by D.M. Murdock

October 15, 2011

from AeonByteGnosticRadio Website


The hope of an afterlife has been a major concern in humanity's consciousness even longer than civilization itself.


Many religions claim the right reward or punishment when the body finally collapses. Secular groups accept the complete finality death brings. However, unlike our ancestors and even with all the choices available, humans are more apprehensive than ever of the final frontier, which is the cause for seismic anxiety and the inability to live a full life.

We explore this most natural and important of journeys through the lenses of various traditions, as well as the different modes of psychology.


Beyond archetypes, symbols, and blind faith, we attempt to reveal how understanding and accepting death is truly one of the greatest keys to the freedom of mind and heart (and the path to Wisdom). And of course we visit the Gnostic point of view on the wheel of death and life.

Astral Guest, Acharya S./D.M. Murdock, author of,

Topics Discussed:

  • Why the weather and the environment are as influential on a society's belief in an afterlife as religious leaders.

  • Some of the stranger but insightful views of death in religion.

  • Why undertakers were once the true wordsmiths of religious literature ages ago.

  • How to prepare yourself for death when it's just around the corner (which it is).

  • The Gnostic attitude on death and the afterlife.

  • Acharya's personal views on death and the afterlife, and her brushes with both.