by Richard C. Hoagland and David Wilcock

from TheEnterpriseMission Website



The epic, unprecedented, literal disappearance of the world's honeybee population -- termed officially "Colony Collapse Disorder" (CCD), that suddenly began to be reported only last November -- is extraordinarily serious. However, contrary to some of the most severe of these mainstream reports, it does not have to spell "the end of life as we know it on Earth."


There is an elegant, inexpensive solution to the crisis -- almost absurdly simple at the face of it -- for both identifying, and then fixing, the underlying problem. Mainstream scientists cannot explain why this method would work, in fact, by their own admission they still don't even know the source of CCD ... let alone, that a ready solution also currently exists. Therefore, most would automatically assume our proposal to be either a fluke, or outright fantasy.

It is neither.

The answers to the crucial questions now being asked by increasingly desperate beekeepers, baffled scientists and millions of concerned "ordinary folks," as "X-Files-type reports" of the literal, escalating, world-wide disappearance of billions of domestic honeybees continue to pour in, is to be found in a long-suppressed "new" branch of science -- which both authors of this Report have been researching and developing ... if not openly discussing ... for many years.

Our civilization has developed marvelous gadgets, giving us instantaneous, worldwide data and audio-visual communication. The signals travel through "empty space" on invisible electromagnetic waves -- for which, the existence of civilization (if not our own existence!) now depends. Nature and the biology of the "natural world" is no different -- but instead of electromagnetic waves, it uses (in part) something called "torsion fields" for the same essential purpose -- to transmit vital signals into and between living eco-systems, so that they may function properly.

Globally, literally thousands of "peer reviewed" scientific papers on these "torsion fields" have been written in the last half century or so, yet wide-spread scientific knowledge of this critical, fundamental aspect of physics and biology has been almost completely excluded from the world of academic scientists and mainstream research institutions -- to say nothing of the popular scientific press -- in the so-called "Western world." There is a crucial, calculated reason for this ignorance, which we shall get to.

However, as we shall demonstrate in this Report, Nature doesn't care whether Western science has heard about (or "peer reviewed" ...) these fields or not -- it just uses them, to overwhelmingly significant effect.

Later in this work, the authors will also prove -- including, with reference to results from their own "torsion field experiments" - precisely how this "Hyperdimensional Physics" can now be used to truly answer ... and then solve ... the greatest short-term environmental crisis of our time - "What's happening to the domestic bees!?"


Though, as we said, there are currently more than ten thousand scientific papers published world-wide on "torsion fields" -- over half of them from Russia and other former Soviet Republics alone -- the latter were kept classified for reasons of "national security" by the KGB, until the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1991.

All that has now changed; thanks to the rise of the World Wide Web in the late 1990s, and the earlier collapse of the Soviet Union, everything we need to know about this formerly, completely "hidden science" is, at least partially, available on the Net -- especially, the amazing pioneering work of Russian astronomer, Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev ... rightly called by many "the father of torsion physics."

These brilliant "new" sciences not only have the power to actually solve the honeybee "disappearance epidemic," they can also reduce -- or even eliminate -- the most severe effects of another major looming environmental crisis: "global warming."

They can do this, first and foremost, by opening the door to truly non-polluting, virtually unlimited sources of new energy; by thus drastically reducing the atmospheric "greenhouse gas" emissions associated with burning fossil fuels. In addition, the widespread development of these "torsion physics energy alternatives" would also have enormous, positive geopolitical side-effects -- in terms of the continuing crisis of "the war on terror," stemming directly from our overwhelming, continuing dependence on oil from the Middle East.

This fundamental physics can even -- again, according to existing Russian laboratory experiments and technological prototypes -- provide a totally new means of "getting off the Earth"; a stunning "inertia drive" alternative to the still incredibly "primitive" rocket technology which keeps spaceflight so expensive (and, limited to a virtual "handful" of "super-professional" astronauts and cosmonauts).

This "limited space access problem" -- which would be solved "in a stroke" by the demonstration of a viable alternative "space drive technology," based on torsion physics -- is repeatedly brought home by the endless technical and political soap opera associated with NASA's beleaguered shuttle program, if not its dwindling prospects of someday "returning to the Moon."

It is urgent, then, that we swiftly close this fundamental "physics gap," fill in the missing pieces ... and use this suppressed, often bizarre "new" science in a variety of applications to literally save our planet!

