by Mike Barrett
February 7, 2012
from NaturalSociety Website



Honey has long been viewed as one of nature’s mighty superfoods.


For centuries, honey has been utilized for its antibacterial properties, and now scientists are discovering how the healing process honey really works. What’s more, the healing properties of honey could even replace antibiotics brought to you by the mainstream medical establishment.




Honey Shown to Serve as an All Natural Antibiotic, Heals Wounds

A recent study published in the journal Microbiology found that honey - particularly that derived from bees foraging on manuka flowers - halted one type of streptococcus pyogenes from inhibiting the healing of wounds.


Researchers conducting the lab tests found that just a little bit of honey was enough to kill off the majority of bacterial cells on the skin which infects the wound site. Honey also dramatically reduced stubborn biofilms created by strep. Not only does honey help to heal wounds, but it also can be utilized to prevent wounds in the first place.

This is great news, as antibiotics are normally used to fight any type of infection. Unfortunately with the consumption of antibiotics comes a permanent destruction of beneficial bacteria (prompting the necessity of probiotics through food or supplementation) within the gut, a condition scientists link to mental illness.


In addition, antibiotics have been shown to be a contributor in rising obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome rates.

While honey is a great antibacterial agent, it has other common uses as well. One study found that the use of local honey resulted in a 60 percent reduction in symptoms for birch pollen allergy sufferers.


The study, found on the Internal Archives of Allergy and Immunology website, involved a total of 44 patients diagnosed with birch pollen allergy. The subjects consumed either birch pollen honey or regular honey daily from November to March.

Seeing as the Food and Drug Administration already deemed walnuts to be illegal drugs due to their health-promoting properties, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising to see similar action against an amazing food like honey.


Either way, you can always turn to honey for hastened, natural healing.