by Susanne Posel
September 21, 2013

from OccupyCorporatism Website






James Watson, director of the climate change program for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), has envisioned a new earth; a world where areas that were once lush and green now resemble a barren desert.


The WCS collaborated with the University of Queensland and Stanford University, sharing data concerning ecosystems and how they will look in the near future (see Mapping Vulnerability and Conservation Adaptation Strategies under Climate Change).


Watson explains:

“We need to realize that climate change is going to impact ecosystems both directly and indirectly in a variety of ways and we can’t keep on assuming that all adaptation actions are suitable everywhere.


The fact is there is only limited funds out there and we need to start to be clever in our investments in adaptation strategies around the world.”

The team created a map of future earth, a place dramatically different than the world we know.


Watson predicts that,

“central Africa, northern South America and northern Australia would be most climatically unstable in the future.”

The areas expected to be impacted the least are those in higher latitudes - such as North America and southern Patagonia.


The aim of the map is to influence governments, environmental agencies, donors, restoration efforts and any other conversation activities into pushing the necessity for cordoned off areas to preserve biodiversity.


Giving the scientific community a visual impression of what alarmists claim the planet will look like after being ravaged by man-made climate change is quite powerful.


Watson and his team have shown across the globe that landscapes and seascapes will be further altered by human activities,

“making them more or less susceptible to climate change.”

A marketing idea has begun a 10 year initiative that strengthens partnerships between governments, alarmist scientists and investors to develop,

“opportunities of global environmental change and support transformation towards global sustainability in the coming decades.”

This new scheme is called Future Earth.


While phrases like Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development are becoming more “mainstream” the environmentalists who believe in eco-technology and controlling the world’s population for the sake of protecting Gaia, the new buzz words “future earth” seem harmless enough - yet they simply hide behind the unassuming façade to coerce people into supporting the global domination plans of the United Nations.


Future Earth endeavors to design a global plan to oversee:

  • Research and development of sustainable methods that control food, water, energy and healthcare

  • Utilizing technology, sciences and economics

  • Pressure governments and law makers to support their efforts

  • Manifesting sustainable agendas with academics, corporations, appropriated funds and product production

  • Controlling under-developed nations by forcing sustainable technologies






In 2012, the Planet Under Pressure conference brought together the goals of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) and an estimated 3,018 in attendance with another 3,500 watching on live web-streaming.


Some of the supporters of the conference were:

  • NASA

  • The Center for Carbon Measurement

  • Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

  • European Cooperation in Science and Technology


  • The European Space Agency

  • Global Water System Project

  • The Met Office

  • Oxford University

  • United Nations Environment Program

  • The Royal Society

  • NSF


The document “State of the Planet Declaration” explains how pollution, resource demand and potentially catastrophic consequences are changing our “global civilization”.


In order to maintain our planet for future generations, we must accept the consensus of a “new epoch, the Anthropocene.”


This new mode of thought focuses on Earth as a conscious being that supports all living beings through interconnected and interdependent systems. Through this balance, sustainability facilitates protection of the future.


One method is to ensure global governance over the environment to mitigate climate change and loss of biodiversity.


Future Earth also collaborates with the Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS), which partners with various universities to provide research institutions for the progressive forward path toward sustainability.


Future Earth is a vision concocted by eco-fascists wherein their version of global environmentalism is meant to become all-encompassing as they endeavor to,

“define pathways towards sustainability and respond effectively to the risks and opportunities”.

Once they are successful in convincing the world that,

“human activities have already transformed the Earth system”,

...they will use pseudo-scientific research that supports their agenda and force the nations of the world to make the appropriate transformations toward global sustainability.