Because -- based on innumerable "insider" testimonies, including private contacts of both authors of this paper -- notwithstanding the "astonishing ignorance" of Western mainstream science to these remarkable discoveries, these "exotic" breakthroughs and associated technologies are well-known (and routinely used!) within existing, top-secret "black-budget operations" (Black Ops), or (the other inside term ...) "unacknowledged special-access programs" (USAPS) of the US military-industrial-government complex.

The simple fact that "torsion physics" -- and its extraordinary capabilities and implications -- is not widely recognized in the West as "the vital, missing element to current textbook physics," is by the deliberate design of these same "black ops" agencies--

Who demonstrably want the almost limitless power provided by this radical "new" science ... for themselves.


This is why, whether or not UFOs are really "alien spacecraft," or could simply be striking examples of these "advanced torsion-based technologies" developed right here on Earth by these same hidden Black-Ops programs, former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer's, recent demand -- that world governments finally, literally for the sake of all Humanity -- come clean with the truth, is so important.

In an interview with a leading Canadian newspaper last February, the "Ottawa Citizen," Hellyer -- certainly, a man who ought to know! -- was widely quoted on precisely this delicate subject of "secret science and technologies":

OTTAWA (AFP) - A former Canadian defense minister is demanding governments worldwide disclose and use secret alien technologies obtained in alleged UFO crashes to stem climate change, a local paper said Wednesday.

"I would like to see what [alien] technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation ... that could be a way to save our planet," Paul Hellyer, 83, told the Ottawa Citizen...

"We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough," he said.

It is likely that Hellyer knows far more than even he feels safe in saying at the moment, given his former official government position -- particularly, because everyone on the "inside" has to sign strict non-disclosure agreements that promise, among other things, even potentially lethal repercussions, if those signing them break their legal "vow of silence."

In the next installment of this Report, we will show specifically how these same "secret" sciences already provide the solution to Colony Collapse Disorder; it doesn't matter whether our governments tell us the truth or not -- all we have to do is change a few simple beekeeping practices, and the ability to dramatically turn around CCD will soon follow. In addition, we can also now explain why it works... for the first time in "modern" human history.

Therefore, the real, immediate problem is simply getting enough publicity to make this new science part of our "common civilian knowledge" in the Western world. You can help by sharing this article series with as many others as possible, and as soon as possible ....


From released KGB files, we already know the former Soviet government was "guilty as charged" with suppressing a huge body of scientific research into "torsion fields." They sealed it all away in their own "black-ops" world, literally as a "state secret."

If you don't think Western governments would do the same thing -- suppressing information from their own people, such as "the science of torsion fields" for their own "national security" -- think again. A brief history lesson -- from our very recent past -- is in order.

On Monday, April 2, 2007, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that "global warming" is real -- proof positive that the political "tipping point" has now been reached on this critical issue.

This breakthrough could have happened much earlier. After years of fighting even the idea of "global climate change" on a variety of fronts, the Bush Administration finally lost -- an on-going fight partially visible in at least 294 acts of documented, outright censorship of various scientific government reports ... on the "significance" of global climate change.

According to the New Scientist:

US fudging of climate science - details revealed
12:30 20 March 2007 news service
Kelly Young

The Bush administration has again been charged with interfering with federal climate science, in order to underplay the significance of global warming.

In a continuing investigation, the US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held its second hearing on the issue on Monday. Documents "appear to portray a systematic White House effort to minimize the significance of climate change", said a memo released by the committee.

The committee heard from James Hansen, the director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, and one of the first scientists to warn of the threat of climate change.

In written testimony, Hansen said:

"In my more than three decades in government, I have never seen anything approaching the degree to which information flow from scientists to the public has been screened and controlled as it has now."...

In a 10-year policy plan, Cooney and Brian Hannegan, also at CEQ, made at least 181 edits to emphasize scientific uncertainty regarding the effects of climate change, and 113 changes to minimize the importance of human contributions to global warming, according to the committee's memo.

For example, Cooney replaced "will" with "may" in the sentence:

"Warming temperatures will also affect Arctic land areas." He also deleted this sentence: "Climate change has global consequences for human health and the environment" [emphasis added].

During the hearings, Dr. Hansen also asked why his testimony -- as a government scientist -- had to be reviewed, edited and changed by a bureaucrat in the White House:

Quote: Scientist Accuses White House of "Nazi" Tactics
By Joel Havemann
The Los Angeles Times
Monday 19 March 2007

Washington - A government scientist, under sharp questioning by a federal panel for his outspoken views on global warming, stood by his view today that the Bush administration's information policies smacked of Nazi Germany.

