by Gerardus Tros
September 2001



The Soul Mind we are is a miniature hologram of the Universal Mind and when we are born for the first time; our Soul Mind is totally innocent and carries within itself unconscious reflections of the Whole.


Our Soul Mind is the forever lasting force we are! It lives infinitely and it is the recorder upon which we record every experience we have in any plane of existence. Itís like a computer but a lot better.


Our Soul Mind is an infinite force with an infinite memory!





Every time we are born in a new body, we inherit the mind of the body - the brain - or the Body Mind.


So when we live in a body, we have two Minds to contend with. The Soul Mind and the Body Mind!  Hmm? Naturally we do not know this, for it feels as if these two Minds work as one. The Body Mind is the boss however and without a doubt, it is a very dominant ruler.


It takes all the power it can muster and usually it is called the Ego!





Every time we are born in a human body, we become fascinated with the Body Mind.


So, there we are! Now what? We are a Soul Mind which came to learn in this world, But our Body Mind prevents us from learning anything of eternal value. Our Body Mind is the Ego or Ass and it is delaying the Soul Mind from becoming involved with the Eternal Things of Life.


We came here to become aware as a Great Consciousness or Soul and this is pushed on the back burner by the Ego.


In the mean time this Body Mind, gets to learn all kinds of goodies about the world and the sciences and before long it thinks it knows something. Itís full of so called knowledge and it is continually told that all this knowledge is important and valuable. Hmm?


No doubt we are taken for a ride...





Naturally, all this knowledge is lost at death and the next time we are born again as a Soul Mind, our Body Mind does the same thing.


It hogs the scene and plays the boss. Our Soul Mind or infinite Consciousness still knows nothing about everlasting life. All we do is cycle back and forth between the earth and the astral regions and after doing this for a thousand times, we are still not even aware that we have been here Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine times before. Wow!


All this because the Body Mind is such a powerful ruler and decides what is important in life. The Body Mind concentrates on itself and it does not recognize that there is an everlasting Soul Mind right beside it.


Naturally this Soul Mind is infinitely more valuable because it lives forever and it is the real inhabitant of the body.


What do we do about all this recycling?





The question also arises, what does this Body Mind really learn?


Well, whatever it learns, is only of value in one particular lifetime. For the next time around, all situations and or conditions are entirely different again. All of a sudden we live in a different era and people do not even speak the same language. We are supposed to learn Chinese or Russian now.


And then, whatever is learned with great effort, is lost again when our body dies.


Well now, somehow there has to be a better way of getting ahead in this game of living in cycles. Our Soul Mind moves all over the world and it is getting nowhere. It returns every two hundred years or so, but in actuality it is standing still. It learned about human life, but it learned very little about why it is living in the first place or what it is supposed to do about all these free cosmic trips.


The Soul Mind really does not get any education to speak of. Hmm? It is still an empty vessel!





One of the troubles is that after each rebirth it takes a lot of time to get settled again and find enough time to contemplate on this situation.


Somehow we have to get our shift together here. Another trouble is that nobody has a clue of what life really is all about and the religions make sinners out of us all every time we go to church. Moreover, all of us attempt to own all kinds of worldly goodies and we have to leave it behind again when we leave. Raw Deal!


So what are we to do? What is the clue to human life that will teach us something of lasting value.


What can we take with us?





What we take with us when our body dies is the thing we are and came with. Itís our Soul Mind.


Now, what does our Soul Mind need in order to be happy and learn something of value to record and remember? Well, first of all the Body Mind has to learn to be quiet in order for the Soul Mind to get a word in edge wise.


As soon as we get that right, we will find that the more quiet this Body Mind becomes, the more our Soul Mind becomes aware. These two Minds start to talk to each other now and eventually, the Body Mind realizes that it was full of fancy nonsense which did nothing for the sake of eternity.


Knowing this, we have a chance to gain real knowledge or wisdom.





What is this Soul Mind really! Well, it is a holographic image of the Creator or All That Is.


The task is to awaken to the infinitely small image within and start acting according to the eternal engravings or laws of the universe. They say: cooperate, share, understand and love! Pretty soon, we will get to know that all of us are really One and that all Soul Minds are here to prove that to themselves.


So, the task is to awaken to the truth within and act like it.


Become a Lover!





The more the Body Mind or human listens to the voice within, the more the Body Mind learns that it is nothing but a simple tool in order to get around on this earth and make some kind of a living.


The Body Mind does not need to shine or become important, famous, or knowledgeable. All these things distract the Soul Mind from the work to be done. The real task is: the development of the Soul Mind into an aware consciousness to eventually become enlightened in human form and become a Buddha or Christ.


This is what living in the Physical is all about. The point is, that we might have been great masters in the Spiritual World, but this time around we have made a contract with ourselves that says - become a Great Master in the Physical Realm.


And this is what we are working on every day and every breath. We need to become wise to ourselves and treasure conscious self development. There is nothing else to do anyway.


Which is a good thing for the task at hand is big enough.





Also, the wisdom of each individual Soul Mind eventually becomes the Wisdom of the Universe. This is great!


For the Holographic Image within the Soul Mind is an aspect of the entire Hologram of the Universe. Sure, this is what all Masters have told us every time they appeared: The Truth is within - be silent and recognize it.





So what does all this mean?


It means that we *are* the Truth - we are the Reality! 


And each of us is a specific Holographic Image that bestows upon us our Individuality and our Greatness in God. Sooner or later we reach the point where we recognize this and know that "All That Is" - is - the One We Are.


The Universe then, becomes a personal expression of ourselves and our Infinite Creation becomes an Individual Affair.


The entire Creation is our Home and our Work.