and make sense of it all.

Filling in the gaps through contemplative thought and always pushing the boundaries.

Exploring the mysteries of life!



Whatever happens on or with the Sun affects us here on Earth sooner or later in different ways.

Many people feel side-effects in their bodies after a large solar-flare or CME:

headaches, nausea, body pains, dizziness, general lack of energy, change in sleep patterns as well as psychological effects like mood swings, irritations, increased anger, etc.

Our brains have magnetite in them which is very sensitive to any change of Earth's Geomagnetic Fields, especially rapid intense changes.


That means we can use it as an antennae to alert us of the Solar or Frequency storm or changes.

We have seen that when there is a powerful geomagnetic storm we often have problems with electrical devices, such as we lose cell-phone signal, have interference on the radio, GPS devices lose accuracy, our satellites malfunction and need to be re-booted, etc. (Good indicators that something is happening and if it is severe then we can take action.)

These are electrical systems that get affected by the massive amount of energy coming from a solar flare or CME.

Moreover, our bodies are also electrical in nature so we too feel these flares and CMEs in different ways. Some people are more sensitive than others.

I would think that people in large cities would feel these less, as they are already so conditioned to the massive amount of different types of frequency radiations from all the cell phone and communications towers and devices, that they would barely notice the difference.


We have learned that ALL energy or radiation carries information. So what is coming in is an influx of information!!

Too much info or radiation literally fries the circuits both human/biological and mechanical. We can see this even with some of our plants that have recently really been struggling due to the intensity of the sun.

Some days you go out into the sun and you can immediately feel the burning sensation, compared to say twenty years ago where you could spend a reasonable amount of time without even sun-block. When you program a new computer you cannot install all the software at once, otherwise it crashes.

If we are been "upgraded" in some way the same would apply.


Just like too much ultra-violet can cause severe sunburn but in lower doses benefit your health, apart from the vitamins that are created it is only therefore logical that information too comes into our body system, because these present bodies we have exist in/vibrate at Hertzian frequency.

New science has found that when you have a geomagnetic storm you can have micro-structural changes in the brain; and if you change the structure of the brain you change its function. They have also detected changes in the chemistry of the brain.


Even a small change in chemistry can change our total perception of reality. Not to mention the changes in our DNA, where too even a small change can have dramatic effects.


All this is totally changing the foundation of this entire Matrix.

So just like a computer needs to be rebooted, the best would be for us to do so too after a major surge or purge, simply by getting a lot of sleep. Actual sleep where you lose awake consciousness so that your system/body can recalibrate in a deeper sense, as opposed to simply meditating or "twilighting".

According to some researchers, strong solar activity can also disrupt the Earth's tectonic plates and trigger earthquakes.


Incidentally, there was a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) released on February 15th 2011, and it hit the Earth on February 17th. Another CME was released on March 7th, 2011. Both of these CMEs were released just prior to the New Zealand and Japan earthquakes.


Simple logic would dictate that such a massive amount of energy coming into the planet must have some large or subtle impact that is material or spiritual or both. So just like us, the planet is changing, in both the hard-drives (Material) as well as the software (Spiritual) aspects.


The entire resonance is changed, basically we are becoming new frequencies.


An interesting point to mention is that Space Agencies normally say that the bulk of a specific eruption, solar flare or CME will hit us 24 to 48 hours after the photonic energy has been detected (at the speed of light it would reach us in just over 8 Minutes).


The "Carrington Event" apparently only took 17 hours to reach Earth and already caused much damage in 1859.


So even conventionally speaking, the more powerful eruption may reach us quicker!?


Yet if we take into consideration what we have been taught that "Ultra-violet" radiation is quicker than visible light, and "X-ray" and "Gamma Rays" are in turn even quicker than Ultra violet, (visible light is but a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, so logically the speed of photons is but one speed, certainly not the fastest, because as you rise in frequencies back towards "source", so too do the speeds increase), then if there is a major event on the Sun and it was earth directed we would have basically no warning of the incoming blast wave of "higher frequencies/information".

We would be almost instantly hit or affected by these higher frequencies, even though the bulk of the CME would reach us much later - by then mostly in the form of charged particles, therefore only mainly electrical in nature, having potential damaging effects on our electrical devices, but by then we would have already received the higher frequency "software".

So what I am saying is that if it is time for an upgrade, it is time for an upgrade without any real warning which brings us to the next idea. What if a super advanced race wanted to change or uplift our primitive consciousness?


I am sure they could transmit the relevant frequencies via one of their advanced spacecraft directly to the planet using developed technologies.


But if they have true inter-dimensional power and abilities could they not also do so using a more "organic system" itself, by affecting or changing what is coming from our very own frequency specific star, our Sun?

If all of creation was created using the template of what we have been taught:

the triad with Point Zero on top and a cone of ever lowering frequencies hanging from this point, then our very solar system would be a fractal of that greater reality with our Sun as Point Zero and the planets all as secondary consciousness, trailing our parent star in this sector of space/void.

So if Big "G" wanted to change things "organically" the information could be sent even on a larger scale to the centre of our galaxy, which in turn is the "Fractal Point Zero" for our sun... (this method we can continue to the smallness of an atom or to the largeness of an entire "universe", which in itself would then just be the "secondary" to an even greater Point Zero.)


The intent or information travelling down the "fractal systems" all the way down to our very own human inner core - and that is how the whole reality or consciousness of an entire Solar System or greater could be changed, upgraded or deleted!

There are other sources of mass radiation, cosmic and galactic radiation, that impact the Earth especially when the Sun's Heliosphere is reduced, during periods of low sunspot activity.


The Heliosphere protecting the inner planets from cosmic events, just like the Earth's magnetic field protects us from most the Sun's harmful energy.

We live in a very dynamic ever changing and evolving system.