James Hansen... took particular issue with the administration's rule that a government information officer listen in on his interviews with reporters -- and its refusal to allow him to be interviewed by National Public Radio...

Hansen said the Bush administration was not the first in U.S. history to practice information management over government scientists, but it has been the most vigorous. He deplored a "politicization of science."

"When I testify to you as a government scientist," he said, "why does my testimony have to be reviewed, edited and changed by a bureaucrat in the White House?"

Sitting beside him was one of the bureaucrats Hansen was talking about: Philip Cooney, chief of staff to the White House Council on Environmental Quality from 2001 to 2005 [emphasis added].

Why would they care?

In order to answer that question, you have to visualize the Grand Chessboard that politicians (and others ...) are constantly manipulating these days.

Psychologically, the open admission of "global warming" reduces the mass public's confidence in government's ability to "protect them from harm." A weak government is easily replaced by another that can (or might ...) propose greater protection.

It's even worse if the "protection" itself would further weaken the government ... by directly attacking its most affluent supporters -- which certainly appears to be the case here. Just as surely as day turns into night, a climate change media break would create sweeping new political pressures for "emissions standards for the oil companies" ... and even an expedited shift "totally off fossil fuels themselves," which, surprise, surprise, are the very corporate energy producers heavily interlinked with the current Administration.

Think "Halliburton."

So, as history has repeatedly proven with events such as the Watergate Scandal, where there's smoke there's fire -- and by the time you see a few wisps leaking out in the mainstream media, there is often "a blazing pot of gold hiding in the clouds, there at the end of the rainbow ..." -- mixing our metaphors madly.

We believe we have found the gold -- far more than we could ever hope to spend ourselves. Unless we share it with you, it's really worth nothing to us.

The "secret treasure" can be found, beginning with Hoagland's epic tome describing the origins and evolution of his quarter-century-long search into the literally "off planet" foundations of this radical "new science": The Monuments of Mars. This was followed, some years later, by a set of formal addresses to the United Nations -- the UN Briefing DVD. And, then there's the groundbreaking and freely-available "Hyperdimensional Physics," which explains the basic Hyperdimensional science underlying "torsion physics." 

Furthermore, in "Hyperdimensional Nebulae: Cubes in Space and the 2012 Case," Wilcock demonstrates the same hidden geometry at work in the protein synthesis of all living things -- which can also be seen in quantum physics, planets, nebulae and even galactic superclusters. No other model has ever presented such a Unified view of all branches of science, as what we are now assembling ....

Some of this new data will be expanded in later sections of this Report -- as well as surprising new facts presented, revealing how honeybees are attuned to the same "torsion fields" underlying all matter, energy and life in three dimensions ... as we currently know it.


Were it not for the sudden threat of Colony Collapse Disorder, we were set to publish the newest installment in our on-going "Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow?" article series (started back in 2004), within the next few days. In Parts 2 and 3 of 'Interplanetary', we cited at that time well over 100 different mainstream NASA studies that collectively revealed our entire Solar System is undergoing massive "climate change" ... just like we are now seeing on Earth.

If you think the "local" honeybee problem may be related to this more far-reaching "interplanetary effect," then you're on exactly the right track -- and you're probably a regular listener to "Coast-to-Coast AM" with George Noory and Art Bell to boot!

There have been increasingly serious-sounding reports of "Global Warming" on Mars recently, and some astronomers have suggested other solar system planets are also changing as well, using small, isolated studies of the data. Even though we published our Interplanetary paper three years ago -- again, with over 100 different data sources -- it seems to have gone unnoticed by almost everyone ... both in the mainstream and alternative communities.

We gave official (NASA) climate change data for every planet (except Mercury), and many outer solar system satellites (moons) -- showing dramatic increases in brightness; magnetic field strength; ozone content in the atmosphere; global storms; X-ray activity; and, of course, "good 'ol global warming" -- all across the board. We also pointed out that the Sun is simultaneously experiencing an 11,000-year high in its level of activity (anticipating, again, by three years the latest official warnings that "Solar Cycle 24" will be a "lulu!").

It was a great deal of work to put all that data together, but realistically anyone could have done it -- as it was all from mainstream sources.

