by anthony1965
May 17, 2010

from DavidIckeForum Website

As the sincere researchers into chemtrails and weather manipulation are aware, there are many aspects to this complex theme.


The spraying of aerosols as part of geo-engineering is one aspect (and can itself be subdivided into the various aerosol types, such as aluminium and barium oxides, sulphur particles, etc.). Another documented aspect is the spraying of biological and chemical substances by the US, UK and very likely other military organizations over many decades.

In addition to these, there is the decades old use of "CHAFF" used as a radar countermeasure dating back to world war two. Originally chaff consisted of aluminium foil strips, but the modern version is aluminium coated fibres of increasingly small (nano) size.

What are the health and environmental consequences of dumping many, many tonnes of these fibres into our air space where they inevitably fall to the ground? This thread aims to make people aware of the usage of chaff and it's relationship to radar anomalies reported around the world.

We also see a clear example of disinformation and ridicule by an official meterologist (in this case from Germany).


When, a few years ago, a group of researchers published their theories that the radar anomalies which could not be officially explained were due to secret military testing, perhaps using chaff, they were attacked and ridiculed by a prominent German TV weatherman. They were later vindicated, but the German military denied that it was responsible.

There is a video sequence that shows the build up, drifting and disappearance of a chaff cloud over south west Germany. Disappearance means that the fibres have fallen to the ground. The Americans have big air bases in the region so they are likely to be the perpetrators, but the Germans simply say that they do not know who is responsible.

The German military can not tell us about the use of chaff in its own airspace. What else might be happening that they are not telling us? The same logic applies to the other military and met office organizations.


Yet the chemtrail shills and trolls expect us to tell them exactly what is happening in our skies.

The glass fiber dipoles are generally 1 mil (25.4 microns) in diameter, including the aluminum coating which is 0.12 f 0.06 mils thick. A new superfine glass fiber chaff is being manufactured that is 0.7 mil (17.8 microns) in diameter.

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