Now we know NASA, and the US government, has been actively suppressing objective climate change data here on Earth for years. What about interplanetary climate change: is there any credible evidence that this "big picture" has also been selectively censored ... and, also from the top levels of the US government (and others ...)?



As we have demonstrated going back three years -- and with official NASA data -- the physics of our entire solar system is changing, and on the most fundamental levels: planetary temperatures (irrespective of distance from the sun); global magnetic field strengths; even planetary rotation periods ....

The vast volume of the Galaxy immediately outside our system of orbiting planetary objects -- and just outside the influence of the magnetic field of the sun -- is called the Local Interstellar Medium ... or "LISM." If the solar system is changing as much as we've reported from intrinsic HD and torsion effects, we would expect to see an energetic increase in the far more distant LISM as well.

A "feedback effect" from the LISM would then be expected on the various "heliosphere" parameters within the sun's magnetic influence, that our most distant spacecraft (the two Pioneers and two Voyagers) are now actively sampling, as they forever leave the solar system -- measurable by such things as "the quantity and density of charged particles" they are finding and reporting back by radio from their extraordinarily remote locations now.

And, if you were a government (or, others ...) who did not want even this type of "unsettling, changing solar system information" to reach "ordinary folks," just to be really safe, you'd probably keep all your bases covered on this esoteric front as well.

And, it looks like "someone" has ....

As Wilcock reported in 2002 (Divine Cosmos - Chapter 8), NASA scientist Dr. Don Shemansky found the initial "happiness and wonder of scientific discovery" meeting up with a cold, dark, "insidious force" -- the same scientific suppression that led to those recent (at least ...) 294 acts of documented censorship by the US government, against NASA's Dr. Hansen.

Dr. Shemansky, after many years of quiet "suffering," publicly denounced NASA's "persistent, pernicious bias" against ANY research suggesting there is "a charge-up in the LISM." Don't forget that "pernicious" means "deadly, evil and insidious" -- so this is quite an accusation, coming from a physicist! (the "Way Back Machine") shows Shemansky's page, carrying this remarkable public indictment of NASA, was first recorded on "February 17th, 2001":

"... research on the properties of the Local Interstellar medium have been carried out in scattered periods beginning in 1978. The NASA Space Physics Division has shown a persistent pernicious bias against work on the effects of the neutral gas in the LISM in the United States, from the time of the formation of the Division…

"The most important contributions to research in this Program are papers ... which present the first evidence for a large increase in the LISM neutral atomic hydrogen density…"

So, NASA doesn't want Shemansky to share even his extremely esoteric "interstellar research" -- which could ultimately suggest even the vast volume of space surrounding the entire solar system is, somehow, undergoing "a fundamental change in physics." And, this "pernicious NASA bias" on this subject could extend all the way back to 1978, as Shemansky himself indicates.

Someone, even then, really didn't want this getting out ... did they?!

But, does the buck stop with NASA?


Dr. James Hansen's recent testimony reveals that this "pernicious bias" comes from far higher ... directly from the highest levels of the US government itself -- not only the White House -- but, whomever is actually running things .....


As we head into Part Two, we will have an in-depth investigation of Colony Collapse Disorder -- and present compelling evidence that it is a by product of the same change in physics that is now affecting the entire solar system (if not a sizable chunk of the local Galaxy beyond ...).

If the background flux patterns of "torsion fields" are fundamentally changing, the domesticated bees may have lost their equally fundamental torsion navigation systems. This could also easily explain the sudden appearance of massive swarms in places where they've never been seen -- like, the ~60,000 honey bees which suddenly showed up in downtown Spokane, Washington the other day (literally, at City Hall!); and the equally confused colony which tried to take over a home in Florida of a family member of one of the authors, just a couple months before.

These and many other such incidents, occurring all across the country now, are indicative of, apparently, sizeable numbers of not "dead bees" ... but "lost bees."


Recognizing the recent erroneous reports from Germany - that "cell phones" could account for the mysterious world-wide disappearances (NOT!) - electromagnetic radiation does have a scrambling or "decohering" effect on torsion fields in certain circumstances, as many of those Russian studies have shown. But powerful radio stations, super high-power military radars and, yes, even cell phones, have all been with us (and the bees ...) year after year, literally for decades ... and we've never seen a problem like CCD before.

The answer for the bees, as you will see, all comes back to letting Nature do what it does best ... once we figure out what Nature's really trying to say.